Wool Crepe: Styling For Colder Weather With Warm Clothing

Wool Crepe: Styling For Colder Weather With Warm Clothing

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With autumn around the corner, warm clothes will soon be out to help us remain cozy. Fabrics used for such clothing mainly include wool, velvet, etc. New fabric types are being explored with changes in people's tastes and the need for chic dresses. One such gorgeous fabric that has made a prominent mark in the apparel industry is ‘Wool Crepe.’ This fabric is primarily made from wool, and at times from cotton and synthetic fibers. What makes it so appealing is that it is not very heavy and has light to medium weight. So the warm gear made from wool crepe will not weigh you down and yet save you from the cold weather. The density and texture of the fabric vary according to the type of wool used- light or heavy.

There are various benefits of using wool crepe to make warm clothing. First and foremost, it drapes very well as compared to other warm fabrics. Secondly, it repels dust. The third reason is that it is not susceptible to fire, unlike other synthetic materials. Fourth, it absorbs sweat without making the garment too heavy. The fifth and essential reason is that it resists wrinkling. Who wants the hassle of ironing clothes every time we wear them? As we are getting busier or lazier, comfort and low maintenance are all that we need. 

We all want to stay warm in winter and look classy and chic at the same time. Warm clothing does not have to be boring. It is not always that these clothes make you look bulky and non-attractive. To keep your styling quotient intact with warm clothing, wool crepe can be used in different garments. The key here is layering up. Let us take a look at different ways in which we can stay warm without compromising on style.

Wool Crepe Colder Weather With Warm Clothing

1. Wool crepe dresses /gowns: Dresses and gowns never go out of style, be it any season. They can be teamed up with warm tights, jackets, and sweaters for even colder temperatures. Short dresses can be paired with thigh-high boots too. Add a beanie, and you are good to go.

2. Blouses: Crepe wool blouses or shirts can be worn with skirts or trousers. Even a simple pair of our good old denim will go with the look. It suits all genders. To enhance the overall outfit, add on ankle-length boots or your favorite pair of sneakers.

3. Bodywarmer: Another way to stay warm without adding many layers is to bundle yourself up with body warmers. The warm gear does not interfere with the look of your outfit. Men’s and women's body warmer are widely used all across the globe during colder months. These body warmers come in the form of vests, pants, or even bodysuits.

4. Suits: Wool crepe is used in making suits that can be comfortably worn during fall/winter. The fabric is wrinkle-free and soft, which makes it easier to add different patterns and designs. Also, lots of colors can be added to the material, making it look rich and classy.

Wool Crepe For Colder Weather With Warm Clothing

5. Trousers: Dressy pants in various colors can be styled. These will keep you warm as well as add to the charm. Crepe wool can be used to make both formal and informal trousers. This will also depend on the stretch and density of the fabric used.

6. Jackets / Sweaters: Warm clothing is incomplete without the mention of jackets and sweaters. These evergreen pieces of clothing in your wardrobe make up the most of our warm gear. Stylish and lightweight parts can be made using crepe wool. These elegant beauties are versatile and can be paired with skirts, trousers, dresses, denim- literally everything.

Wool crepe does not require very high maintenance. It can either be hand washed with an appropriate detergent or dry cleaned. One should, however, take care not to use hot water or bleach for washing these garments as it can damage warm gear. Also, they should be dried naturally(hung) and not in the dryer as it can cause the fiber to shrink. It is just the apparent norm for warm clothing. When properly cared for, wool crepe garments last longer and retain their texture for relatively long periods.

As we have seen, styling warm gear is not a very difficult task. There are a lot of options and different types of warm clothing to choose from. I have mentioned earlier also that the key is layering up. Now the trick here is not to overdress and sweat or underdress and shiver. Wool crepe is a rich fabric. So it is best to pair with other understated pieces. These include not only the other clothing which you pair up but also the jewelry and the shoes. Let’s exude our elegant best and keep rocking in the cold weather.


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