10 Most Popular Mannequin Models And Their Prices
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10 Most Popular Mannequin Models And Their Prices

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Fast Fashion Mobile

Fashion interpretation and designing tools enable individuals, fashion designers, merchants to fashion merchandise according to customer requirements. There are various fashion designing software that provides the facility of 2D and 3D sketching, patternmaking, and producing a digital fashion illustration.

Benefits of Using Design Software in Digital Fashion Illustration

●  Ready to use templates for various creative designs

●  Easy to test

●  Easy to compare the looks and fabrics of various clothes

●  No wear and tear

●  Ability to judge how garments look and appear on the human body 

●  Easy merchandising 

●  Control digital workflows in real-time 

●  Save designs easily

●  Millions of choices of colors and patterns

Benefits of Using Design Software in Digital Fashion Illustration


Valentina is a perfect blend of modern technologies and traditional patterns. Used by individual tailors, small designers, and cutters in the garment industry, it gives a deep understanding of colours and patterns and digital fashion illustration.

Valentina Features

●  50+ pattern-making options 

●  Patterns based on a mathematical formula 

●  Easy Synchronization 

●  Support Forum

●  Instruction-based drawing tools 

●  Smart design templates 

●  Easy to download, test, and create patterns 

●  Automation when rebuilding patterns 

Subscription: It is a free design software for fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts.

Platforms: Download options for Windows, Mageia 6+ (.rpm), Fedora (.rpm), OpenSUSE (.rpm), Ubuntu PPA (.deb), Mac OS, FreeBSD, AppImage package (.AppImage), Debian (.deb),

Upgrade Price: None


Blender is used for digital fashion illustration by individual designers and design studios. It helps in the 3D creation suite and makes the editing models easier. 

Features of Blender

●  Compositing 

●  Modeling 

●  Animation (2D) 

●  Pre-visualize offline in real-time   

●  Motion tracking 

●  Multiple modes like Weight Paint, Object Mode, Edit Mode, and more 

●  Simulation 

●  Video editing 

●  Conformal & angle-based unwrapping 

●  Rendering  

●  Rigging 

●  Areas like crypto matters 

Subscription: It is free and open-source software.

Platforms: macOS, DragonFly BSD, Windows, Android, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Haiku, NetBSD, and Linux.

Upgrade Price: None

Most Popular Mannequin Models And Their Prices

Tailor Nova

It is a fashion designing tool that helps users create designs and digital fashion illustrations easily. It is famous for designing clothes among fashion apparel brands, clothing boutiques, merchandisers, indie designers, etc.

Tailornova Features 

●  3D Fit Model 

●  Predetermined ease settings 

●  Automated pattern measurements 

●  Ease adjustment 

●  Custom-fit pattern 

●  PDF patterns and print out 

●  Ecommerce Integration

●  Intermixable templates 

●  Sewing instructions 

●  Vector 2D flat sketches 

●  Templates in 10 different lengths

●  Garment simulation  

Subscription: Tailornova is free.

Platforms: It is web-based software and can run on every device.

Upgrade price: You can shift to the paid plan for INR 1042/pattern or INR 2161/month.


Browzwear is suitable for creative developers, marketers, designers, and production teams. It is used by brands like Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, etc.

Browzwear Features

●  Collaborate and merchandize with Style zone

●  Flexible and powerful dashboard   

●  Vstitcher for designs 

●  Smart Design option to design for manufacturing

●  Advanced consulting & integrated service for automated workflows

●  3D images 

●  True-to-life 3D simulation  

●  Fabric Analyzer (automatic)

●  New styles and designs with Lotta 

Subscription: It is an open platform

Platforms: It works on Windows and Mac.

Upgrade price: You have to request a license.

CLO 3D Software

The recent version of this software has many new features like:

●  Engineered print layouts 

●  Create unlimited graphic placements 

●  Unlimited colorways 

●  Fabric kit  

●  Auto grading 

●  3D garment edit

●  3D simulation and layer

●  2D pattern design 

●  Facility to merge patterns 

●  Modular design 

●  Segment sewing

●  Fabric fine-tuner 

●  3D arrangement 

It has a free 30-day trial.

Platforms: It can run on both Windows and Mac.

Upgrade Price: Upgrade price starts from INR 33534.00.

Most Popular Mannequin Models And Their Prices


The major features of this software include:

●  Drag and drop facility 

●  Preview larger thumbnail images  

●  Multiple fashion categories 

●  Easy to store and retrieve sketches 

●  Easy to search and sort sketches 

●  Free templates and sketchbooks 

●  Facility to add new Snap Libraries

●  Interactive preset Snap Libraries 

●  Simple dashboard 

Platforms: Works on Windows as well as Android.

Upgrade: Upgrade pricing starts at INR 8920.26.

Digital Fashion Pro

Digital Fashion Pro is used by designers from Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass, Ed Hardy, Calvin Klein, and many more.


●  Vector Artwork 

●  Fashion Illustrations 

●  Customizable Clothing templates 

●  Sketch render 

●  3D design and styling 

●  Design Export 

●  Textile Pattern Design

●  3D design model 

Platforms: It works with Mac and Windows.

Upgrade Price starts at INR 29733.48.  

Virtual Fashion Basic 1.0

Virtual Fashion Basic 1.0 helps you to create 3D garments based on textures and fabrics.

Features of Virtual Fashion Basic 1.0:

●  3D virtual simulations

●  Reset simulation and progress bar

●  Patternmaker and brand manager

It is Free to download and supports platforms like Windows and Windows 2000/XP.

Adobe Illustrator Fashion Design

Adobe Illustrator software allows designers to draw sketches and colors easily.

Adobe Illustrator Features

●  Textile Design 

●  Colorways and Line Sheets 

●  Artistic design

●  Flat Factory 

●  Move, rotate

●  scale fills 

●  Clipping masks for graphic placement 

●  Add fashion illustrations  

The free subscription to this software is available for the first 7 days.

Upgrade pricing starts at INR 1675.60.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a user-friendly software that supports languages like Spanish, Korean, English, Japanese, French, and so on.

Edraw Max Features

●  Pre-drawn models 

●  Predefined themes and colors 

●  Drag and drop feature 

●  Sample cloth clipart 

●  Vector-based designs 

●  Excellent file compatibility 

●  High-quality outputs 

Platforms supported are Mac, Windows, and Linux.


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