Shein Marketing Case Study

Shein Marketing Case Study

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Shein was launched in 2008 by Chris Xu in Nanjing and has gained a lot of popularity as an apparel brand ever since. Shein overtook Amazon on 11th May 2021 as the most-installed application under the shopping category on Android and iOS devices. The company also receives a lot of traffic from social media platforms, especially from Facebook, as it drives in 51.13%.  

Apart from that, the company receives around 31.21% of traffic from YouTube. Shein, pronounced 'She-in,’ is a B2B company offering women, men, and children products.

Buyers will find many things, such as clothes, footwear, accessories, gadgets, and even makeup and beauty-related items. Check out this article to learn more about the company and how it gained the Numero Uno position. 

Facts To Know About Shein

After the brand gained the spotlight for being a well-known provider of new and fresh clothing, Shein transformed into a fast-fashion eCommerce platform. The company is currently dominating several markets worldwide, including the UK and US markets. 

The main aspect separating Shein from other retailers is that the firm has excellent control over its production chain, from manufacturing and procurement to prototype and design. Along with that, the company tailors all its products and items according to user tastes and regions. 

A recent survey has provided evidence that Shein has become one of the most-favorite fashion companies among the youth. Along with that, it's currently in the 2nd position after Amazon and toppled big brands like Urban Outfitters or Nike. To be precise, Shein has transformed into a leader in the fast-fashion brand across the globe.

What Exactly Makes Shein So Popular?

After it gained access into the market as a global retailer online, Shein became a popular brand due to its wide range of stylish and inexpensive clothing options. Like all the other fast-fashion businesses, Shein's claim towards fame is no surprise. 

The company's complete loyalty rests on the nature of TikTok, and from day one, the company has made a name for itself by tapping into the micro trends. This is something individuals will not come across in other fast-fashion brands because they draw all their inspiration from the style of designers and celebrities. 

Advantages Of Opting The Products Of Shein

As one of the colossal brands, Shein has beautifully combined fashion with business. The Shein influencer program lets numerous people jump into the affiliate marketing bandwagon and earn money from promotions. Other than that, there are several other advantages offered by the brand: 

  1. Shein offers all its products and items at a low price compared to other retail marketplaces. 
  2. Individuals will receive updates and the newest products added by the brand each day. 
  3. The online market of Shein also offers a wide range of styles, which are available in various categories. 
  4. If someone doesn't like a product and wishes to return it, Shein will get it done without any hassle. The funds will also get transferred within the given date. 
  5. The company offers an extensive size range compared to other online shopping agents. 
  6. Shein also provides international shipping to customers across the entire world. 
  7. It stands out as a one-stop fashion shop for all categories of fashion apparel. 
  8. All the products are designed or created regularly to keep up with all the newest fashion trends available in the market these days.

Buying Products From Shein: Where To Do So?

Shein has launched its pop-up store across various cities in the US, including Chicago, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. But the company is strictly an online retailer, and they have no plans of establishing a physical store. 

Due to their online presence in the online fashion market, the company's website can be accessed by anyone across the globe easily and effectively. The website supports the US, UK, Middle East, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Russia. 

They ship all their unique products and items to 220 nations and partner up with online merchants like AliExpress and Amazon. This has allowed many individuals to buy their products easily without facing any interruption. 

How Can Fashinza Help?

How Can Fashinza Help?

Fashinza is a well-known name in the world of fashion. This is a B2B company that is ideal for fast-fashion companies. Fast-fashion companies looking for manufacturers can easily connect with them through Fashinza.  

They take care of everything right from fabric, design, cost, and sampling to product and quick and safe delivery. Fashinza has been providing outstanding services and solutions for many years. 

They have also aided many well-known brands and fashion professionals across various countries. Their main objective is to solve all the problems related to the global supply chain easily and effectively. 

The company has a network of over 700 manufacturers, and it keeps growing each day. Fashinza has provided its services to one of the leading brands from India, the United States of America, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada. 

What Makes Fashinza The Best? 

Fashinza is proactive and lightning-fast when it comes to delivering solutions and services. The company offers a 60% reduction in sample approval time and has an average production cycle of 6 weeks. They can help all the brands launch their brand-new collection without even increasing the resources. 

The company also has a 24x7 customer service team, offering unparalleled service to all the customers. The customer support team will quickly answer all questions and solve the most complicated issues. Fashinza is a reputed company and makes sure to offer 100% satisfaction. 

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Fashinza is one of the leading platforms that can help manufacturers, brand designers, and fashion label owners. They offer a wide range of services in a stress-free manner. So, if you wish to offer something innovative and unique to your customers, Fashinza would be a great resource to start with.  


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