Modest Fashion: History, Benefits and Tips for Brands

Modest Fashion: History, Benefits and Tips for Brands

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Clothing that reveals less or little skin is referred to as modest fashion. It's a style statement that satisfies the spiritual/personal interests and beliefs of buyers. The modest apparel styles of today are primarily driven by social media. Organic growth on social media has greatly boosted the visibility and popularity of modest dresses. The proof of this upward trend lies in the numbers: modest fashion in 2022 is a $44 billion dollar business.

Another factor behind the rise of modest fashion, especially in the West, is celebrity endorsement. Many celebrities have embraced modest and/or baggy clothing. A famous icon of modest fashion is singer Billie Eilish. Eilish has been a trendsetter in modest fashion because of her iconic baggy dresses.

Like every other fashion, modest fashion also has a rich origin and history in the fashion industry. This blog explores the different aspects of modest fashion for fashion brands and manufacturers.

History of Modest Fashion

Modest clothing has always offered wearers a middle ground between tradition and modesty. They have also been popular in several cultures and eras around the world. For example, Islamic customs encourage Muslim men and women to wear loose, covered clothing. The origin of modest clothing styles in the Islamic world can be traced way back to the eighth century. Shawls, robes, and exquisite kaftans were also quite popular in the Ottoman Empire during the 14th century.

Outside of the Islamic world, numerous cultures and eras have also been witness to the trends of modest clothing. In England for example, the Farthingale skirts were a popular example of modest clothing.

Modest Fashion in the 21st century

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Every dress and fashion trend has particular significance. Therefore, dressing modestly also has several benefits for some wearers. Let's explore these benefits in the following section.

  • Comfortable

Many consumers find modest clothes to be more comfortable for them. Wearing short or revealing clothes might make an individual feel uncomfortable while moving, sitting etc. Form-fitting clothes can also cause problems such as itching, flexibility issues, etc. Modest and loose clothes can help an individual stay free anytime and anywhere.

People can wear modest fashion apparel in various circumstances and settings. For example, consumers can wear them to the office. Or they can wear a full sleeve maxi dress to a party or don an oversized hoodie with baggy pants while going out shopping. These looks can make an individual look intelligent, elegant, calm, and trendy.

  • Respectful of consumer preferences

Revealing one's body through clothing is a very personal choice that may not appeal to everyone. Modest clothing, being less revealing, lets other people focus on more than a wearer's looks. They let a person be themselves and reveal the desirable highlights in their overall look and personality.

  • No shortage of clothes

While a consumer is following modest fashion, they might never feel a shortage of clothes and will always have enough of them. This is because modest clothing is all about layering, choosing oversized apparel, and much more.

When a lady wears a black dress to a party, she can layer it with a denim jacket. This creates a chic look that is fresh and stylish. One can also choose something from the wardrobe of their loved ones to add variety.

Styling oversized dresses has always been a part of modest clothing. For example, one can wear an oversized shirt with pants along with some trendy accessories.

  • Evergreen

Modest fashion was trendy in the past. It remains in fashion even today and it will forever be trendy. Investing in modest apparel is always worthwhile because it never goes out of style. It is a kind of appearance that a consumer can don on days when they are unsure what to wear. By styling modest apparel differently, people can often wear the same clothes. This budget friendly trait appeals to consumers who want to save money on clothing.


Modest fashion apparel is less revealing and is preferred by many consumer demographics. They are comfortable, evergreen, stylish and can be worn anytime and anywhere. Modest clothing also has universal appeal. Contrary to popular stereotypes, modest fashion is not just prevalent in the Muslim community. It has existed in cultures around the world in different time periods.

More people today are showing interest in modest fashion. Many men, women and non-binary people are drawn to modest and/or baggy dresses. Consumers love the freedom of mixing and combining clothing items from many communities and locales to create their appearances.

Bottom line: investing in a modest apparel clothing line is a sound business for fashion brands and manufacturers. Fashinza can help brands create their clothing collections using hassle-free, AI enabled manufacturing methods. Get in touch with our team to start your own modest apparel line.

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