Types of Dress Form and Where You Can Buy Them

Types of Dress Form and Where You Can Buy Them

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Before choosing the perfect dress form, one should be sure of the requirements. The bust size, waist size, height, and weight of the form. One should have a good idea of how much they want to spend on a dress form. All these dress forms are shipped globally worldwide, so they can order them from anywhere they want. There might be extra shipping charges depending upon the weight of the object and location. Some of the topmost international shipping services globally for dress form are: Drop shipping services USA, Mannequin China, and The Shop Company. Here are a few different types of dress form to have a look at.

1. Display Dress Form

These dress forms are used for display purposes in the studios, especially if someone wants to showcase the designs or creativity. Such dress forms are made of foam and covered with cloth and are easy to pin at any angle or side of the form. They are decorative and covered with beautifully designed clothes for showcasing. The display dress form can be lightweight or heavy, depending on the purpose, whether it is for permanent use or transport. 

Display dress forms are comparatively cheaper than other dress forms and are not used for draping or fitting.

2. Professional Dress Form

Professional Dress Form

Professional dress forms are a huge investment for the buyers, but worth it. They are available in all shapes, sizes, and heights. They look more realistic compared to the display dress form. In addition, one can pin, drape, and do whatever they want in this dress form. 

There are detachable shoulders and caged bottoms; also, one can adjust the height as per their wish. This is a perfect buy for the professionals to get going with their work with ease.

3. Bifurcated Dress Form

The next level to sewers is this bifurcated dress form. It comes with detachable legs, which can be removed if needed. While working on new designs, especially for pants, they can attach the legs to have an idea of the look. Arms are optional and can be used while doing a lot of draping work. 

Bifurcated dress forms are a bit more expensive compared to professional dress forms due to their advanced features. It can be decorated as wanted and create a unique piece. 

4. Adjustable Dress Form

Adjustable Dress Form

Adjustable dress forms are usually the cheapest as compared to other dress forms. Poor construction of the dress form, cheap quality, and unrealistic body shapes are a clear representation of their low pricing in the market. The adjustable dress forms do not have detachable arms or legs and are completely pinned. Therefore, it restricts the decorations compared to other dress forms. It is the best pick for beginners in sewing. They give variations in sizes and shapes of the body in one form to the new designers. Adjustable dress forms can not be used for display, draping, pinning, or fitting, although it is much more useful in studios.

Where to buy the dress forms?


Fashinza is one of the best platforms to get the desired dress form. Buyers just need to place their order here, and it will get delivered to the doorsteps without any hassle. They have a wide range of products, and one can select as per requirements. Fashinza ships globally all over the world, and that too at the best deals. The brands can simply choose the required object and place an order here.

Buyers will have a regular update and can track the product whenever they want. Making the payment is also very convenient, and communication with the manufacturer is also available. 

Fashinza makes the manufacturing process very fast and smooth, with easy communication and transparency for the brands. Fashinza happens to be the most trustable platform for all buyers and brands.

Fashinza can connect you to leading suppliers in the industry to manufacture your collection. You can keep track of the entire production process, from design to delivery, through our app. Hurry, get in touch with us! 


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