Private Label Clothing: Take The Next Big Leap

Private Label Clothing: Take The Next Big Leap

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Private labeling in clothing is the next big thing that is spreading like wildfire. The urge to not develop things from scratch gives a lot of breathing space to designers and brands alike. Essentially, a private label for a brand means that various lines of clothes are delivered according to your requirements, with a lot of room to customize the clothes and further enhance the branding. With private labeling in clothing, the need to build everything in-house is tackled, helping brands to manage their clothing lines smoothly.

If you are a fashion designer or a fashion brand, this article might hit the right chords. The clothing market is ever-expanding, and with all types of consumers shopping vigorously these days, it is essential to provide them with more value and that too quickly and efficiently.

That is why we brought for you the concept of Private Labeling in Clothing for brands in the proactive fashion space.

So what is private labeling? What are its benefits? And is it the right choice for your brand?

Let’s discover.

The basic idea of Private Labeling in Clothing

Outsourcing the basic clothes from a third-party vendor is the basic idea of what private labeling in clothing is all about.

You don’t need factories or start collating different materials to build your next big line to be released this winter. All you need to do is pick up the basic stuff and customize it as per your brand persona under your tutelage.

So how does it work?

When you connect with the right manufacturer, you choose from the various clothing lines they sell and order a quantity that suits your requirement.

In some cases, you can even ask the vendor to add your logo and deliver the final product to you. But if you are looking forward to giving some twist to these basic clothes you are investing in, like adding monograms or a pattern or maybe your brand name, then you can get these basic clothes delivered right to your doorstep.

This is basically done to provide more options to your customers who know you and are looking forward to seeing more variations to check out in your stores. Private labeling in clothing is ideal for expanding your business and providing a continuous flow of new work to your consumers. In this way, you as a designer or a team get room to work on important projects and need more of your time and creativity.

The idea of using private labeling in clothing lines is to have a continuous flow maintained for your audience. It is a completely different prospect from white-label clothing. In private label clothing, you get the freedom to customize the clothes according to your vision. While in white-label, you sell what is being provided to you by the manufacturer straight up.

With this, brands get the freedom to get more flexible and present to the consumers with options that resonate with their brand value. This whole idea is quite liberating and more easygoing.

Benefits of Private Labeling

Benefits of Private Labeling

There are multiple subjective as well as objective benefits of private labeling in clothing. Here we are going to list the basic few that are going to clear your vision about this aspect:

1. Fast Launches and Control

As a brand, it is important to present something to the consumers time and again. So with the help of third-party manufacturers, you can be in control of when your products are going out and at what frequency. You can customise your launches according to the units getting delivered to you so that no consumer goes off your website/store without shopping.

2. Economical to the core

When you are not manufacturing clothes, you save a lot of money, and the margins considerably increase. The flexibility you get with private labeling in clothing is the most ideal benefit that can keep your brand alive both market and profit.

3. Connect with the best

Private labeling can be helpful for both your brand and the manufacturers who are selling only the best quality. You don’t need to hassle with buying different products and cut down the middle-men by giving chances straight to the manufacturers.

4. Possibilities of Customisation

Getting clothes from a third-party manufacturer is like getting a blank canvas that you can enhance with your skills. This gives your clothes (though not fabricated by you) a touch of your brand, making people realise your authenticity.

5. Producing wide Range

The best benefit of becoming a private label clothing brand is that you can produce more in a small amount of time. This can directly increase your sales ratio and build a larger audience for your other personal range of products that you develop in-house.

How to launch a line using Private Labeling

Are you thinking of how to start with the process? Well, here are the few things that you need to keep in mind when you are thinking of launching a product using Private labeling in clothing:

- Think about what product you need to launch

This can be the first step you need to think of because you will be segregating and choosing the right vendor for you based on this.

- Launching the new line online or offline

You then need to think of launching this new line with a message that sounds appealing to your target audience.

- Finding the right vendor

When you have your audience persona and product ready in your mind, you can start hunting for the right vendor. You are going to find endless manufacturers. However, if you have a clear picture of your product in mind, such as fabric, deadline, units, color, delivery, etc., it can be done with ease.

- Presenting the product

After deciding on all these factors, you need to be sure that this will be available for the consumers in the right manner. Is it going to be a limited edition, or will you fill in the stocks once they are sold out? All these things need to be considered beforehand or during the sales period.

Is Private Labeling safe for your clothing line?

Is Private Labeling safe for your clothing line?

It is probable to feel anxious while putting your trust in others for your brand. Quality is one thing that comes to mind when you know the end-consumer is your customer who believes in your brand. For this, you need the most reliable source, which is known for its integrity.

Many factors need to be kept in mind while choosing a manufacturer who fits your requirements and speaks the same work ethics language as you. Deadlines can be another major bottleneck.

Fashinza can help your brand by taking care of all these intricate details. You can choose a vendor, select the amount of clothing you want to purchase, choose the fabric, approve the sample, and then get your whole order.

Still confused?

Well, we understand how new things can feel. That is why we offer our help in sourcing clothes. Fashinza can connect you with the right vendors and manufacturers by understanding your requirements, deadlines, and ethics.

We work with over 200 experienced manufacturers, thus ensuring solutions to all your brand needs. Fashinza is the right answer for solving your supply chain troubles, thus transforming your brand as a private label in the near future.


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