The Art of Experimenting Fashion with Crocheted Lace

The Art of Experimenting Fashion with Crocheted Lace

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Crocheted lace is one of the most ethereal art forms in fashion. Simple yet elegant, they have captured the imagination of the world for a long time. What makes crocheted lace so beautiful is that it can make even the most straightforward white lace dress look majestic. However, to experiment with it properly, we must know how to incorporate them.

To begin with, we must first understand what crocheted lace really is. A crocheted lace uses more delicate threads than regular crochet. It looks like lace by sizing various holes within the piece differently. While crocheted lace originally arose as a more inferior version of genuine lace, its beauty found prominence in the fashion world over time. From white lace dress to staylace, it found multiple uses. Here are some of the things you can make when experimenting with it:

Experimenting Fashion with Crocheted Lace
  • Baby Blankets: One of the best ways to experiment with crocheting can be by making baby blankets. They can be made in a variety of colors. Further, you can make the weaves as per your comfort. This can also help regulate the lightness of the final product. The recommended product size for this is 3 ft x 3 ft.
  • Staylace: Bodices and corsets made of typical fabric may often be discomfiting. That is where crocheted lace items can come in handy. They are more breathable while simultaneously looking gorgeous. This is one item that every fashion-conscious experimenter should try for themselves. There are multiple patterns possible in a staylace.
  • Hats: Hats made of crocheted lace are most fabulous. They are just right for babies. Since they are soft, they do not cause skin rashes. It is also ideal for adults who are looking to pull off a hat with a distinct fashion sense. Further, it is comfortable as the hat keeps the hair aerated.
  • Doilies: Why use paper or anything else when you have crocheted lace at hand? They are generally one of the first items you make when learning to crochet. However, that does not mean that you cannot experiment with them. There are various possibilities and designs that you can incorporate into a humble doily. 
  • Home Decorations: There are a variety of items you can experiment with. Imagine you are looking for a seat or a cushion cover. Maybe you need an elegant bath mat that goes with the ambiance. For all such conundrums, crocheted lace can provide an answer. 
  • Scarves: One can make lovely multicolored scarves with crocheted lace. These are especially good in climates where you need to accessorize, but you do not need the scarf to act as heating material. The open weave adds both to the elegance and comfort. 
  • Shawls: Much like scarves, crocheted lace also works wonders on shawls. One can use a variety of yarns and designs to create the perfect shawl. You can also make it as long, or as short, as you want. With the proper design, it can be used on both sides. Further, you should be able to use it in any weather. 
  • Tablecloths: Another great application of crocheted lace can be for making tablecloths. Using crocheted lace to create the perfect design can lend a glow to your otherwise drab dining experience. Such tablecloths have the additional benefit in that they are easy to clean and wash. Since they are crocheted, they are also lightweight. Therefore, they are easy to remove and put on. 
  • Handkerchief: Another place where crocheted lace can find an application is with handkerchiefs. You can make exceptionally beautifully patterned handkerchiefs using this technique. Carrying them adds credence to your charisma, especially when you pull it out with all eyes on you. 
  • Bookmarks: Add another layer of class to your book club when you use crocheted lace bookmarks. Note that beyond the sartorial elegance of the item, there are practical benefits too. A paper bookmark often soils the page where it has been kept for a long time. With a crocheted bookmark, you will never encounter such a problem. 
  • Sweaters: One can use crocheted lace techniques on sweaters, cardigans, and jumpers. Their weaving pattern can determine how warm it is. Because of their softness, they can be worn directly on the skin without any harmful effects such as skin rashes. Multiple designs, weaves, and patterns add to the beauty of the product. 
Experimenting Fashion with Crocheted Lace

Therefore, it is amply clear that crocheted lace can work as an excellent experimenting tool in fashion. One can create a variety of products, such as white lace dresses, staylace, sweaters, and so much more, which can make our lives more colorful. However, this is not to say that crocheted lace products do not have utilities, as made abundantly clear in the examples above. All fashion-forward people must add this colorful and useful product to their list. Try out various crocheted lace items available on Fashinza.


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