The Basics of How to Get Your Clothing Brand in Retail Stores

The Basics of How to Get Your Clothing Brand in Retail Stores

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Starting a clothing line is a significant step, and getting it in retail stores is the ultimate goal for most designers. Getting caught up in the dream of owning a label and walking into any store to buy one’s designs is easy. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Getting an apparel brand into stores can be a long, challenging road filled with competition and rejection. 

But don’t be disappointed. You can learn from the advice of experts and brand owners, and use them to get your clothing brand in stores.

Here are some tips on how one can achieve this goal:

1. Developing a brand

The product line should be well-branded and ready to enter retail stores. It must have a well-developed logo, a consistent and identifiable color palette, a name, and a design style that resonates with the target market, etc. Keep in mind that the goal of a clothing brand is to sell clothing. So, it’s necessary to brand all kinds of garments and accessories. The more complete the branding is, the easier it becomes to get your clothing line in retail stores. 

2. Look out for competition

Looking out for competitors is crucial. It’s good to do additional research and see where the competitors are selling their products. For example, a great place to start is eCommerce websites.

These websites are an excellent tool for discovering competitors’ sales and how well their products are doing. One can see the number of reviews, the average star rating, and what customers say about those products. 

Another place to look for competitors is in the local brick-and-mortar stores. Remember that the more the competition, the harder it is to get into retail sales.

3. Be ready for retail

To get a clothing brand in retail stores, one must have previous industry experience. It’s not that retailers will only choose experienced brands, but they usually want to ensure that your brand is consistent and ready for production.

If a person goes into retail without having their design files ready and cannot produce the garments in large quantities, they will have difficulty getting their clothing brand in retail stores.

4. Smart product pricing

product pricing
  1. One of the best ways to get a clothing brand in retail stores is by pricing the products reasonably. If the person is selling his apparel at a high price, the retailers won’t want to sell them, whereas if the price is too little, one may be selling at a loss, which means the brand might not be able to sustain its business. To get your clothing business in retail stores, one needs to have a fair price point for their customers and retailers. Remember that it isn't necessary to charge the same price as your competitors. There is plenty of room for adjustment and you'll still be able to attract retail stores.

5. Digital presence

Online stores are on the rise and are here to stay, with the future moving toward digitalization. An online store is a great place to start if a person is trying to get their clothing brand in retail stores. An eCommerce website is a perfect way to get started for a clothing line. Most retailers want to see a digital presence before starting a collaboration.

It’s becoming increasingly common for brands to have a functional website instead of just a social media presence. So, to get a clothing brand in retail stores, having a digital presence is a must.

6. Reach out to local sellers

If the products are best suited to be sold in a local area, then the opportunity to get a clothing brand in retail stores is excellent. Local clothing and retail shops will be much more likely to carry the products if they can buy them locally. If there is a chance to meet with these local retailers in person, take it.

Be polite and confident, but not pushy. Be ready to give them a brand story, product description, and price list. Also, be sure that the products are ready for sale.

To get the clothing brand in retail stores, one must be able to deliver the products as soon as the retailer wants them.

7. Draft reasonable terms

An important step in getting your brand in retail stores would be signing a contract with the retailer. It is necessary to be ready for this step and understand the contract’s terms and conditions.

Sometimes, you might have to agree to terms you are not comfortable with, but it’s important to know what you are getting into and what the retailer expects. It is better to consult a lawyer and let them review the contract before signing it. It will give an added impetus to your business.

8. Go to trade shows

One needs to spend money to get their cloth manufacturing business in big retail stores. It is crucial to attend trade shows or conventions where retailers are present.

trade shows

Retailers are always looking for new clothing lines, and manufacturers can utilize these events to get attention and make retailers aware of their products.

You can bring samples of the products and first-rate marketing materials to these trade shows. Ensure the products are ready to ship and can be delivered to them quickly after the convention ends.

9. Don’t forget PR

While getting your clothing brand in retail stores, it’s essential to ensure that a maximum number of people see your brand. One way to do this is to hire a public relations firm to help get coverage in the media and online. 

A PR firm can help by pitching the products to journalists, getting coverage on popular websites, and promoting the brand online.

If a person has the funds to hire a PR firm, they shouldn't hesitate. It is slightly expensive but will be worth every penny in the future.

10. Create a lookbook 

  1. A lookbook is a collection of photographs of the clothing products that the designers have in their collection. Creating a lookbook is another way to get your clothing brand in front of customers. It not only helps to boost sales but also helps to demonstrate to the clients the evolution of the brand. Updating the lookbook from time to time is a foolproof way to keep the retailers interested. 


Getting a clothing brand in retail stores can be challenging. It’s not easy to break into the competitive retail world. One must be ready to put in the hard work and follow a strategic approach that helps them achieve this goal.

The brand’s clothing line in retail stores helps it gain more visibility. This, in turn, helps you boost sales and grow the business further. 

With the tech-enabled manufacturing platform, Fashinza helps clothing brands establish their brand name and position in the market. We also connect you with potential shipping and manufacturing partners to work with.

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Moreover, you can also forecast sales and manage inventory based on readily available data.

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