Crochet Patterns: 30+ Patterns That Are Highly In Demand

Crochet Patterns: 30+ Patterns That Are Highly In Demand

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We have 30 fabulous crochet patterns that you can use to make blankets, caps, bags, pillow covers, etc. People like to give beautiful crochet products. Many people make it their profession and sell it online or offline.Fashinza is a B2B platform that can provide such crochet products in bulk at an affordable price.

Thirty most fashionable crochet patterns:

This article highlights the 30 most fashionable crochet patterns for sale and personal use. These 30 crochet patterns are as follows:

1. Crochet Delaney Velvet Cardigan

Designers can crochet cardigan patterns with Delaney velvet which is a trendy fashion.

2. Animal masks cover patterns

Animal masks are crochet in multiple colors, and designers can also knit some exciting patterns into kids' face masks, like frogs, pandas, monkeys, fishes, lizards, etc.

3. Crochet some hat patterns: -

Crochet some hat patterns

The most demanding crochet product in different patterns is hats which look cute on kids. It is easy to knit multicolor hats with various designs like king crowns, dragons, etc.

4. Cartoon blanket crochet patterns: -

Knitting cartoons that are favorable at any party and event look fabulous. It amuses kids and motivates parents to get them one blanket in winter.

5. Face scrubber crochet patterns

Face scrubbers in different crochet patterns become classier. It is easy to knit a round box with round designs.

6. Square baby blanket

Designers can crochet small square pieces of various patterns and attach them from all four sides with another crochet pattern blanket.

7. Floral blanket crochet patterns for babies

Floral blanket crochet patterns for babies

It is crochet in pentagon shapes, and all pentagons contain flower patterns. Fashinza, as a B2B platform, has good sources of splendid crochet products.

8. 3D flower square pattern blanket

The 3D flower pattern looks great. All 3D flowers emerge on the blankets with single stitches.

9. Patchwork on pillow cover and bedsheet

Patchwork on pillow covers and bedsheets in square shape looks tremendous. Designers can knit more different designs.

10. Lace Crochet patterns

Designers can design crochet lace patterns and light colors in different products, like dresses, pillow covers, bedsheets, table covers, etc. Go for it!

11. Adorable lace crochet blanket pattern

Fashion designers can crochet a thick lace blanket with multiple stitches, and it is warm and comfortable for winters.

12. Swaddle blanket for baby girl

A crochet designer can knit a border on the baby girl's swaddle and give her an adorable look.

13. Afghan-style crochet patterns

Designers can crochet patterns with bright colors that can make them even brilliant.

14. Rainbow style crochet pattern for the blanket

Rainbow style crochet pattern for the blanket

Designers can crochet rainbow lines vertically or horizontally on the blankets like rainbow colors.

15. Stylist Afghani crochet pattern circle blanket

Stylish Afghani circle pattern crochet contains one large circle with the same pattern. Designer Afghani blankets are the most demanding designs.

16. Geometric shape crochet blanket patterns

Designers can make fabulous blankets with geometric shapes containing different colors.

17. Crochet blanket with crochet color ripple

This one-color blanket crochet pattern is a good but colorful crochet strip that sews in the same gap in the blanket makes it fabulous.

18. Floral and geometric crochet baby blankets

Designers can knit geometric shapes with floral shapes in crochet patterns. It is a colorful pattern that looks like scattered 3D flowers.

19. Chevron and Trellis baby blanket.

Many designers prefer crochet patterns in blankets, the combination of chevron and Trellis.

20. Crochet square patchwork blanket

Patchwork on Afghan blankets can look like the emperor to adults and kids.

21. Square and Celtic lace crochet blanket

Square and Celtic lace crochet are different from other patterns. This crochet piece is adorable for a blanket.

22. Cartoon crochet baby pillows cover

The child likes the cartoon in their accessories. Now, many designers prefer this pattern in crochet for kids' pillow covers.

23. Crochet pattern of the doll

Crochet pattern of the doll

Tiny girls like dolls, and it could be icing on the cake when it is available in the crochet pattern in Fashinza.

24. Darth Vader doll crochet pattern

Darth Vader (of Star Wars fame) is a tough guy, and the crochet pattern of the Darth Vader doll is available in black color.

25. Merida doll pattern

Merida dolls are famous among children. Its crochet pattern needs many colors, and do not forget to crochet hair strips in red color.

26. Beautiful mermaid Ariel doll patterns

This basic pattern features Ariel, one of the most popular Disney princesses. It is a colorful doll pattern and is famous among kids.

27. The sleeping doll crochet pattern

You can make the sleeping doll crochet pattern. Designers need to keep color light that encourages little ones to take cozy sleep.

28. The Bob Burgers doll crochet pattern

The Bob Burgers-inspired doll is so cute, and it gives a good look in the crochet pattern. Use multiple colors to crochet it.

29. Food crochet pattern

Food crochet pattern

Food like burgers, cookies, fruit cake, etc., is delicious, and it looks beautiful in a knitting pattern. These are the perfect play toys for your baby or toddler.

30. Crochet pattern for necklace

The most attractive crochet pattern is the necklace pattern if you feed up from jewelry.


All these 30 crochet patterns are unique in their way. They are favorable for kids and helpful for adults to cover their kids. These designs are trending and make great gifts for your loved ones. You can look to B2B platforms like Fashinza to get bulk crochet pattern products.


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