Pierre Cardin Fashion As an Inspiration For Millennial Designers

Pierre Cardin Fashion As an Inspiration For Millennial Designers

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Introduction: Fashion history

Pierre Cardin was a French designer for women’s and men’s apparel and accessories. He is known for his space age and unisex styles, which made him a trendsetter and also a leader in design. 

Cardin barely studied any design. His tenure at Parquin allowed him to work with Christian Berard and Jean Cocteau. That’s when he designed the costume for the Beast in the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Cardin also worked under Christian Dior, adding his amazing tailoring skills to Dior’s coat and suit workroom. 

Cardin was an innovative person. For him, the fabric was secondary, but the shape, architecture, and geometry of the garment was the most important. His ability to make fabric with an architectural touch became his signature style. Cardin was a successful designer, but he always thought of redefining the fashion industry commercially. His efforts to launch a ready-to-wear collection were commendable and are still used to date. 

Stepping into the world of fashion, Cardin conquered and set a benchmark. Cardin quoted “I was born an artist, but I am a businessman now.” Here is his inspiring journey of creating a place in the fashion industry and becoming a trendsetter. 

Pierre Cardin fashions

Pierre Cardin Fashion Designers' Inspiration

Pierre Cardin was a tycoon in the fashion industry. Through Pierre Cardin fashions, he showcased incredible designs and limitless creative ideas in the market. Pierre Cardin fashions became famous for his men’s fashion wear and dynamic space age and unisex styles.He set a trademark in the industry for all designers and fashionistas. Let’s look at a few of Pierre Cardin’s famous works.

  • Cardin’s men’s wear

His early experience as a tailor shaped his approach towards men’s fashion. Pierre Cardin fashions reframed men’s suits by removing collars, cuffs, and lapels, and creating an incredible and more seamless design. This design became famous and was worn by the Beatles for a stage performance. 

Pierre Cardin was also inspired by his travels around the world. The traditional Indian high collar jackets inspired him to modify them, making Nehru jackets fashionable and bringing them back into mainstream fashion. These are now an integral part of Indian wear.

  • Space age and unisex styles
Pierre Cardin Fashion Designers' Inspiration

Pierre Cardin fashions were always asexual, as seen in the space age collection, which included creatively designed dresses for both men and women. Cardin always came up with some unique ideas for women’s dressing, not just pants but also stockings and tights. His dresses fit perfectly with every cut and design, and he always used variations in fabrics. 

Cardin believed that fashion is above every business, and he understood the structure and designs of his garments. He gave a touch of uniqueness and innovation to his garments, which stood out among a crowd.

An inspiration to designers

Pierre Cardin has been an inspiration for designers for generations. Pierre Cardin fashions have been known for their futuristic work in the fashion industry, even today. Cardin was once quoted saying that “Design is about being recognized without a label.” This statement is an inspiration to all designers. Not just fashion designers, but manufacturers have also taken reference from his work, bringing up new innovative ideas and designs. 

  • Pierre Cardin’s menswear has gained a lot of praise from brand owners. Cardin was the first to use a logo on his garments, which is in practice by all the fashion designers even today. 
  • Cardin was the first to introduce a ready-to-wear collection.
  • Cardin introduced the first men’s wear collection on the catwalk.
  • Cardin was not just on labels, but he was a brand in himself. He was a successful fashion designer and a businessman.
  • Pierre Cardin’s unisex designs are adopted not just by designers and brand owners but also by people. The market is crazy about Cardin’s creativity, inspiring many new millennial fashion designers to recreate the essence of what he had. 

The story of Pierre Cardin has inspired and motivated a lot of designers to bring variations to their work. Brand owners and fashion designers show their creativity inspired by Pierre Cardin on the fashion runway, displaying some amazing designs. The Nehru Jacket, for example, is the most loved and worn garment by the people of India. Pierre Cardin was a trendsetter in the 1960s and has set a benchmark for all millennial designers today. 
If you are inspired by Pierre Cardin and would like to recreate some of his designs, Fashinza can connect you to leading suppliers in the industry to manufacture your collection. You can keep track of the entire production process, from design to delivery through our app. Get in touch with us.


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