The Best Jeans For Your Body Type - Men and Women

The Best Jeans For Your Body Type - Men and Women

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One cannot list all the reasons why jeans are a must-have in every fashion wardrobe. The list is just too long. It is certainly the most essential clothing item in any wardrobe.

Currently, jeans come in a wide variety of different cuts, styles, and washes. This is due to the increase in the need for comfortable clothing. Customers are increasingly getting aware of their body types and want to buy clothing that accentuates their figure.

Brands with body-positive clothing resonate with the youth. This is why retailers should focus on including various cuts and sizes of jeans in their collections.

Regardless of the changing trends, a well-fitted pair of jeans will always remain in style. Retailers can enhance their customer service by educating their buyers to find the right fit of jeans for their body types.

Why are jeans a good investment for retailers?

Fashion brands have been cashing in on the jeans trend for quite a while now. Fashion trends may keep changing, but the demand for jeans keeps constantly growing , which makes this clothing item a reliable investment. Retailers can be sure that their denim stock is not going to last forever. 

Every fashion brand must have a good collection of jeans in its catalog. Retailers love to stock up on these fast-selling bottom wear. It attracts the young crowd with more spending capacity, leading to increased revenues.

Owning a pair of jeans is common. However, not everyone owns a pair that fits them well and is perfect for their body type. A variety of jeans are available in the market - boot-legged, wide-legged, skinny, flare, and the list goes on. Buyers often get confused regarding the right fit for their body type. So, let's solve this issue and help your customers find a perfect pair of jeans!

Perfect jeans according to each body type


It certainly takes less effort for men to dress. However, when it comes to choosing the right fit for a body type, men are as clueless as their female counterparts. Understanding a particular body type makes it easier for them to buy jeans that fit perfectly.

mens jeans

Here is a comprehensive guide suggesting jeans styles according to men's body type:

1. Rectangular body type - Straight fit, low-rise jeansMen who are on the leaner side, tend to have a rectangular body type. Their shoulders, chest, and hips are proportional. These men tend to have difficulty gaining weight. Simple, straight-fit, low-rise jeans will suit them perfectly. It will help define their legs and highlight their lean frame. 

Men who are on the leaner side, tend to have a rectangular body type. Their shoulders, chest, and hips are proportional. These men tend to have difficulty gaining weight. Simple, straight-fit, low-rise jeans will suit them perfectly. It will help define their legs and highlight their lean frame. 

2. Inverted triangle body type - Straight-fit jeans with large pockets

Muscular men who have broad shoulders but a narrow waist are known to have an inverted triangle body type. These men usually have bulkier legs. Straight-fit jeans will give the illusion of slimmer legs. They should opt for jeans style with closed and large back pockets. This will make their behind look smaller. 

3. Triangle body type - Loose jeans with wide legs

These men have narrow shoulders but wide hips. A pair of straight-fit jeans one size up or relaxed-fit jeans will work best. It will help make their body look more proportional. Buying one size up will provide them with extra waist size and also help them look leaner on the hips. 

4. Trapezoid body type - Slim-fit, low-rise jeans

Trapezoid body types are athletic men with slim waists and toned legs. While most jeans styles will suit them, slim-fit, low-rise jeans will help show off their chiseled mid-rib and toned legs. They can also opt for jeans with wide back pockets to enhance their toned bottom. 

5. Oval body type - High-rise, straight-cut jeans

These men have larger bellies, thighs, and buttocks. They can benefit from wearing straight-cut, high-rise jeans to control their midsection. A relaxed pair of jeans one size up helps give them a more defined look.  


For women, the right pair of jeans is an invaluable asset in their wardrobes. However, it is the most difficult to buy as well. A recent poll shows that a whopping 46% of women say that jeans are the most difficult item to buy. However, women can never go wrong if they buy a pair that suits their body type.  It is essential to pick a pair based on individual body types. 

women jeans

Here is a comprehensive guide recommending jeans styles according to body types for women:

1. Apple-shaped body type - Mid-rise, boot-cut jeans

Women with medium to large breasts and small waists and hips have an apple-shaped body type. These women often have short legs with small bums. For this body shape, it is important to take the attention away from the upper body. Mid-rise, boot-legged jeans will help draw attention to the tiny waist and create an illusion of curves. 

2. Pear-shaped body type - Low-waist, boyfriend jeans

Women who have a smaller upper body with wider hips and behind are pear-shaped. This is the most common body type found in the world. Women with pear-shaped bodies can benefit by wearing relaxed fit styles that help draw attention away from the heavy bottom. Low-waist jeans that sit snug at the waist can help create a balanced look. 

3. Hourglass-shaped body type - Mid-rise, straight-fit jeans or skinny jeans

An hourglass-shaped body is where the bust and hips are in proportion with a tiny waist. This body type is easiest to style as most styles suit these women. One can wear skinny-fit jeans to highlight their long legs. Mide-rise, straight-fit jeans will help accentuate their tiny waist and define their bottom. 

4. Strawberry-shaped body type - Flared or regular-fit jeans

Women with a strawberry-shaped body type have heavier busts but smaller waists and hips. Most of them also have thin legs. Due to a defined waist, they can carry most jeans styles with ease. However, flared or regular-fit jeans are perfect to create an illusion of toned legs and provide a balanced look overall.

5. Thin body type - High-waisted jeans

Women with shoulders, busts, waists, and hips of the same size are known to have thin body types. These women have fewer curves but long-toned legs. High-waisted jeans that help define their waist and accentuate their long thin legs will work best for them.


Hope this article helps your customers find those long-awaited jeans they have been looking for! Fashion brands and retailers can use this information to help customers and guide them toward the perfect jeans. This will increase their shopping experience and create loyalty toward the brand. 

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