The Best Tops To Wear With Jeans

The Best Tops To Wear With Jeans

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Summary: What to wear with jeans, which tops are classic, and which ones are loved by women consumers? These are some questions every new fashion brand wants to know. Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Here are five must-have tops to add to your womenswear line that will complement any pair of jeans.

Jeans are a staple in everyone’s closet. They are versatile, rugged, perfect for casual wear, and can be styled with all kinds of tops. But what to wear with jeans and which tops need to be stocked in your casual collection is an eternal dilemma.

Best Top-Wear Options For Every Occasion

In this blog, let's explore some top-wear options that are ideal to be worn with a pair of jeans and can be donned on every occasion.

The Classic White Shirt And T-shirt

You can never go wrong with a white top and blue jeans combo. It’s a classic choice that has stood the test of time!

When it comes to white shirts, add a couple of different styles – oversized, bow detailed, big sleeves, and knot tie shirts are popular options among consumers today. You can even experiment with different fabrics for white shirts. However, cotton, rayon, and cotton blend are widespread owing to their comfy nature.

While stocking white T-shirts to pair with jeans, remember to add styles that are simple and classic. Crew-neck short-sleeve tees made with cotton are bestsellers.

Turtlenecks And Sweaters

The ultimate choice for a winter wardrobe, turtlenecks and sweaters go perfectly with any kind of jeans. Turtlenecks are back from the 90s and making big noise in the 2023 fashion scene. Keep your brand on-trend by adding these in fall and neutral colors to your winterwear collection. 

When it comes to sweaters, opt for cable knit, natural ribbed, cropped, and oversized styles. Consumers who prefer wearing sweaters over jeans love them in rust, tan and neutral colors like black, navy, and off-white.


Flannel And Checkered Shirts

90s fashion trends are making a grand comeback in 2023, and we’re here for it!

Flannel shirts in plaid prints, which were a staple of the grunge fashion scene are perfect to pair with jeans. Even today, these shirts are a popular choice among both genders. They are usually picked when one wants to wear something laid-back yet stylish.

Adding flannel shirts with plaid prints in different colors like blue, red, and black would be perfect to kickstart your casual wear collection. If you think plaid is restrictive and wonder what to wear with jeans that will look equally cool, then add other printed shirts like gingham and buffalo check to your collection.

Checkered Shirts

Graphic And Oversized T-shirts

All kinds of T-shirts look great with a pair of jeans. But when it comes to graphic and oversized tees, they are clear winners for anyone who loves the hipster vibe. Choose to add different styles of loose-fit and baggy T-shirts to your brand and pick popular colors like navy, black, and pastels.

While adding graphic tees to your catalog, go berserk!

Pick anything from cool rock band T-shirts to slogans and brand logo variants. Customers who wear graphic tees usually love to buy them in darker colors like black and maroon or bright hues like hot pink and blue.

Oversized T-shirts

Denim Shirts And Blouses

Hear us out – the denim-on-denim look has officially resurrected from the 90s decade and making big noise in 2023. While double denim is considered by some as overkill, we think this style rides high on the nostalgia wave and millennial consumers are all for it. 

If you choose to add denim top wear to your label’s range, choose the classic denim shirt in different colors. Apart from shirts, you can even experiment with adding dressy denim top styles like off-shoulder, peplum, corset, and more!

Rest assured, this trend is here to stay. Adding unique denim tops to your brand will make it an instant hit with your customers.

Denim Shirts

Get Your Brand Popping At The TOP!

Now that you know what to wear with jeans and which tops are trending in 2023, it will be easier to pick and choose styles that match your brand’s target audience. Adding classic styles like white tees and plaid shirts is a must. These pieces are timeless and can be kept in your collection year-round, or even next year. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Jeans are versatile and can be practically styled with any kind of top wear. However, some styles are the go-to for consumers. 
  • Add basic and everyday tees and shirts in neutral colors that have a higher sell rate. You can also pick some experimental styles like corsets, tube, and halter tops for consumers who love a little bit of flair. 
  • The best tops to wear with jeans definitely remain to be solid white shirts, graphic tees, and checkered shirts. Keep them in mind while building your casual fashion line.

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