Black 80s fashion: Fabric trends that keep coming back

Black 80s fashion: Fabric trends that keep coming back

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Summary: The maximalist and glamorous '80s fashion era is back with a bang, with brands working hard to put out styles that follow that era. Heavily influenced by black fashion icons of the '80s, the big, bold, 'More is More' trends are set to rule the streets and runways in 2023.

The style experts have spoken and they have forecasted the resurgence of yet another high fashion era, i.e. the glamorous 80s. Cue bold prints, brighter colors, bigger hair, and everything that says "More is more". Some of these trends are making a major comeback with a modern and upgraded twist. Inspired by some of the greatest black music icons like Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and also Princess Diana and Madonna, these are some of the highest sought-after styles with maximalism as the core trend.

Nothing screams '80s fashion style more than some of the pop-culture influences from Netflix. Shows like Stranger Things is one of the leading influence for the '80 resurgence owing to their mass viewership. The show successfully pushed Kate Bush's 1985 hit 'Running up the hill' onto the trend charts. So without further ado let's go trend hopping and discover all the '80s fashion styles creeping into the 2023 wardrobe of consumers.

1. Acid Reflex:

80s jeans

Acid wash jeans which were the rage during the '80 are said to make a comeback according to style experts. Expect maximalist and bold colors instead of traditional indigo hues.

2. Power dressing

Acid Reflex

The power suits in the '80s were a token of women's empowerment. The iconic shoulder padding and fine tailoring are making their entry into this year with a sophisticated upgrade. We're looking at everything oversized and flashy bright. This androgynous piece of clothing is so versatile that it can mean business or casual chic.

3. bright & bold

Power dressing

Eye-straining neons were one of the defining trends of the '80s and we guarantee you'll see more of these vibrant brights not just as accents or color pop, but in monochromatic or matching co-ords as well. Viva magenta being the Pantone color of the year means only one thing, this post-pandemic era is going to signify celebration, optimism, and everything positive in fashion and style. Some of the hues that will be hot this season are Digital Lavender, Lime Wedge, Siren Saffron, and more.

4. Spot the Dot

The polka dot pattern trend resurfaced in the 80s as a homage to 50s fashion. Now it's back again in a whimsical and quirky fashion. Sported on various pop celebs in the '80s, this pattern is now seen in both timeless black-and-white color palettes to bolder hues.

Spot the Dot

5. Sensual lace

The runways have seen a lot of tulle, lace, and ruffles this season and this trend truly stood out without a doubt. It is also the most searched style on Pinterest and is likely to be worn top-to-toe or as a part of a layering ensemble in true Madonna style.

Sensual lace

6. The Shining

Retro-futurism and space-chic trends will be actualized through silver metallics that ruled the '80s. Shimmer and high-octane sequins reminiscent of the glamourous party era are most likely to be the statement-making and standout trend of the season. High-shine and metallic swimwear launched by SKIMS show how this trend is set to break all the sales charts.

The Shining

7. Biker boy

With the '80s punk era having a moment like this year, the return of the moto jacket is another trend to look forward to. These leather jackets with metallic zippers and hardware take on a modern twist this season in oversized silhouettes making them the ideal outerwear staple.

Biker boy

8. Barbiecore


Influenced by the upcoming Barbie movie, this retro trend leans towards neon hues and retro workout aesthetics. Barbie pink is also now this year's official summer shade. From Bubblegum to hot pink, this trend defines everything fun, flirty, and girly.

Talk to the tee

Talk to the tee

Statement tees were the fashion defining moment of the '80s and were later adopted by brands like Adidas, Nike, etc. that leveraged this trend to advertise their brand logos on t-shirts. These are set for a revival, think positive quotes and statements on your favorite tee.

'80s Revival mantra: More is more

The '80s were all about maximalism and dopamine dressing. Some of the trends revived from this decade are neon brights, barbie pink, slogan tees, and biker jackets to name a few. Influenced by pop culture references like Stranger Things and Euphoria, this trend had everything from a glam night out to retro workout wear. Now that we have given you a glimpse of all the '80s trends making a comeback this season, it's time to integrate them into your designs.

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Key Takeaways

  • The '80s were the era of "More is more", more bling, flashy prints and bold colors defined this decade of glamor and decadence.
  • The '80s trends were popularised by black music icons and celebrities Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and also Princess Diana and Madonna.
  • The decade of maximalism and self-expression takes a modern twist this season as seen in statement metallics, oversized moto jackets, barbie pinks, polka dots, and more.

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