20 Bold Fabric Patterns To Explore For 2022
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20 Bold Fabric Patterns To Explore For 2022

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Many of the often-overlooked patterns like geometric designs, abstracts, random objects and floral prints are now being brought into the market. Bold in fabric patterns imply any pattern which is magnified and has complimenting eye-catchy colour combinations. If you are thinking what are the trendy fabric patterns to explore for 2022, then stay hooked.

Eye-catchy bold patterns

1. Floral: the evergreen floral prints hold the essence of exotic locations. They are a blend of freshness and draw attention instantly. The colours for floral patterns can be played to a much larger extent. The floral trend is refreshing, magnetic and eye-catchy. The colour play of floral fabric patterns instantly lifts the mood. The canvas for a floral pattern is huge and there can be hundreds of colour combinations mixed and matched. Starting from pastels to bold red and blue hues, everything is possible with a floral fabric pattern.

2. Geometric: The hypnotising geometric patterns are an absolute delight to see. Be it simple concentric circles, squares or lines they are mesmerizing. A geometric pattern consists of objects, shapes or pictures repeating themselves in sync. It is one of the most visually appealing designs. Geometric fabric patterns are liked because they do not have an end or a start. To incorporate geometric designs in your space, use them as wall art, make a collage, use against plain fabrics as cushion covers or include them as a fashion element for clothing alternate between plains for tops and bottoms. 

Geometric fabric patterns

3. Plaid: A chequered pattern with a criss-cross is a plaid design. Initially, it was a tartan design but with modernity taking over it has changed over time. Also, the basic colours of plaids were simple and monotonous but now the plaids are incorporated with colours of different shades, various complimenting colours and much more. Plaid fabric patterns bring depth and closure to a space. Similarly, if you are wanting to use it for your clothing line it is associated with classy and sophisticated styles.

4. Abstracts: Undefined, boundaryless designs are abstracts. They are random and are limitless. The trends for abstracts is not new but the colour combinations are endless. An abstract fabric pattern does not represent any appearance accurately, it only uses shapes, colours and forms to achieve an effect.

5. Houndstooth: The houndstooth textile pattern may be monotone but it creates a bold impact. The most distinguished colours of a houndstooth pattern are black and white. It is a Scottish origin pattern and is synonymous to the canine name- as an uneven shape of a hound dog's teeth. It is not only a popular pattern for a fashion clothing line but also home decor fabrics.

6. Ogee: Deriving its name from the architectural arches, it resembles, the arches are formed by the end-to-end joining of the two mirror-image elongated S-shaped patterns. Ogee also resembles a lot like half-cut onion rings. This pattern is used for wallpapers, bedsheets, rugs, or floor carpets.

Ogee Fabric Patterns

7. Dots/ Polka dots: Polka dots are one of the most amazing patterns. Bigger and bolder polka dots are available in multiple colours or a mix of small and big ones, with polka dots everything is possible. Polka dot fabric patterns are minimalist yet bolder in every sense. Choose them to accentuate home textiles or a bold fashion clothing line.

8. One shade textured: A wide range of one shade textured patterns has a strange tactile sensation. The softness and sensual fluidity set them apart from being just a plain fabric pattern. The gradual gradient effects have gentle transparency and they fade naturally. Adding shimmer to these textures enhances the beauty and sensuality of these patterns.

9. Animal: This pattern comes from Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The name quatrefoil is Latin for “four leaves'' and the design resembles a four-leaf clover leaf pattern. There are many variations of the quatrefoil, including the “barbed quatrefoil,” which is square and the “slipped” quatrefoil, which has a small stem. This design is popular in window treatments, pillows and wallpaper derived from animal inspirations are the zebra prints, leopard or even a crocodile. These animal print fabric patterns can be the skin, the paws or small animals themselves.

10. Greek Key: The Greek key has its inspiration from ancient Greece, which has a rectangular pattern constructed from one continuous line, then these continuous lines form a pattern again. Such designs are popular for wall art to give an illusion of fullerenes.

11. Quatrefoil: The pattern is inherited from Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The name is derived from a Latin word meaning “four leaves”. Variations in the pattern include a barbed quatrefoil, square, slipped quatrefoil with a stem. This fabric pattern can be used for long drapery dresses or pillows and wallpapers.

Quatrefoil Fabric Patterns

12. Objects: Amongst the patterns of the most coveted fabric, the designs are from daily objects such as kettles, paperweights, aeroplanes etc, you can choose from a wide variety of objects used in day to day life.

13. Aztec patterns: Aztec symbols are considered mysterious as they represented a component of material culture from the ancient Mayans. They are filled with mysterious symbols of the sun moon and life cycles. Available in monochrome, multicoloured, large/small patterns, there is a wide variety to choose from. The Aztec symbols express perceptions and experiences of reality.

14. Mondrian: The Mondrian pattern was started by Mondrian after he began to draw paintings of this style, consisting of delineating lines making thin and thick rectangular forms. The boundaries are typically made with black and colours are filled alternating to white and bold colours.

15. Bold retro floral: Synchronising with floral pattern, the retro floral, typically vintage floral designs. The fabric pattern resembles flowers from the Victorian era and is coloured in bright hues.

16. 1960s floral: Contrary to the floral patterns available, the 1960s floral designs are bold and courageous in colour and size selection. They are vibrant, multi-coloured and reflect magnanimity.

17. Regal medallions: As the name goes, medallions are artistic and vintage. They are outlined with gold and silver to enhance the richness. The medallion fabric patterns reflect richness and superiority. The medallion fabric patterns are great for wall art as filler or frames of single medallions are also popular.

Regal medallions Fabric Patterns


18. Bold buttons: If you are looking for symmetry in a bold pattern, then this design is perfect for you. Although simple, the repeating units of buttons in four holes are classic and trendy.

19. Mandala: Mandala in Sanskrit is repeating circles, traditional mandala designs are geometric patterns representing the universe or ancient Hindu deities. The designs give a sense of peacefulness and self-content. The bold patterns are used for home decor in monotone or multicolour.

20. Terrazzo confetti: Confetti is a delight to watch in all colours. Terrazzo confetti is a small unit of triangular multicolour pieces. You can change multiple backgrounds and incorporate small or big size confetti.

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