How to decide on the Best Jersey Material Fabric For Your Clothing Line?

How to decide on the Best Jersey Material Fabric For Your Clothing Line?

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Jersey material is a widely used fabric in our apparel industry. This fabric originates from the Island of Jersey along the English Channel. Originally, it was used for manufacturing athletic uniforms. Since then, this fabric has leaped tremendously ahead. Because of its distinctive features like elasticity, softness, and durability, this fabric is one of the predominant fabrics used by fashion brands. Jersey material is highly versatile, as we can use it in shirts, trousers, bed sheets, etc., thus making it a go-to fabric. Many kinds of jersey materials are available, ranging from cotton jersey, polyester jersey, viscose jersey, etc. What kind of jersey material to select is a critical decision for fashion brands and depends on the clothing line. Through this post, we aim to list down the popular jersey materials and recommend the ideal match for your clothing line. 

Cotton jersey

The cotton jersey material is the most sought-after fabric by fashion brands, mainly because of its soft and crisp feel. 100% cotton jerseys are low maintenance and release odor effortlessly. Another attribute of this fabric is that it is an extremely breathable fabric, thus making it perfect for brands that are into t-shirts, kids’ wear, dresses, pants, beddings, and tank tops. 

Polyester jersey

Jersey Material Fabric Clothing Line

We favor polyester jerseys for close-fitting clothing as it is extremely light, smooth and stretchy. Thus, this jersey material is an excellent choice for those brands involved in the clothing line of sportswear and gym wear. One major drawback of this fabric is that it is not a very breathable fabric and therefore unpopular for its comfort. 

Viscose jersey

For this jersey material, we recommend a viscose and elastane mix. This is because it makes the fabric cold to the touch and lightweight. It is a great fabric that displays excellent color and is extremely breathable. We are witnessing a rising trend in this fabric among fashion brands, especially among those engaged in the clothing line of wide trousers, dresses in drapes, and maxi skirts.  

French terry jersey

For this material, there are many combinations of fabrics used. We would prefer a mix of cotton and elastane, merely because of its crisp feel and comfort. If the clothing requires softness and warmth, we recommend adding polyester. Typically, this jersey material is used in the manufacturing of lightweight sweaters, cardigans, and leggings. 

Silk jersey

Jersey Material Fabric Clothing Line

Undoubtedly, the softest and most delicate jersey material out there is silk jersey. As expected, it is a naturally stretchable fabric, which can be improved by adding a mix of Lycra. For this type of fabric, we suggest knitting it thin and ultra-fine, preferably with a translucent finish. It is popular for tunics, lingerie, skirts, and cover-ups. 

Wool jersey

Originally, all jerseys were made from wool. And with passing time, they added other fabrics like cotton and polyester to the mix. For this jersey material, we prefer pure wool or wool blend mix. It is great for winter and autumn season clothing lines, especially ponchos and sweaters. This fabric is always high in demand, thanks to its warmth and natural feel. 

Ponti di Roma jersey

This double knit fabric stands out from the above single knit fabrics. It provides a lot of structure and does not drape easily. For this jersey material, we recommend a mix of polyester, viscose, and elastane, thereby increasing its stretchability. This is an ideal fabric for bottom wear clothing lines such as skirts and trousers. 


As a fashion brand, it can be an overwhelming decision to choose from all the above jersey materials. To navigate this, we recommend completing the clothing line based on your target market. Following this, shortlist the suitable jersey material. From our experience, this practice can immensely benefit fashion brands to arrive at a constructive decision. There could be over one suitable jersey material for a particular clothing line. In such instances, the decision should be made on lines of cost, availability, or other factors that are pertinent to your business.

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