Quick Tips to Launch and Scale a New York Street Style Fashion Brand

Quick Tips to Launch and Scale a New York Street Style Fashion Brand

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Fashion is an ever-growing industry and New York street style being admired by the world makes it the perfect ground to establish a new fashion venture. But the city breeds a plethora of local as well as high-end global brands, thus raising the competition.

 So, Fashinza.com has brought some real-time tips straight from the industry experts to launch and scale a New York street style fashion brand.

How to launch a New York street style fashion brand on a large budget?

So, in case you are fortunate enough to raise funding or make a substantial internal investment, then inviting a fashion or film industry celebrity to the launch event can bring your new name big support. It will not only pour in the local limelight but will also add mileage to your media relations.

How to launch a New York street style fashion brand on a small budget?

Most New York street style businesses start with a tight budget. But not to worry, because our industry experts have shared ideas on that too!

You can collaborate with multiple mid or micro-level social media influencers and take advantage of their reach. Encourage them to post reels, videos, photos, and stories. In return, you can give them impressive and exciting hampers or a straight 50% discount for up to a year.

Tips to upscale your New York street style fashion brand once it’s launched

how to Launch and Scale a New York Street Style Fashion Brand
  • Drive a strong social media presence: If you are all set to launch a New York street style fashion brand, but it got no or little social media hype, then you can't think of scaling up overnight. Collaborating with a bunch of fashion influencers can change your game completely. 

Help your business with a small but experienced digital media PR team that can run down the search and pin on the best fits for your New York street style fashion brand. 

Facilitate the influencers with scripts or style guides, if needed. This will ensure that your potential audience can learn different ways to style a piece of clothing from your brand. This will not only make your apparel perceive as a versatile piece but help your brand name sell swiftly. 

  • Sponsor events: Event organizers are always in great need of fetching funds. So, never miss out on the mutual benefits that you can get from sponsoring fashion or non-fashion events. If you are low on budget, go for small events that take place in a store, mall, or cafe. This will give your New York street style fashion brand mileage as you can enjoy the attention of local media.

Mushrooming your name within the city is one of the foremost hinges that can help you scale up and become international one day!

  • Actively run offers, discounts, and sales: More or less, we all tend to get attracted towards the boards that read the words 'DISCOUNT' or 'SALE.' Human psychology works that way. So, why not your New York street style clothing store make the most out of it? 

Keep a check on the calendar and festivals/ occasions when people shop more than their usual. Announcing 'Black Day Sale,' 'Christmas Week Sale,' or 'Weekend 20% Discounts' will not only raise your sales but help in spreading your brand name through word of mouth.

  • Collaborate with established brands: Fraternize with your fellow fashion brands and enjoy the attention.

For example, if your brand is all about New York street style footwear, you can join hands with a clothing or handbag brand. This will give recognition to your fashion venture and establish your credibility since your name is placed right next to a renowned brand.

But you need to be extremely mindful and careful in picking up the perfect collaboration partner. Remember that your aim will be to bring business, not competition.

  • Develop a website or app: While breathing in the 21st century, you cannot afford to neglect the dominance of online shopping. No matter how big or small-scaled you are, help your business kick start with at least the basic version of a dynamic shopping website or app. Amid the pandemic and work-from-home norms, the movement of people has gone drastically restricted.

Today, online shopping has become a 'need' more than a 'choice.’ 

This is your job to ensure that your New York street style fashion website should give a classy feel and look. Do not make a mistake by overlooking the user interface. It can change the game completely. 

Quick marketing and sales tips to scale your New York street style fashion business

how to Launch and Scale a New York Street Style Fashion Brand
  • Invest in billboards, hoardings, and pamphlets within a 20-30 km of radius. They're some of the conventional yet sales-driving hooks to market your latest New York street style fashion brand. 
  • Hand out business cards to whoever visits your store, even if they leave without buying any item. This will increase the chances of them being your recurring customers.
  • Add a surprise goodie in the bags of each of your buyers. This will keep them excited and thrilled to come back and buy again. 

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