Save Money on Recruiting: Recruiting Strategies for Fashion Brands

Save Money on Recruiting: Recruiting Strategies for Fashion Brands

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If you are a fashion brand that dominates the market or a relatively small business, either way recruiting the right employees is important. Whoever you recruit will represent your brand to potential customers, and hence their professionalism, personality, work ethic, job experience are extremely relevant.

Fashion brands and other businesses often spend huge amounts of money in the recruitment process. Since hiring the right kind of employees is extremely important, brands spend a lot of revenue and effort on choosing their employees. While a cumbersome and expensive process can help get a few great hires, the economic dent to a fashion brand’s wallet can be immensely disadvantageous.

This article will examine a few recruiting strategies that fashion brands can use to hire a good quality of staffers while saving money in the process.

The aim of recruiting:

The ultimate goal of any fashion brand while recruiting is to find the best talent out there and hire them. However, using traditional recruitment techniques is no longer helping brands find the best talent in the market, and hence a visible shift is seen from traditional strategies to modern recruitment.

In the new work environment, things are constantly evolving and innovating as the times change, so must businesses if they want to play the long game. In the modern era of recruitment, things move at a faster pace, quicker responses are expected, and there is more flexibility in career options and timings. The fashion industry has to work simultaneously to maintain pace with the new recruitment strategies. Listed below are a few of the strategies that fashion brands can use for a less expensive recruitment process:

  1. Social media

A survey conducted recently has revealed that 92% of recruiters use social media to hire the best talent. This includes social media platforms other than LinkedIn too like Instagram, Facebook, etc. The Human Resources division of fashion brands usually uses social media to find new potential employees and reach out to them.

Social media serves a variety of purposes in the recruitment process. It allows recruiters to reach out and advertise that they are looking for new hires with certain qualifications. This way, anyone who uses the same social media platform has the chance to apply for the job. Another advantage is that social media allows recruiters to vet the individual before finally approving their hire. If there is any problematic behavior displayed on their accounts, brands can reject them right away.

Using social media is one of the least expensive methods to hire recruits and reach out to them. A company’s social media account is not a paid service, so the costs incurred in this process are minimal. Fashion brands can also gain visibility, increase their audience engagement, screen candidates and increase brand awareness using social media.

  1. Recruitment marketing
Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing is a fairly new strategy in the job market. It involves fashion brands using marketing tactics to widen their base and locate the best talent in the field for recruitment. The hiring process is no longer limited to just vetting resumes and interviews as recruiters use a wide variety of marketing tools to reach out, engage and attract potential employees.

This process is also not too expensive as the marketing tactics used often coincide with pre-existing strategies of the company, thus saving them time and money.

  1. Flexible workspace:

Fashion brand recruiters are starting to understand the importance of offering flexibility to their employees. According to a recent survey, 60% of companies have begun to use the gig-based labor model. This model allows fashion brands to emphasize innovation, build a sustainable work environment, and simultaneously attract the best employees in turn. In the gig-based work model, employees only work for a specified period, thus offering great flexibility in the workspace.

The economic benefits of this model are also many as it allows fashion brands to significantly reduce their overhead expenses while simultaneously increasing productivity by getting qualitative work results. This recruitment strategy is becoming more popular with time as it offers a sustainable business model for both the company and the employee.

  1. Personalizing:
Recruitment marketing

Even in the digital age, the value of the personal touch has not been lost. Recruiters often personally interact with potential hires to gain more insight into them. Fashion brand recruiters value the importance of person-to-person connections as it can ascertain whether a person is a right fit for a brand or not. By having a communication schedule and placing importance on video calls and personal interactions, a brand can boost its engagement and build a long-lasting relationship with potential high prospect employees.

Using the marketing strategies highlighted above, fashion brands can use newer tactics to hire the best talent while ensuring that the process is not too expensive as a whole.


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