Top TV Shows For Fashion Designers To Get Inspired

Top TV Shows For Fashion Designers To Get Inspired

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Budding fashion designers almost always look for inspiration for their gigs. Whether they are new talents or fashion barons of their spaces, they should understand - there is inspiration everywhere for them. All they need is to see and use it.

From the ambiance they live in, the people they meet, the grandfather clock hanging on their study room's wall, to the television sitting in their living area, everything can be an inspiration if they have the eye to watch for it. 

And, if all they are looking for are some live examples, what else than fashion TV shows? Undoubtedly, these are super entertaining and familiarize people with different walks of life and society. Right? So, aspiring fashion designers can find their inspiration too, for sure. 

As far as Fashion TV Shows are concerned, the upcoming stars of the fashion industry can find many channels presenting different types of shows, including daily soaps, fashion-based reality shows, and contests, to mention a few. So, they can get insights into - what is trending, how to go about fashion photoshoots, demographics-based fashion inclinations, and other vital information.

As there is a world of television shows on-air, initially, they might get confused about which one to watch and which they may skip. Here we have a list of the top fashion TV shows for designers to get inspired. 

The Bachelorette and The Bachelor 

Who does not love watching sheer guilty pleasure on the television? Right? The people with a design streak in them have probably heard about the two famous dating and relationship game shows, The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. Although these are not fashion shows, the contestants’ outfits are highly inspirational. For a designer, the clothing range and the attitude that the participants adorn can be the key takeaways.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye is an American reality TV series featuring Fab Five, a group of people who help different characters get confident makeovers. This reality presentation shows the stories of various people coming from varied different backgrounds. This reality show will help designers understand their customer's thought processes and conduct market research based on their demographics.

Stylish with Jenna Lyons

Stylish with Jenna Lyons

Stylish with Jenna Lyons is another Fashion TV Show that focuses on the junction of home, lifestyle, and fashion. In this show, a well-known fashion designer, Jenna Lyons, works on different fashion designing assignments and changes the looks and characters of the associates. This show is a must-watch for designers looking for creative insights into fashion, trends, and business from the timeless wardrobe of an industry expert. 

America’s Next Top Model 

It is a competition based on fashion where ladies from all over the USA participate and compete for being the Next Top Model of America. It is one of the longest-running Fashion TV Shows and worth watching. As it is a fashion show, it is a screenful of inspiration for designers. Whether it is the outfits, the designs, or planning photoshoots, the designers can delve deeper into various aspects of fashion.

How do I look?

As the name suggests, How do I look? is another reality show that focuses on makeovers. It is pretty much similar to Queer Eye that helps enhance the look and style quotient of the participants. So, it could be insightful and inspirational for fresh talents making their way into the world of fashion.

The Fashion Fund

It is a show where real-life fashion designers contest to win real money worth $300,000 to fund their fashion businesses. No wonder the name. This series can help the fresh ones get a sneak-peek into what investors look for in designers and how designers live up to their investors' expectations. It is more of a business-centric Fashion TV Show that all young designers should watch to understand the business aspect of the fashion industry.



It is an American drama TV series showing the lifestyle of lawyers in Manhattan. Although it is a legal television show and has nothing to do with fashion (directly), the way its characters dress up is something every fashion designer should check out. The men don well-designed and fitted suits, while the women add a touch of femininity to the otherwise masculine pieces. Workwear can be chic too. 

Gossip Girl

Extravagance, crazy lifestyle, expensive outfits, and accessories, and everything uber-rich, Gossip Girl has all these elements in there. Although this American teen drama shows the fashion loved back in early 2000-2010, everything falls in place. The character and their unique style are well represented, and designers, whether novice or pro, will definitely find a lot of components to inspire.

Project Runway

All millennials (whether into fashion or not) have heard about this popular fashion-based. To date, it is one of the most loved and biggest American fashion reality shows. In this show, fashion designers compete with each other on a given theme, and the winner gets to showcase their collection at the New York Fashion Week. Loaded with designs, style, fashion, and challenges, Project Runway, indeed has a lot of inspiration for aspiring fashion professionals.

Band Baaja Bride

Band Baaja Bride

Band Baaja Bride with Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the best Indian television series that every would-be bride and fashion designer should watch. This Fashion TV Show is based on Indian weddings and gives the brides-to-be a magnificent makeover. Right from the wedding trousseau to the jewelry, every element of this show is there to inspire fashion designers.

Myntra Fashion Superstar

People who buy their favorite fashion brands online cannot afford to skip hopping the glamorous collection on Myntra. And for fashion influencers, the Myntra Fashion Superstar is a fantastic platform to showcase their skills through a series of fashion-related tasks. It is the first digital fashion show in India, and every designer must watch it.

Possibilities and inspiration are everywhere!

Watching Fashion TV Shows opens the creative matter of the mind to new ideas. These ideas, in turn, help improve the sense of designing and sharpen the skills. To get more inspiration and source cloth and other materials to materialize design ideas, reach out to Fashinza, a leading B2B apparel manufacturing platform.


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