10 Innovative Ideas For Pattern Makers That Look Impossible But Are Super Easy

10 Innovative Ideas For Pattern Makers That Look Impossible But Are Super Easy

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Pattern Makers create patterns to make it fit perfectly. It is a challenging job and needs a lot of practice. A pattern can make or break the design of the cloth. If it is not perfectly fit, no matter how good is the apparel, it will face rejection. Pattern Makers use different techniques to get a perfect pattern in their garments. If you are new to pattern making, then this article can be a boon for you. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of innovative and unique pattern ideas in the market. We are here with some creative ideas for pattern makers that look impossible but are super easy.

1. Using Pattern Making Software For Accurate Designs

If you are new to pattern making, then there are chances that pattern making from the hand may not be accurate. Also, big brands nowadays use pattern-making software to get accurate apparel patterns more efficiently. It is an ideal solution to prevent the wastage of time and apparel. Softwares for pattern makers can be expensive. So, before buying any, do check out its features and then buy it.

2. Drafting the initial designs 

Drafting the initial designs

Drafting is a traditional method drawn on paper for easy formation of the garment. Usually, the markings are made using a fit model. It is an initial stage in pattern making. This method is a must to avoid mistakes in the final apparel pattern. 

3. Use Templates

Templates are the best if you have little experience in pattern making. In industrial production, these are known as block patterns. From a block pattern, many patterns of different styles can also be made. Templates are a resource that can give you beginner-level experience as well as confidence in pattern making.

4. Make Tech Pack Using Cutting-Edge Fashion Technology

Tech Pack or specification sheets are used by pattern makers to explain their patterns and designs to others. It is like a blueprint of the final garment. This software helps to save time and money. It improves the fit quality and helps to get an accurate price quotation.

5. Seam Allowance

Seam Allowance is an important aspect of pattern making. A seam joins two pieces of apparel just enough to cover the edges of the fabric. There can be variable seam allowances for different styles. Usually, in the commercial industry, a seam allowance of 16mm (⅝”) is commonly used. After seam allowance, the apparel can be altered to get the desired fit.

6. Efficient Pattern Grading Techniques

Efficient Pattern Grading Techniques

Pattern Grading is the process of making different size apparel using the apparel blueprint. Grading is determined using two common methods, which are Draft Technique and Track Technique. Draft Technique works on the whole garment as a whole, while the track technique works in sections. Nowadays, Pattern Grading can be easily done using computer-aided design (CAD) software, saving time and effort.

7. Use Technology To Cope-Up With Other Brands

Technology can help pattern makers to beautify their garments with accurate patterns. Nowadays, a lot of software is available in the market which can not only give you a perfect fit solution but can also help in pattern grading. Some of the useful software are Lectra, Gerber Accumark, Autodesk, Assist.

8. Try Making Digital Design

The use of technology in any industry accelerates the process. Making a digital Design of patterns can help pattern makers to analyze and rectify the errors digitally. Though Digital Fashion Design Software are quite expensive, they have several advantages. These software are equipped with pattern conversion capabilities, shareable file types, compatibility with plotters and printers, and features depending on the needs of your projects.

9. Good Communication

There are times when a garment is ready, but the manufacturer demands changes in its fabric or patterns. This results in wastage of time, effort, and of course, the fabric. To avoid this scenario, pattern makers should be in direct touch with their manufacturers. Confirm everything before finalizing the garment. Prefer to meet personally for a better understanding of the needs of the manufacturer.

10. Comprehensive Guides for Beginners

If you are new in pattern making, try to refer to pattern-making guides that can help you with the basics of what to do and how to do it. Pattern making is a complex job, and a pattern maker carries a lot of responsibility. It will be better if you are prepared beforehand.


Pattern Makers play an important role in the fashion industry. It is due to their creativity that we see new unique patterns occasionally. This profession demands a lot of effort, patience, and time. With these innovative and unique pattern-making techniques, pattern makers can update some of their pattern-making methods for good.

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