5 Advantages of Using Woolen Lycra Fabric

5 Advantages of Using Woolen Lycra Fabric

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Clothing plays a major role in our lives. Everyone desires to have garments that can be elegant, stylish, long-lasting, and comfortable to put on. To meet these needs, several fabrics are arising every day inside the style world.

Every material has its traits and specialties, whether it is natural or synthetic. These fibers are also blended to form a better quality fabric having the specialty of both natural and synthetic. One such example is the woolen Lycra fabrics. These fabrics are made using a natural fabric called wool and Lycra or spandex, a synthetic fabric.

Woolen materials help to warm us up during the cold season. This material is great for allergies as it cannot absorb moisture easily and thus prevents bacterial accumulation. It is elastic and durable. The addition of Lycra adds up to its elasticity. These spandex materials can enhance the fabric without altering the appearance and quality of the other material. It is a transparent fabric that escalates the quality of the material it is mixed with.

Woolen Lycra material is a fabric with the properties of wool as well as Lycra. In all, this fabric is a perfect choice for cold season clothing. There are countless blessings of using woolen Lycra fabrics, some of which are:

1. Durable

The durability of fabric plays a vital role in choosing the perfect one. Whenever we go shopping, it is natural to look for an item of durable clothing material with good quality and appearance. Especially in woolen materials, it is difficult to find durable clothes. Woolen Lycra fabrics have a long life as they are very elastic and are difficult to deform. The fabric has good extensibility and can withstand daily tear and wear easily. The spandex offers flexibility and strength to the woolen material and prevents it from aging faster. So the fabric is surely not going to get torn or crumple easily.

2. Comfortable

Advantages of Using Woolen Lycra Fabric

What we need in winters is snug clothing to stroll, run and sit freely. Not every woolen fabric wear provides comfort. Woolen has limited tensile strength. It gets difficult to stretch while sporting these kinds of woolen fabrics. But we also need the warmth of wool to break out from the cold, so what to do? Well, Woolen Lycra Fabrics are an ideal solution to this problem. Lycra in woolen materials adds up to the material’s elasticity, which makes it comfortable to wear. With the addition of Lycra, the breathability of the fabric increases. So, you can enjoy the warmness of wool and the stretchability of Lycra at the same time. Both of these qualities in a single fabric are surely a boon for many.

3. Stylish

Who doesn’t want to look stylish? Nowadays, with a new trend coming up every hour, people are trying to develop more and more styling methods. But in wintery weather, what to wear is a tough choice to make. Our extremely comfortable woolen PJs are not something we can walk out in. I feel you. It is a tedious process to come up with an outfit that can make you look stylish and provide warmth at the same time. But we have a way out. Woolen Lycra Fabrics serve both these purposes perfectly. These fabrics are both warm and stylish. They have a simple beauty and a fashionable appearance. These fabrics offer a perfect fit, vitality, and good finishing. You can easily make a style statement with these. 

4. Easy Maintenance

Nowadays, different blended fabrics are arising in the market regularly. Before buying them, do look into their upkeep guide. Some of these fabrics are difficult to maintain. They are hard to clean and get wrinkled quite easily after a single wash. Woolen Lycra Fabrics are very easy to maintain. These good-quality woolen fabrics don’t need any dry cleaning or extra maintenance. They can be machine washed easily with cold water and don’t get wrinkled. Phew! You don’t need to worry about the maintenance anymore!

Advantages of Using Woolen Lycra Fabric

5. Lightweight

Some Woolen materials are quite heavy, which makes it difficult to carry them. The addition of Lycra in the woolen materials makes it lightweight. You can easily move, run, and walk while wearing it. This property makes the woolen Lycra fabrics more customer-friendly. Now, you have a perfect fabric choice for the coming winter!


These were some advantages of choosing woolen Lycra fabrics over other similar fabrics present in the markets. These fabrics are perfect for people of every age group as they have a long life, offer freedom of movement, and are comfortable. No doubt they provide value for money. Hail woolen Lycra!


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