What is Your Online Fashion Store’s Growth Strategy?

What is Your Online Fashion Store’s Growth Strategy?

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Here’s a fact: Businesses that don’t have a general direction and a growth strategy are most likely to reach an inevitable dead end in a very short period. The same implies to your soon-to-be-launched (or already running) online clothes shopping store as well. 

Fashion, in general, is one of the most popular categories in eCommerce, evidently suggesting that your online fashion store has a chance to succeed. But how do you make sure of that?

If you take a quick glance at the market around, it would seem that businesses that market themselves well have a better chance of taking off. While that might be a possibility, at least for getting new customers, what’s the most significant way to retain these customers and make them come back to buy from you?

You might already have an outstanding collection on your online clothes shopping site, good reviews, and a tidy profit coming in every month. But what do you need to grow your business more in the long term?

You need a growth strategy.

Why is there a need for a growth strategy for your online clothes shopping site?

A growth strategy is something that doesn’t apply specifically to fashion stores (be it online or offline) but to every single business out there.

As an online fashion brand, you want the maximum number of customers, sales, and returning clientele. However, that doesn’t happen automatically. You would need a comprehensive course of action to make sure you can sustain your business.

This aspect is even more true for online fashion stores. Whether you sell your own apparel or are a reseller, growing your business is a daunting task. 

So, if you want a growth strategy for your business, it should also focus on the following few areas:

1. Be customer-centric than competitive.

Be customer-centric than competitive

Almost everybody out there will tell you, ‘Learn from your competitors.’ But there’s so much to do that you can’t practically implement everything at once, right?

Analyzing and learning from your competition is great, but what matters the most is how much attention you are paying to the feasibility of your customers. Most online clothes shopping websites compete head-to-head, forgetting about their end-users. 

However, if your approach includes caring for your customers more, you are going to be fine.   So include tailored fits, ease of product navigation, easier payment methods, and have an overall customer-friendly business model.

2. Promote your core products.

A core product is one that’s more likely to bring in the results. It’s practically the USP of your business. 

Having a core product is essential for any kind of business. When you launch your very own store that has a variety of choices, there are many chances some products might not work out for you, which is totally fine.

However, you would soon realize that some products seem more promising in terms of profits with time. Maybe you are one of the few people that have an excellent quality of such a product among your competitors.

Finding this core product will allow you to narrow down your list of priorities and lay a foundation for your brand. 

3. People come back to quality.

People come back to quality

With online fashion brands being in the spotlight for their unreliability, people have become skeptical of what they order online. More importantly, if your fashion brand disappoints them, they wouldn’t want to return.

When you have a great product, your customers will automatically find you. Even though this is a gradual process, having a genuine, credible product will make them come back to you even sooner the next time. And when the product is great, they tell their friends about it. 

Conventional digital marketing methods will surely bring in customers to your business. But if your product isn’t great, you won’t see them a second time. 

Since you are in the business for the long term, you desire maximum retention from people. More than that, you want to build a customer base. 

4. Be prepared for the big days.

The clothing business is highly seasonal. In fact, half of the Indian market did online clothes shopping for festivals last year. 

Consumer behavior is highly variable, especially with the growth of online stores. It makes a lot of sense to stock up for such days in advance. Festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Year are when you can expect the highest volume of consumers. 

However, due to the competition online as well during such times, you should include certain marketing tricks in your growth strategy from the very beginning. From discounts to coupon codes, use everything in your favor and prepare for it in advance. 


The future of your online clothes shopping store depends on your approach. While many people would suggest following the traditional expansion practices, we recommend being smart and creative. 

An excellent growth strategy includes understanding your customer’s wants and molding your tactics the same way.

When you take a quick look around, you will find thousands of online clothes shopping sites. How you differentiate from them is how intelligent and comprehensive you are with your growth strategy.

In case you want to start your very own fashion store or learn tips on how to scale your existing store, Fashinza has all the resources for you. From assisting you in designing your clothes to helping you grow, you can trust Fashinza with your online fashion store. 


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