Misconceptions About Fashion

Misconceptions About Fashion

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Fashion is an integral part of everyone’s life, especially for those who manufacture and produce clothes for their audience. They want to make sure that their designs and clothes will become a trend or fashion that everyone loves and admires. Fashion is all about pairing clothes with accessories that aesthetically complete the whole look.

The fashion industry is an integral part of the world. Everyone loves dressing up and showing off their fashion designs and sense. However, there are some beliefs about fashion in today’s era that are illogical. These can be termed as misconceptions about fashion. These misconceptions are just stereotypes going around in the fashion industry for many years now.

Many fashion designers and manufacturers go through responses such as ‘You must know how to be creative’, 'You must know how to sew’, ‘You must copy designs from other designers’, and many more. These responses are all untrue, and the reality is different.

Are you one of those people who believe in some fashion myths? Well, here are some of the common misconceptions about fashion:

●  Everyone in the fashion industry must know how to sew

People who work in the fashion industry often face responses like ‘You must sew clothes all day’. But this is a misconception. The fashion industry is more than just sewing all day.

Fashion encompasses more than sewing clothes. Fashion studies involve designing clothes or manufacturing them, as there are numerous fields in fashion that do not involve sewing, yet they are an integral part of fashion.

●  Fashion is a blindly followed industry

fact check about fashion industry

Several people in the fashion industry blindly follow trends and do not make their own designs and copy others. However, that is not the case for everyone. So many people in the fashion industry create their own styles and manufacture them. Designers are all independent and have unique styles.

●  All fashion designers’ items are expensive

This is surely a misconception. While some of the fashion items are very pricey, most fashion brands have reasonable and affordable pieces for regular people in the fashion industry. For instance, a Chanel suit may cost USD 3,000, while a Chanel perfume costs USD 200. Designers understand that socialites and celebrities do not do red-carpet daily. Therefore, they produce and manufacture pieces that are affordable for regular people.

●  All fashion brands are Independent

This is again a misconception. In fact, some of the fashion brands operate or merge with other brands to keep their business afloat. For instance, both the Jimmy Choo and Versace brand were obtained by Michael Kors in 2018. American singer Rihanna’s fashion brand operates with LVMH’s brand. So, if your operating cost is unbearable, instead of going into debt, merge or work with another brand.

●  You have to be very creative to enter the fashion industry

That is certainly not the case. Many designers get inspired by runaways, researching magazines, and social media. In fact, several designers copy other designers and make some changes to their designs. You must have a knowledge of fashion and a great fashion sense to be a part of the fashion industry.

●  A fashion designer must be able to sew all kinds of clothes

Designer of all trades and master of none? You may not be required to design bridal wear, corporate uniforms, menswear, womenswear all at once in order to be successful. It is best to focus on one type of clothing before moving to another one. For instance, Giorgio Armani is famous for its tailored, clean lines of menswear collection, Zac Posen is famous for its red carpet bridal and gowns, and Herve Leger is known for its iconic bandage dresses.

●  All designers must know how to sketch

fact check about fashion industry

This must have been true once, but now, with modern technology and computers, it has surely become a misconception. Now, fashion designers and manufacturers can easily sketch their designs on computers. They do not need to know how to sketch perfectly. You can just get design programs and start sketching your designs.

Fashion is a multi-dollar industry as it helps create jobs and manufacture clothes that many people wear. Those who are a part of the fashion industry must know that many misbeliefs are going on in the industry that lead to criticism of fashion. There are many misconceptions about fashion, and we have covered most of them above. People must not believe in such misconceptions without knowing the whole truth.

As a fashion manufacturer and a designer, you must not believe in such misconceptions, and produce or manufacture clothes at your own convenience. Don’t let these misconceptions be a hurdle in your fashion journey! Design anything you want and manufacture as per your convenience.


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