The Duchess Satin Fabric—Elegance personified!

The Duchess Satin Fabric—Elegance personified!

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When we think of Satin, it immediately paints a picture of luxury, richness, and pure grandeur! It is probably why this rich fabric could not be restrained to its country of origin, China, and traveled all the way to the royal highnesses of Europe. 

Satin, with a glossy surface on one side and a matte on the other, is known to be associated with great opulence. The fact that it is comparatively expensive makes it a favorite of the elites. 

Depending on the way it is weaved, and its components, satin comes with its own set of variations. Antique satin, Baronette, Messaline, and Faconne are a few among the many types of satin. Each of these types has its own unique set of characteristics. One such type is Duchess Satin. Just like the others, Duchess Satin too stands out from the rest in its own way. Let’s find out why choosing this particular fabric is worth a try.

Following are 5 properties of the Duchess Satin Fabric that you must know:

1. Heavyweight

Apparel made out of the Duchess Satin Material is known to have a great deal of stability. In comparison with the regular satin fabric, the Duchesse Satin fabric is very much on the heavier side. Beading and embroidery are therefore no longer a hassle when you choose Duchess Satin. Working on this fabric becomes easier as it stays steady and does not flutter like a thinner satin. This makes the Duchess Satin a preferred choice amongst tailors and designers, alike. No more slipping away of fabric, and most importantly — your ideas!

2. Wrinkle-resistant 

Wearing a wrinkled outfit is equivalent to a fashion faux pas. Think Miranda Priestly pursing her lips in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’— Catastrophe

Ironing your clothes is time-consuming and an extremely pesky task. All that goes on in your mind while ironing is what other useful chore you’d rather be doing instead. However, with the Duchesse Satin, you’d be able to bid goodbye to all your wrinkle woes. With its resistance to wrinkles, the Duchesse Satin crosses out a tedious chore from your to-do list of wardrobe maintenance. In addition to this, when the Duchess Satin material is used in making your bedsheet or pillow cover, you’d always manage to save yourself the hassle of arranging your bed. All the while, not to forget the look of grandiose that the Duchesse Satin has to offer!

3. High thread count 

The Duchess Satin Material has a high thread count, which plays an important role in giving it an incredulously smooth texture. This fabric is made up of a relatively thick satin weave which endows your outfit with a beautiful, floating drape! It is due to this reason that the Duchess Satin material is widely used in the making of Bridal Gowns, Evening dresses, or Prom Dresses. This fabric, made up of many layers of oh-so-delicate silk fibers, effortlessly adjusts with sundry body types. Composed of twisted filament yarn, Duchess Satin has an easy-flowing, natural drape. Such is the nature of this fabric — it won’t fail to give your wedding gown that royal look!

Speaking of royal, Sarah Ferguson reportedly chose an ivory Duchess Satin dress for her wedding! Duchess wears Duchess, we say! 

Duchess Satin Fabric

4. Durability

The Duchesse Satin weaved in a taut fashion, is a timeless beauty. The fabric initially made with 100 percent silk, is now also available in other synthetic alternatives like Polyester. When maintained reasonably well, the Duchesse Satin continues to retain its magic for very long periods of time. This medium-bodied fabric sews easily and is a breeze to work with. Its synthetic component enables the fabric to be machine washed, which in turn makes Duchess Satin more durable. Additionally, its crease-resistant property minimizes heat due to ironing and further increases the lifespan of the fabric.

5. Versatility

When it comes to satin, simplicity is indeed the ultimate form of sophistication. Contrary to other run-of-the-mill fabrics, Duchess Satin doesn’t need a plethora of embellishments to elevate its appearance. Just the fabric and you’re good to go. You may choose this material in the manufacture of pieces of clothing like skirts, blouses, shirts, lingerie, or even loungewear. 

Duchess Satin easily complements other fabrics like organza, chiffon, or lace to give your apparel a look of splendor. You need not stay limited to just pieces of clothing. The versatility of the Duchess Satin Material is such that you could use it to design scarves, neckties, sashes, gloves, purses, pillow covers — the list is endless.

So, we have seen how the Duchesse Satin has been in trend since times immemorial. It never really went out of style, understandably so. From keeping up with the aesthetics of the Edwardian Tea Dress to fitting right in with the present-day Cottagecore aesthetic — Duchesse Satin is here to stay. 
Now that you’re an expert at understanding the uniqueness of every fabric, head over to Fashinza.com and learn more about our journey and how we strive to simplify the apparel manufacturing process!


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