Why Should Your Brand Invest In Manufacturing Hoodies?

Why Should Your Brand Invest In Manufacturing Hoodies?

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The Apparel industry is one of the biggest revenue-generating businesses in the world. In fact, the global market for the apparel industry was estimated to be 1.46 trillion in 2020. This is only predicted to grow at an alarming rate of 32% by 2026. (Source) 

With the apparel industry growing by giant strides, an apparel business may be quite profitable. However, with growth comes competition. Due to the high demand for apparel, new fashion labels are emerging almost every day. In this highly competitive field, only the brand that resonates with people is successful.

If you want to start a fashion brand or already own one and are struggling to find your audience, the only way to guarantee success is to make your brand stand out among the crowd. 

Today's youth is the largest consumer of fashion. That is why a fashion brand that echoes its ideals is likely to find success in the fashion market. 

The best way to reach out to your target audience is to have a good marketing strategy that increases brand visibility. A brand is nothing without a good marketing strategy.

What is brand visibility, and why is it an important market strategy?

Brand visibility is the degree to which customers can recognize a brand and its logo anywhere. This can only happen if the brand follows a good marketing strategy.

Brand visibility allows the brand to imprint itself in the minds of its target audience. When this happens, it will be the first choice for the consumers when they think of shopping. This greatly increases sales and also builds trust value among its consumers.

The best way to increase your brand's visibility is to be unique. Providing products that no one else in the market delivers will attract your brand and ensure repeat sales. Here are some other ways in which you can make your brand stand out among the crowd.

How do you make your fashion brand stand out among the crowd?

How do you make your fashion brand stand out among the crowd?

1. Know your audience- 

A fashion brand needs to understand its audience and design products that fulfil their demands. This greatly helps you connect with them at a higher level, thereby securing sales. 

2. Be unique- 

Being distinctive in what you offer to your consumers is another way to stand out in the fashion market. Offering unique products will not only attract the audience towards your business but will increase its recall value. Also, never skimp on quality products as this will increase trust value among the consumers. 

3. Be consistent- 

Fashion is being consumed at an extremely high rate. Youth nowadays have higher spending value than before. They are also looking for new products constantly. As a fashion brand, it is important to constantly update your merchandize to drive consumers to your business more often.

4. Be visible- 

A good way to keep your brand name imprinted on the minds of your audience is to simply be everywhere. Advertisements on holdings, newspapers, social media and planning events will make your audience connect with your brand at a more personal level.

5. Jump into the trend bandwagon- 

A fashion brand has to create a balance between being unique and following the latest trends. The best way to do this is to offer trendy clothes with a unique style distinctive to the brand.

Including new trends in your clothing brand is the best way to attract a younger audience. As they like to stay on top of trends, a fashion brand needs to keep up with that. Nowadays, the latest trend in clothing is hoodies. This generation is obsessed with hoodies, and all fashion brands are churning them at a big rate.

Here is everything you need to know about hoodies and why manufacturing hoodies can be quite profitable. 

A hoodie is a sweatshirt or a fleece jacket with a hood. It is extremely popular with the youth nowadays because of its versatility and ease of use. 

Worn by both men and women, a hoodie is very comfortable and stylish at the same time. It is a very popular choice among the various winter wear as it is very easy to wash and care for. 

Apart from providing warmth in the colder months, hoodies provide an extra layer of clothing that can be removed easily when not required. Particularly for women who tend to wear fitted clothes, a hoodie provides a comfortable loose fitting option.

Another important reason for the massive demand for hoodies is that they are so common among celebrities. Pop Stars and other international celebrities have majorly popularized hoodies. That is why the youth associate hoodies with being cool. 

Manufacturing hoodies- The process.

Manufacturing hoodies- The process.

With hoodies being in such high demand, fashion brands are increasingly cashing in on this trend. 

Here is the process of manufacturing hoodies -

1. Sourcing the raw materials- 

Hoodies are usually made of polyester cotton and fleece. These are skin-friendly materials that also help trap body heat to stay warm. They also make the jackets easier to wash and care for. Once the raw materials are sourced, the production moves to the next step.

2. Designing and product- 

The next step is to finalize the design and the colours of the final product. The sewing patterns and the measurements are put in place for the next step. Stencils for various sizes are made for ease of use. Depending on the factory scale, this process may be automated or done by hand.

3. Cutting the fabric-  

The fabric is cut according to the stencils provided. At this stage, both the layers of the hoodie, the inner and the outer layer, are ready for the next step in manufacturing hoodies.

4. Stitching- 

Here is where all the pieces of the fabrics come together to form a hoodie. Based on the scale of the factory, these hoodies may be stitched by hand or machines. Though Hand stitched hoodies often look quite authentic and unique. They are also easy to customize. 

5. Final touches-

The final touches, such as zips and drawstrings, are added at this step. Any customized printing is also done at this stage. After a QC, the hoodies are ready to be packed.

Why should your clothing line include a hoodie? 

Hoodies are a current obsession with the youth. Because they are in high demand, including them in your clothing line will be a good way to attract them towards your brand. The cost of manufacturing hoodies is low, and they sell for higher prices, giving you a good profit margin. They are also fast-moving clothing items. Hence you do not have to worry about huge dead stock at the end of the season. 

Another important reason why you should include hoodies in your clothing online is that they can serve as a medium of advertisement. Hoodies can be visualized as moving signboards as you can customize them to display your brand logo, thus increasing your brand visibility.

What are the other things that will help increase your brand visibility? 

What are the other things that will help increase your brand visibility?

Brand visibility is a very important factor to attract customers to your business. Here are a few ways to increase your brand's visibility- 

1. Use social media to your advantage- 

If your target consumers are the younger generation, social media can be your greatest tool. Most of the youth spend a majority of their time on social media. Therefore, it will have a greater impact on them if they connect to your brand on such platforms. You can also consider tie-ups with fashion influencers to increase your brand's reach. 

2. Host events- 

Hosting events in hotspots that are frequented by your target audience can be very effective to increase your brand's visibility. Events like these will help create hype among the consumers, rising footfalls to your business.

3. List your business on google- 

Your brand name should be visible on the top of the google listings page. This is another great way to increase your brand's online presence. Optimized SEO's will help your target audience reach your page whenever they search online for fashion stores.

Need help growing your fashion business? We are your answer! 

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