Points to Remember When Establishing Your Brand Assets

Points to Remember When Establishing Your Brand Assets

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Brand assets refer to congruous indications that aid in simplifying the task of identifying and recognizing a brand for its customers. Possessing assets is essential to build a brand image and increase brand market value.

Ensuring Brand Identity

Specific steps to ensure brand identity helps strengthen consumer relations. Brand identification includes logos, colour, design, size, format, readability that conclusively help identify a brand instantly. Brand identification includes logos, colour, design, size, format, readability that conclusively help identify a brand instantly. A brand uses various strategies and mediums while perfecting these elements because all these elements are essential while branding something.

Advertisements presented to consumers in different modes, images, videos, and text provide product information. Today, images, videos or text and the ability to translate them over the web is essential to generate website traffic. Organisations need to present everything in a way that helps in generating traffic to the website.

Logo - The Starting Point

The logo is the brand's face; it is something by which a brand will be known and recognized. Hence it needs to be styled meticulously. For example, fashion brand logos are designed to depict their flamboyant nature. It should depict aesthetic and simplicity.

Since the logo is the linchpin for any brand, brands have to keep certain considerations in mind while designing a logo:

  • The logo should be able to translate the identity and the value exhibited by the brand.
  • It should be aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic — captivate the audience with simplicity.
  • Consider longevity, something that doesn't go out of style after a few years. It should be a mark that brands would want to forever associate with. Most keep logos uncluttered, simple and clean.
  • It should be able to keep up with the standards provided by the industry and at the same time make its own identity.
  • It should be able to engage the audience and grab their attention to further enter the marketing funnel.

Mistakes Everyone Makes in Selecting Brand Logos

However, frequent and common errors while creating fashion brand logos are -

1. Inconsistency

Avoiding inconsistency is referred to as the number one rule. If companies want higher traffic, they have to be more visible to people around, and for this, they have to update the social media platforms regularly. Informing the audiences about the updates, new arrivals, sales, and much more will help generate traffic on the website. For this, one should be consistent on their social media because if they are not visible to the audience, they will not remember to consider them.

Consistency is related to the basis of the visual family of resources on various social media platforms. And to impose this, there is a style guide that assists any company in creating a template or rule book. It includes preferred elements like colours, fonts, sizes, backgrounds, and more.

Companies have to keep up with the trends to become relatable for the audience. For example, on Instagram, there are always trends going on. Adhere to them while branding the content.

Considering trends
  • Podcasts have become popular and influential in the last year. Including a podcast in your strategy will help more people visit company profiles. Such trends can reach out to a large number of people at a single time.
  • When the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was trending, it ensured everyone was on social media throwing a bucket of ice down their heads. Hence the content generated was seen by many.

Moreover, companies have to keep up with the design trends. Using the design trends as inspiration can gather more people in the designing industry, captivating a whole new part of the audience. Hence, one needs to be consistent in providing something new every time brands reach these platforms; otherwise, no one will consider them.

3. Wrong association

fashion brand logo should be amicable enough to stand with the brand value

When companies are branding, they need to consider where and how the brand name will be used since the association describes how the audience perceives it. Any fashion brand logo association attached to the brand should be amicable enough to stand with the brand value. The wrong association can often lead to untrustworthiness and downfall in sales. Any surprising and unhealthy association of one company to the brand can lead to its downfall. So they need to adhere to the fact as to what association is fruitful and which is not.

4. Think of a small perspective

While initiating any brand, don't keep company expectations so high that the brand will be received globally. Keep the expectations slightly lower while curating a new brand. Keen consideration should be implied to ensure the company's growth. Sometimes the global apprehension does not turn out as they want. Hence every aspect should be closely watched. For instance, if one of the brands opens up globally and translates the slogans exactly into the language, the words may change the meaning of the sentence and can be perceived as offending. Hence, consideration should be put in place to avoid hurting the sentiments of any religion, demography, and nationality.

5. Use of phrases that seem confusing

Brands have to use words very carefully when describing the brand, as they can change the meaning of the entire brand. Since many brands fall into the trap of plagiarism, that is vague and hence decreases the brand image to a large extent. To get a separate designation for the brand, they have to use something different and unique. For example, many fashion brand logos clearly represent the apparel or collection they sell. However, to place themselves in a recognisable position, many brands have developed their typology for describing their products.


Hence, it can be concluded that brand assets are necessary for any brand to stand out in the market and develop a higher brand value. For this, there are many considerations, starting from logo to endless points - like the way the fashion brand logos signifies their motive and brand image in the logo only. Companies need to pay attention to minute details and reduce the chances to fall prey to mishaps. For this, they need to consider what not to do while setting assets for a brand.
Fashinza can help companies tackle issues like copywriting problems, wrong association with other partners, and much more to avoid ruining the brand image and experiencing a downfall.


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