Expert Advice on Denim Washing

Expert Advice on Denim Washing

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As Indians, we have always liked things that had multiple uses and were sustainable. When we came across the concept of denim clothing, they were clearly a big hit. When Amitabh Bachchan in Sholay showed off Jai’s denim jacket, it became an iconic look. Ever since then, the popularity of denim has grown, especially in the form of trousers and jeans. We dress up using jeans, and even when we cannot find something to wear, it is our jeans we reach out to. 

From Elvis Persley to Katrina Kaif’s airport looks, be it the cowboy jeans or the skin fit ones, denim is greatly admired by everyone. All over the world, denim is known for its special quality and is chosen because of its looks, comfort and the fact that it does not need frequent washing.

There are different methods that people use when it comes to washing denim. Some people believe in washing them with their hands, while others think it is best not to wash them at all. But let’s be honest, considering the hot and humid climate in our country, we make sure to put our pair of jeans in the washing machine once in a while. Have you ever thought if there exists a ‘right’ way to wash denim clothes? Though the kind of jeans as per texture, colour and fit varies from pair to pair, there are a few steps you can take to wash your denim carefully. Here are a few things you can keep in mind:

Separate the dark and light denim

“It’s denim, after all! Would it actually matter?” Yes, it will. Washing denim of multiple colours can result in loss of dye from one and addition of colour to another. To avoid this, it is best to keep dark and light coloured denim separately and wash them accordingly.

If you are worried about the denim releasing colour before you wear them, the easiest trick is to use a white cloth and rub it off against the material. If you spot colour on the white cloth, wash your denim a couple of times before you wear it. You can also opt for a detergent that is used to preserve colour to prevent fading of colour. 

Turn it inside out

When you put your denim clothing in the washing machine, it is advised to turn them inside out as this will reduce the fading and avoid abrasion that causes wear and tear along the stickers or pockets. You can also button and zip the clothes in order to maintain shape and prevent snagging or loosening.

Keep them cool

Though your denim clothes are made from rough and tough material, they definitely deserve care. When washing, try to use cold water. The hot temperature of the water can be harmful and can damage the elastic or the spandex in denim. Using cold water will keep your denim in good condition for a long time. If you have the delicate or gentle mode on your washing machine, you can make use of it to wash your denim clothes.

Dear denim, ‘hang in there’

Once you have washed the denim clothes, you can use the dryer in the washing machine to dry them and then take them out. This will leave less water in the denim and help it dry faster. Once you take it out from the washing machine, hang the washed denim using cloth clips and spread them out. Just tug them and get them in shape and let them be. That’s it. Your denim has been taken care of.

Denim is important for every wardrobe. From Kurtas to tops, you can pair them with everything. They are truly your best friends and rarely leave your side. They are always in fashion in different forms. Recently, the boot cut and bell-bottoms that were popular back in the 1980s have been seen back in trend. Over the years, denim styles have transformed from ripped and shortened to skinny and loosened, but it has never gone out of fashion. Hence, a constant supply of denim is never a bad idea. If you are a fashion brand and are looking for good quality and trustworthy denim clothing, you will find them at Fashinza. Reach out now for hassle-free, prompt and reliable communication for your denim supply! It is safe to say that good quality denim is in our jeans and genes!


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