The Complete Guide To 1980s Fashion Trends

The Complete Guide To 1980s Fashion Trends

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Summary: When we think of 80s fashion, words like bright, bold, and loud come to our minds. It was an era of dramatic earrings, shoulder pads, big hair, and glittery fabric colors. To sum it up, the 1980s fashion trends were more about flaunting wealth and materialistic values. 

We would be lying if we said the fashion trends of the 1980s were not impactful. This era gave rise to more fashion idols than any other era because the outfits were rebellious, bright, and daring. 

From Cher's bold dresses to Madonnas Like A Virgin styles, 1980 fashion trends cover it all. As a fashion designer, you cannot miss the golden opportunity of combining 1980s fashion trends with the latest trends.

Keep reading to learn about the top fashion trends from the 1980s to witness how fashion used to be. 

1. Punk Fashion 

In the 80s, the punk fashion trend almost created a revolution. This trend included leather jackets, boots, band tees, silver chains, and ripped jeans.

As far as the hairstyles of punk fashion are concerned, it was raw and bold. Punk fashion still holds a place in the modern world but with a casual and toned-down touch. If you wish to create a casual yet trendy look, you can get inspired by punk fashion. 

2. Hip-Hop Fashion 

Hip-Hop Fashion 

Another popular 1980s (and 1990s) fashion trend was inspired by hip-hop culture. While this trend started in the USA, it soon became popular worldwide. Peppy colors, bold patterns, athletic details, and baggy silhouettes were a part of hip-hop fashion. 

For accessories, sneakers reigned supreme, and snapback caps were making highlights during this era. Plus, glittering diamonds, British walkers and sheepskin and leather bomber jackets were also popular. 

3. Black Culture Fashion 

Black culture fashion was also prevalent in the 1980s. The bold style statement, brilliant hairstyles, and amazing fashion sense were the most talked about fashion trends. 

This 1980s fashion trend also included tennis shoes, lively prints, gold chains, floppy hats, neon framed shades, and bamboo earrings inspired by the rich black culture. The cult collection of this fashion era has the power to inspire many generations. 

4. Neon Fashion 

We cannot end the discussion of 1980 fashion trends without mentioning neon fashion. 

Back then, everyone loved ultra-light neon clothes, including hot pink and electric purple, which were the highlight. People would wear matching shoes, caps, and glasses to complete their looks. 

Neon fashion was considered to be courageous, funky, and bold. This fashion still trends in the modern world, but the tones have become more minimal. 

5. Over-The-Shoulder Tops 

Over-The-Shoulder Tops 

Over-the-shoulder tops have been around for a long time now since the 1980s fashion trends. Carrying the essence of chic style, it still remains a top fashion trend among millennials. Mostly, it comes in various forms of apparel like gowns, t-shirts, and even ethnic clothing. 

They are made to balance the feminine vibe with a cool tom-boyish vibe, which makes them a favorable item among young women. The trend didn't die down since its inception and is still evergreen even today. 

6. Turtle Necks

As with sweaters and woolen tops, turtle necks are infamously popular for their warmth and coverage in winter fashion. But over time, fashion enthusiasts have figured out refreshing ways to style turtlenecks. 

The garment wasn't that popular during the 1980s fashion trends, it was in the 1990s when the garment became a symbol of intelligent and classy women as we view it today. In stores, it's mostly sold with a pair of mom jeans and as a layering article under sweaters. 

It is styled with bold and splashy accessories today, which makes it even more elegant and a powerful style statement.

7. Pleated Trousers

Pleated trousers were appointed for slim fittings in the 1980s. They were considered a little "extra" and firmly placed in the out-of-date category. Although they died down in the 80s and 90s, the fashion revived in 2022, when “the bigger the better” and the plus-size trend took off. 

Most millennials love pleated pants with a polo, a simple t-shirt or a trim button front shirt. Men's pleated pants, however, continue to play a part in men's fashion today, and when styled and fitted properly, the pants may look good on the right body types.

Overall, the 1980 and 1990 fashion trends were both versatile and bold. Fashion designers and brands can take inspiration from this era to create a new collection for the modern fashion industry.

Pleated Trousers

Key Takeaways 

  • Neon fashion looks bold, colorful, and attractive. 
  • The punk trend still rules the fashion industry. 

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