Most Popular Prints That Your Fashion Brand Should Adopt in 2022

Most Popular Prints That Your Fashion Brand Should Adopt in 2022

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Fashion is a means of self-expression. Whether you are a designer creating your own designs or a brand preparing for the launch of your next collection, each of these creations is designed to express something. There can be numerous mediums of expression when dealing with a fashion product – materials, colours, prints, and even accessories.

One of the most prominent mediums of expression for any fashion product is its print. Be it large floral prints or stripes, each print tells its own story. Fashion brands carefully choose prints that they want to make a part of their collections. The factors impacting the choice of prints can range from seasons, trends, and personal choice to inspirations and anecdotes from history or life. The symbolism used within prints is also a major cultural signifier.

There are many ways prints can be incorporated into the fabric, like weaving, digital printing, and hand-painting. When the prints are not part of the weave and are instead applied over the finished fabric, they are known as fashion art prints. Fashion art prints are a unique medium of storytelling. If you are a fashion brand working towards your collections for 2022, here are some vogue prints that you must adopt. Some of these are classics and have been in use forever, whereas others are more in keeping with the trends in current times.

Prints in Vogue

As a fashion brand, one has to be aware of all the happenings in the fashion industry worldwide. Whether it is the prints showcased across fashion weeks globally or the latest sensations on the internet, being aware of the latest trends will help you identify the prints to choose for the upcoming seasons. Here are some fashion art prints that were immensely popular in the recently concluded fashion weeks. 


Vogue Prints Fashion Art Prints

An evergreen style, the stripes, are ruling the runways once again. Horizontal, vertical, or zig-zagged; black, white, pastel hues, and bold colours, there is no limit to the stripes on display. The sheer variety of combinations that are possible makes them an interesting choice for designers. Whether you are using stripes on elegant evening dresses or playful evening dresses that have a pop of colour, your creativity is the limit.

Designers like Tory Burch, Kenneth Ize, and Schiaparelli’s Daniel Roseberry have incorporated them in their collections this season. Be a part of the stripe brigade and make the most of this vogue print in your collections for 2022.

Blurred Vision

When the world has been a haze in the past few years, it is expected that the designs reflect the same. A mix of matched and mismatched colours on a palette – with different hues standing out and yet mingling into one another – this trend is a nod to the times we have all lived through in the past couple of years.

Many expert designers across the world are using blurred prints to express solidarity with fellow human beings who have survived and thrived through these difficult times. Australian luxury fashion brand Zimmerman used it creatively in their Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Other notable brands to have incorporated the print in their collections include Brandon Maxwell, Khaite, and Monki. The liberal use of colours in these prints is a hope for the good times to come. This is one trend you must adopt for your fashion brand in the year 2022. 


Who in the fashion world does not know about this print? Or which designer hasn’t thought of using this adaptable print in one of their creations? Whether you make it part of a formal office wear collection or include it in a chic boho dress, it is one of the best mediums of self-expression. The creative freedom afforded by plaids is, to a large extent, unparalleled.

From classic black and white to dull pastels, plaid has been the preferred choice of generations of designers. Yet, the allure of this print never gets old. In the able hands of designers, it keeps taking newer forms and surprising one and all with its versatility. Check out the Spring 2022 collections from Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera or Tanya Taylor to find out how it can be used in various unique ways. Now, if that doesn’t make for a timeless fashion art print, what does! Need we tell you to include this in your brand’s 2022 collections?

Animal Prints

Another favourite of all times, animal prints have a style of their own. Be it the leopard print jackets or the tiger stripes on your evening dress, these are always in style. Express your love for the animals and the planet or create dresses that embody their unique characteristics with animal prints.

A well-known style for years, it isn’t difficult for end-users to relate to these prints. With fashion weeks across the world showcasing designs with innovative usage of animal prints, it certainly features high on the list of vogue prints for 2022. Showcased by fashion brands like Robert Cavalli, Valentino, Proenza Schouler, and Kenneth Ize, this print is making its presence felt on runways across the world. Are you including it in your collections?

Foliage Prints

Vogue Prints Fashion Art Prints

Fashion art prints have long been inspired by nature. Be it the waves of the oceans or the summery flowers, prints have always captured the essence of nature in various possible ways. The same is also true for the various leafy designs found in prints through the years. Even in 2022, one of the most sought-after prints is the one inspired by the foliage outdoors.

Long leaves in various hues, or smaller prints representing the grasslands and their cool breeze, all are welcome this year. The feeling of respite associated with greenery has quickly become a means of expressing the feeling of respite one feels on being allowed to move outdoors after being locked in. Used by designers like Snow Xue Gao and Anna Sui, as well as brands like Prada, foliage prints are one of the most popular design choices this year. Your fashion brand must adopt it in some manner for your 2022 collection to be in sync with the times.

Colour Blocks

A style that has been doing the rounds in the fashion weeks since last year, this year, the trend has taken a step further. Till last year, designers were mixing and matching different clothing items for colour blocking. This year the style has moved on to single fabrics in the form of colour-blocked prints. From loose colour-blocked shirts paired with mini-skirts to colour-blocked long skirts worn with monochromatic tops, the possibilities are endless.

Designers like Anna Sui, Nina Ricci, Tom Ford, and Valentino are having a great time playing with the colour-blocked prints. So how is your brand going to leverage this trend? This certainly has to be one of the vogue prints of the year. Do not miss out on the opportunity to use it in your collections!


No list of fashion art prints can be complete without abstracts. Whether it is geometrical patterns or flowing prints, abstracts open up a whole world of opportunities for designers to explore and create. There are no rules associated with this print, which is what makes it so powerful and versatile. While abstracts can be incorporated into bold colours, if you are looking at vogue prints for 2022, the idea is all about abstracts in pastel colours. Fashion brand Chloe’s summer dress showcased this prominently. 

Designer Gabriela Hearst’s choice of the Bolivian knit in an abstract design has also been immensely popular. Choose your abstract combinations carefully and create designs for your upcoming collections. The abstract prints must be one of the highlights for your fashion brand in the year 2022.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, prints are a great medium of self-expression. Whether these prints are used on dresses, shoes, or other accessories, they make a bold statement without the wearer having to utter a single word. This is the power of fashion – the ability to express oneself. In this article, you saw how prints provide a medium of self-expression for designers. Further, a list of vogue prints for 2022 was looked into as a quick reference for fashion brands that they must adopt in 2022.

If you are interested to know more about the happenings in the fashion industry, there are several ways to do so. Some common choices include visiting fashion trade shows, interacting with other members of the industry, and reading about the industry in various online forums. A great way to be in sync with the industry is by becoming part of online communities dedicated to the industry.

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Whether you are a new entrant to this vast industry and trying to find your way around, or you are an already established fashion brand looking to streamline your processes and identify opportunities, Fashinza is a great starting point for you. To explore further, find out critical information and build your network, check out the Fashinza website and app.


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