Men's Fashion: The best styling tips for Kurtas and Pajamas

Men's Fashion: The best styling tips for Kurtas and Pajamas

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Summary: These style tips are specially curated for fashion designers and brands that are looking to get into ethnic men's fashion. And create collections that are tailored for the modern man. From what to wear to a wedding to how to accentuate simple men's kurta designs, we've got you covered. Read on to elevate your styling game!

Ethnic men's fashion is filled with choices — right from fabrics, silhouettes, cuts, and shapes to designs, embroidery, accessories, and styles. It's normal to be overwhelmed, however, it isn't rocket science.

Kurta and pajama are the ethnic equivalents of a two-piece suit — it's elegant, suave, and suits across ages. Just like there are rules to styling a suit, ethnic wear has its own rules. From weddings to casual meetings and from parties to traditional parades, there are different ways you can style men's kurtas and pajamas.

Seven style tips to ace your men's fashion look without doing too much

The first impression is the last impression. These top seven men's kurta and pajama style tips for men are some of the best men's kurta design styles that will help boost a brand's business.

1. The Color Therapy

Colors play a major role while dressing up. There may be different schools of thought about this — one asking to go bold and mix and match colors while the other asking to play it safe with neutral tones. However, we suggest you go for a color palette that suits your skin tone, considering the different aspects like undertones. Often, simple color combinations can help you create a classy look.

Fashion brands can look at creating designs that cater to both schools of thought. For example, a classic plain black kurta. The brands can also have collections that can easily be paired with other pieces.

2. Dress it up

mens kurta collection

Adding layers to the kurta pajama can be a breath of fresh air. To make an interesting men's fashion look, throw in a jacket like a Nehru jacket (sleeveless jacket) to create a polished look. Designers can also look at creating drapes to add a different character to the outfit. The jackets can be of a complimenting fabric or color, and can also have embellishments and embroidery to highlight the detailing.

3. The Fabric theory

mens kurta latest fashion

The make of your men's kurta designs will determine the mood of the event. Knowing your fabrics comes in handy here. The charm lies in the various fabrics like chanderi, brocade, cotton, linen, and silk. Each of these fabrics gives the outfit a different character and style.

Fabrics like silk, brocade, and chanderi work best for traditional ceremonies like weddings, parties, and receptions. While for a semi-formal occasion, opt for cotton, cotton chanderi with Lucknowi embroidery. You can play with the embroidery to distinguish between events.

4. Classics over trendy

latest over trendy

When building a new collection, it's best to work with the classics. Combinations like black and red, white and gold, and silk and embroidery can never go wrong. Creating designs that are evergreen and versatile could be the best foot forward when entering the ethnic men's kurta designs market.

5. Experiment with designs

If you are bold, you can indulge in an experiment with different cuts, styles, and sleeves for your men's kurta designs. Adding an asymmetrical hemline or using embroidery on the sleeves can completely transform the outfit.

Fashion brands should consider the various body types to make the fit more ingenious and comfortable for the wearer. While a short kurta is fun and flirty, long kurtas are more formal and regal. Buttoned-up kurtas are another arena to explore as well.

6. The Luxury element

Fabrics like that are cashmere, silk, and wool are some of the most luxurious fabrics in the world that are used for making shawls. Adding a shawl over your kurta and pajama can shift your vibe to a Maharaja look within no time. Just choose the right colors, and you will turn heads every time you style it.For grooms, place the shawl on one side and then the other end under the opposite arm.

7. The Accessory Game

Adding a contemporary twist to the ethnic outfit can give you a fun look. It could be as simple as adding a pocket square or wearing sunglasses. There are a million ways one can style and accentuate the kurta and pajama look. Try adding a complimenting colored watch and shoes.

8. Wear Confidence

wear what you like

Besides everything, you should wear your confidence while donning any outfit. Aim to have the fit right to ensure you are comfortable and have no restriction of movement. Trying on outfits before helps a lot with these concerns.

Key Takeaways:

  • For dapper or classy men's kurta designs,pay attention to the fabric, color, fit, and pattern; the best combination leads to a well-thought outfit.
  • This men's kurta and pajama style guide is the perfect way to incorporate a different aspect of men's fashion into your brand.

If you want to create a men's fashion brand or incorporate ethnic verticals into your brand, Fashinza is here to guide and support you through the entire process.

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