The Ultimate Men’s Style Guide – 5 Classic Looks to Rock in 2023

The Ultimate Men’s Style Guide – 5 Classic Looks to Rock in 2023

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Summary: Discover the 5 classic looks that will never go out of style, and how you can add them to your label’s catalog in 2023. The ultimate men's style guide has everything you need to know about keeping the look fresh and modern. From what to wear to work to what to wear on a date, we've got you covered. Read on to know more! 

Although a men’s style guide is designed to provide direction on what to wear, it can often make picking an outfit more complicated. With ample rules and conditions, steering your way through each style can be particularly tough. In this blog, we are helping you as a fashion business to break down the most common and classic men’s styles. Explore cocktail apparel, smart casual, formal attire, and more, to ensure that every piece you decide to add to your brand is loved by your customers! 

1. Men’s Style Guide for Everyday Casual Dressing 

Casual is the most laid-back of all styles and is a favorite pick among men for everyday wear. Dressing casually is incredibly easy and it's hard to go wrong with casual outfits. That said, there are ways to ensure that the casual apparel your add to your fashion brand is more stylish than your competitors. 

To do so, try stocking on classic items that are never likely to go out of fashion. Add multiple options of jeans, sweaters, basic T-shirts, shorts, and denim jackets to your collection. You can even choose to add flannel and striped casual shirts, which are making a comeback from the 90s fashion scene. If you stock footwear, adding neutral-colored sneakers to your collection is a great idea. 

Another tip is to stick to basic colors which sell the most. This ensures that it is easier for your customers to coordinate their casual looks without having to own a ton of clothes.

Casual Dressing

2. Men’s Style Guide for Business Casual Outfits

A business casual look is often confused with smart casual. The main distinction between these two styles is that business casual needs to look professional. Often required by modern offices, business casual attire doesn’t require a full-blown suit to look professional. Instead, a less dressy outfit, comprising of chinos with a pullover sweater or basic jeans with a blazer, works flawlessly. If you intend to have a business casual line in your brand, remember to add a mix of classic casual pieces with business clothes for the right mix.

When it comes to selecting a shirt style to add to this collection, Oxford or checkered button-downs in classic or neutral colors work best. Complete your brand’s business casual ensemble with sharp footwear options like loafers, brogues, Derby shoes, or monk straps in matte leather or suede. 

Casual Outfits

3. Men’s Style Guide for Cocktail Dressing

For evening events like cocktail parties, dressing in a suit is ideal. However, work styles should be kept separate from cocktail outfits. A cocktail suit should have a stylish look and should be perfect for night-time events. A slim-fit suit with a tailored design makes for a fabulous option. If you are looking to add this style of clothing to your fashion brand, then remember to select dark colors and fabrics which have a sleek sheen to them. 

Dressy shirts are recommended to wear with this look as opposed to the regular workwear ones. As for footwear, shiny dress shoes are the best option to have. Slim ties and cufflinks make for the perfect accessory addition to this line. 

Cocktail Dressing

4. Men’s Style Guide For a Business Formal Attire

Business formals are the ideal attire for traditional offices and corporate meetings or events. While adding business formals to your menswear line, you should select work-appropriate suit options having notch-lapel and dark colors, such as navy or charcoal. Business shirts in solid colors like white, blue, and baby pink are great options to have too! To complete this range, be sure to add accessories like ties, leather belts, tie pins, and cufflinks. For footwear, classic Oxfords or Derby shoes in blacks and brows make an excellent option.

Formal Attire

5. Men’s Style Guide for Black Tie Outfits

A black tie is a formal dressing style that is worn to sophisticated evening events. A classic tuxedo is ideal for such events when paired with a white formal shirt. Adding a range of black, navy, and midnight blue tuxedoes along with well-fitted trousers, and dress shirts are enough to get this menswear line started. Accessories like bow ties, pocket squares, waistcoats, and cummerbunds are perfect additions to this range.

Black Tie Outfits

Unlock the potential of your brand with men’s styles

Millennial men are undoubtedly looking for ways to show their style. If you want to start a fashion business or a brand, a men’s exclusive line is a good idea to hop on. Use this men’s style guide to navigate the world of men’s fashion and pick and choose pieces that your target consumer would love and wear! 

Key Takeaways:

  • A men’s style guide for different occasions is a fantastic starting point to incorporate a gentleman’s line into your fashion label. 
  • Lots of men’s fashion is classic. Starting a brand with these key items of clothing and accessories is sure to give an uplift to your fashion business. 

If you want to add a trendy yet classic vibe to your menswear collection, Fashinza is here to guide you through that. Contact us to connect with trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers to help build your unique menswear collection.  


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