What is Visual Merchandising? Amazing Examples from Global Fashion Brands

What is Visual Merchandising? Amazing Examples from Global Fashion Brands

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To be able to sell your products, you need to do more than just hang them or place them on a rack in your shop. It is the manner in which you display your products that attracts the minds of the customers. Visual merchandising is being used extensively by a lot of big names to drive their sales. 

However, to employ visual merchandising, you need to understand what it is and how you can use it to enhance the sales of your products. 

Visual Merchandising 

Visual merchandising is a way used by various clothing companies to enhance their sales. It involves the display of clothes and various fashion accessories in such a way that it attracts the attention of the customer and they want to buy your product. Moreover, visual merchandising is also done to reach the right kind of audience and appeal to them to buy products from your store. 

Visual merchandising involves modifying the shop by changing its interiors in a certain way to make it look more appealing to the customers. Here is a small list of some of the things that are done in a typical visual merchandising. 

Choosing The Right Color

Every color has a different meaning, and choosing the right color is very important if you want to impact the minds of the viewer. You should not be under the impression that only bold colors are used to attract customers’ attention. A simple shade of pastel color can also do the same thing if used in the right way. 

Weave A Story

Examples of Visual Merchandising

Nothing appeals to people more than a good story. You could ask your salespersons to tell a story to the incoming customers about every product. Visual merchandising is a great way to attract an audience, and by telling a story, you not only attract an audience but also leave a reason for them to come back. 

Adequate Use Of Empty Spaces

No one likes to visit a shop, which is laden with clothes and has a lot of things in one place. This confuses the customers, as they could not get a better view of any of the products in the shop. Visual merchandising is a way by which you can declutter your shop, and you can use the blank spaces to give a balanced outlook to your shop. 

Fix A Focal Point

Every shop owner wants to concentrate their attention on a particular product at their shop. And that is precisely what visual merchandising is about. In this process, a visual merchandiser, by arranging items in the shop in a particular way, brings the attention of the customer towards a particular item in the shop. Stats show that by doing so, a lot of businesses have increased their sales manifolds. 

Redefine Your Interiors

Redefine Your Interiors

Visual merchandising is a process where the whole interior of a shop is changed to suit the needs of the business. A visual merchandiser will modify the flooring, curtains, windows, and lightning in the shop.

Now that you have the basic idea of how fashion merchandising takes place, let’s look at the shops of some top companies and how they are redefining their business using visual merchandising. 

Adidas (London)

This is one of the flagship shops of Adidas, which is known for its bold visuals. This shop has movable cabinets, which can be found on every floor of the shop. The augmented display of the shop tells a story of how its products are made, leaving a strong impact on the minds of the customers. 

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe ( Seattle)

This shop in Seattle uses the technology in the best way possible. The shop has a TV set on its walls, which advertises products that are available in the shop or new products that might be coming in the future. 

Macy’s Flowers

This shop displays its product in the best way possible. The beautiful flowery design of its several outlets attracts more than half-million customers every year. The company displays flowers in an artistic way, which attracts the attention of customers and compels them to buy these flowers. 

Trina Turk Boutique

Displaying the brand identity and the ethics of a brand is as important as displaying its products. Instead of showcasing its products, Trina Turk Boutique displays a tree in their show, which is made of an old lof and is ornamented with its fashion accessories. By doing this, the shop presents its out-of-box approach in front of the customers. 

Apple (New York)

This Apple shop has the iconic cube of an apple and is surrounded by openings that allow natural light to fall on the cube. This gives an aesthetic look to the shop. It also has reflective capsules, which can also be used as seats. 

To get a better idea of how visual merchandising works, you can contact Fashinza. Fashinza is a B2B apparel manufacturing platform. It helps clothing brands to manufacture their collections by connecting them with suppliers.


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