Where Can I Find Vendors for Bulk-Ordering Kids' Clothes?

Where Can I Find Vendors for Bulk-Ordering Kids' Clothes?

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Summary: As a fashion brand, starting in kids’ clothing can be daunting. It is a specialized genre and requires a different business model than the one for adult clothing. Selecting a supplier for wholesale cloth procurement and dress manufacturing is one of the key decisions that can make or break your brand. 

Parents dote over kids. And, adults fuss over them. When it comes to clothing, the sky is truly the limit in choices for kids. Global fashion brands, such as H&M or Zara, have been quick to tap into this huge market, which comes with great margins and resilient bottom lines. And, why not? According to a report by Statista, the global apparel industry for kids was estimated to be worth $239 billion in 2021. Kids’ apparel constitutes 16% of the total revenues of the fashion industry. 

If you are looking to enter this field as a retailer or reseller and are hunting for vendors who can supply wholesale cloth, dress materials, or readymade apparel, here is where you can find them. 

Selecting a vendor for kid’s clothing? Look for these factors 

Before you get down to finding a supplier who can meet your criteria for wholesale clothing in the children’s section, there are a few things you should ensure first. Here’s a quick dropdown of the important things to bear in mind for kids’ clothing

  • Intensive use: Kids’ clothes should survive intensive use. Children are little bundles of energy, and their garments should be hardy enough to survive their daily activities. 
  • Quality material: Always remember that whether it is kids’ apparel or wholesale cloth procurement, never compromise on product quality. 
  • Organic fabrics: Go for organic and sustainable fabrics. Parents are more aware and prefer natural fabrics that are breathable and comfortable. 
  • Functional design: Kids’ garments should be functional. Their openings and design should stress on the comfort of the wearer. 
  • Child-safe dyes and materials: For parents, buying a kid’s garment is an emotional investment. Always ensure the apparel manufacturer or the wholesale cloth vendor is using child-safe and fire-retardant materials. 

Which countries export kids’ clothing in bulk

in bulk

If you are a fashion brand based out of the US, the best policy, as they say in the apparel business, is to look east. For bulk buying, there are several Asian countries from where you can source your wholesale clothing and dress materials. According to export industry analysts, Bangladesh and India share the top three positions among the global exporters of baby and kids’ clothes. Together with Vietnam and Cambodia, these five countries accounted for almost 60% of clothing for kids in 2021. Here is how you can find bulk suppliers for your kids’ clothing line.   

Places from where you can source kids' wholesale clothing 

Online suppliers

If you are a small or medium-scale B2C retailer or seller of kids’ clothing, online wholesalers are a good option to source your wares. There are trusted brands such as Etsy and Alibaba that have a wide range of apparel and also make reliable and timely shipments.  

Wholesale boutique shops  

There is a new segment of wholesale boutique shops that forge premium product lines with the advantage of scaling. These boutique shops cater to a limited retail segment, particularly with B2B brands and resellers.  

Multi-brand distributors 

Multi-brand distributors are easily available and have a great working knowledge of ongoing trends in kids’ fashion. Their biggest strength is that they have a wide range of brands and clothes under one roof. But the downside in procuring wholesale clothing from multi-brand retail is that you have to pick from the lot currently with them. 

Wholesale manufacturers 

Wholesale manufacturers are the mainstay of mid-size and large-scale clothing businesses. They usually have global shipping affiliates and a good turnaround time in manufacturing. The best part is that you can create a wholesale clothing line for kids based on your understanding of fashion, choice of colors, and order quantity. 

Surplus stockists

For small B2C retailers and resellers, surplus stockists are a great value for the business. These stockists are usually manufacturers who work with global fashion brands. Sometimes, they are left with excess products after shipping the required lot. They take low minimum order quantities and do not require a large capital to do business. The good part is, you get quality products already approved by the fashion brands.   

Kids’ clothing is not a child’s play 

Kids’ clothing

There are several ways for a fashion brand to procure wholesale cloth and readymade apparel for children and babies. But it is strongly advised that before ordering in bulk, you do a thorough background check of the supplier. The three checkpoints you need to tick when trading with a bulk supplier for kids’ clothing are clothing range, minimum order quantity, and your business model. 

Fashinza is one of the largest and most trusted aggregator platforms that can connect you directly with wholesale cloth suppliers for kids’ fashion. Our AI-integrated automated processes allow you to place orders and track them en route to their destination.

Connect with us today to get the best deals in bulk orders for kids’ clothing. 

Key takeaways 

  • When looking to place bulk orders for kids’ clothing, you must first decide on your business model. Your choice of wholesaler will depend on whether you are a B2B or B2C business model. 
  • The other factor that comes into play is the minimum order quantity. If your shipment is in small sizes, you can place your orders in bulk online or with wholesale boutique shops and surplus stockists. 

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