10 Types Of Mannequins/ Dummy For Clothes You Can Use For Your Store
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10 Types Of Mannequins/ Dummy For Clothes You Can Use For Your Store

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For visual merchandising, mannequins are essential and highly lucrative. These silent sale dummies are often the first thing a customer looks at to decide if they should visit a store. Marketing these fashion brands through the dummy for clothes must be done after gathering accurate information regarding the style and size of the dummies that you display in your store. Let’s dive in.

1. Abstract Mannequins (Rs. 1000-7000)

With the minimalistic approach to visual sales, abstract mannequins are popular and sold worldwide. These contemporary models are the new trend worldwide for their non-sculpted and wig-free appearance. The unisex dummy for clothes is tall figurines with aesthetic postures in a glossy, matte finish. They do not highlight the human body’s features like muscles, facial characteristics, or fingernails. In worldwide retail stores, abstract dummies for clothes are fashionably called modern fibreglass sculptures. 

2. Realistic Mannequins (Rs. 3000-13,000)

The fibreglass skin feels natural and realistic for branding and marketing specific and accurate human body and features. The tailored dummies for garments that are prepared with make-up and styled wigs for the high-end stores.

3. Bust Mannequins (Rs. 3000-5500)

Bust Mannequins

Fashion brands with retail stores often use the bust mannequins to accentuate their collection on the well-sculpted torso dummy. They are available globally, and are economical for the retail stores that want to have the option of attaching limbs or heads.

4. Flexible Mannequins (Rs. 1000-3000)

With the wide range of poses and features that it can deliver, the movable mannequins are the most sought after. You can adjust the postures of the dummies for clothes in your store in line with your aesthetics and creativity. Made with high-density fibreglass or plastic, the head and limbs of this dummy for clothes can be titled or fixed according to the display. 

5. Dress Form Mannequins (Rs. 1500-4000)

This dummy for clothes is popularly known as tailors mannequins or the display dress form, mainly found in design stores and retail outlets. The dressmakers and designers can create these dummies for clothes with the specifications of a particular feature or characteristics highlighted. They have collapsable features to adjust the items of clothing or, for removing them entirely. They are heavy-duty canvases made to endure the dress materials, scissors, and pins.

6. Ghost Mannequins (Rs. 3200-5000)

The ghost mannequins are an exquisite type of dummy for clothes for upcoming retailers and photographers. With its compliant and dynamic structure, the focus of this stellar dummy is the customer. The highlighting aspect of this dummy for clothes in your store is that multiple parts of the structure are detachable to make it seem like clothes are floating in the air. This mannequin has layers in the neck, arms, hands, and some parts of the torso that can be removed to meet all display arrangement needs. 

7. Standalone Mannequin Parts (Rs. 400-1000)

Standalone mannequin parts are perfect for drawing attention to merchandise and apparel specific to certain parts of the body. The necklace display dummy is created with velvet, plastic, foam, or other heavy-duty canvas. It can be used by stores that craft and sell jewellery for the customers or high fashion retail stores to present their collections for scarves and mufflers. A mannequin of hands and arms can be used to display the aesthetic collection of rings, bracelets, and gloves in shopping centres and jewellery stores. The leg mannequins are to showcase stockings, pants etc., in the clothing sections. The standalone mannequin parts can be stiff or flexible to suit the store and creators’ needs. 

8. Sports Mannequins (Rs. 2500-7000)

Sports Mannequins

Sports dummy for clothing is a distinct form of mannequin that caters to the sports audience and their athletic wear. The athlete mannequins come as abstracts, headless, realistic, and bust, in various colours. Sports mannequins can be made of hard plastic and set in athletic stances, such as running, yoga or exercise poses, and sport-specific postures. 

9. Child Mannequins (Rs. 200-3000)

In the visual merchandising business, children and teen mannequins are popular and economically practical choices. They come in baby, child, and teenager postures with different set-ups like crawling and sitting. Parents can view the dummy for clothes in the kid’s section and choose the appropriate fit for their rays of sunshine and joy. They come in all “ages”, and are even unisex, and have distinctive facial features. 

10. Plus Size Mannequins (Rs. 1400-6000)

Plus Size Mannequins

In today’s day and age, body image and acceptance have led to an increase in the sale of dummies for clothes in all shapes and sizes worldwide. The customers experience a realistic and natural view of the clothing and its fit. The plus-size mannequins help make the customers feel at ease and free to make the right fashion choices. 

Store sales can be boosted simply by selling the right fit on the mannequin. There’s a perfect mannequin for every kind of clothing, and it is safe to say that compromising on the perfect mannequin is compromising on a lot of potential customers.


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