Look Into The Development Process At Forever 21

Look Into The Development Process At Forever 21

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Forever 21 doesn't need any introduction. The renowned American fast-fashion brand is one of the most preferred destinations for stylish apparel. But, have you ever wondered where do these clothes come from? How are they developed, processed, and manufactured? The thought is enough to make anyone curious. Forever 21 is beyond just a brand in the fashion world. It deserves to be known better by the world. Here in this article, one will come to know about Forever 21 in detail.

What is Forever 21?

Forever 21 is an American fast-fashion retailer. It is based in Los Angeles, California. The store opened in 1984, with an 84-meter square space in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Today it has expanded into clothing lines Forever 21, Love 21, Heritage, and XXI Forever with more than 700 stores in the world. The renowned brand is popular for its trendy and stylish offerings with affordable pricing. The apparel brand is no less than an example in the fast-growing fashion industry. In addition to apparel for men, women, and children, the company also sells beauty products, accessories, and home goods. Forever 21 has also made it to the news for numerous controversies like labor practices, religion, and copyright infringement. 

This fashion brand locks its consumers into the confidence and fashion sense of youth while catering to the needs of every age group. The brand is well known for its patterns, designs, and the process of dress designing, which usually includes duplicating the most in-fashion designs. Whenever the latest trends are introduced in the fashion streets, it is difficult to miss in the Forever 21 stores. The cheap and latest designed apparel makes it almost impossible to not visit the brand's store. No doubt, the brand is the originator of fast fashion in the fashion industry.

Why is Forever 21 famous?

Forever 21

Forever 21 was the originator of fast fashion. Yet, the brand never compromised on the quality of its products, keeping them affordable at the same time. Also, every product manufactured by Forever 21 goes through a strict quality check process before it is out for sales. The brand uses affordable premium quality fabrics. The main target of the brand is fashion-forward women and men who like to keep up with the latest fashion trends and styles. 

The term fast fashion is enough to get an idea that their ideal customer is not someone looking 

for apparel to wear for a long time. Thus, they don't focus on making many durable and long-lasting clothes. Their dress designing process doesn't include expensive fabrics but cheaper ones. Their main aim is to offer their customers the latest designer apparel at an affordable price. Thus, the medium quality of fabric brings the cost of the whole product a little down, making it affordable. Not using durable fabric doesn't mean that the brand compromises on quality. The quality of the apparel is maintained to a certain level so that it is comfortable and good to wear.

Forever 21 Clothing

Around 60% of the total apparel of the brand is made in China. Forever 21 is a highly-prefered destination for women to buy products, especially apparel. It manufactures apparel products using numerous materials, such as rayon, polyester, cotton, viscose, nylon, and acrylic for developing its stylish clothing items. For enhanced comfort and breathability, they blend viscose and poly with these materials. The brand also uses spandex material to add stretchability to their clothes for a better fit. Forever 21 has also started using sustainable materials for its clothing range to promote the Sustainable Fashion Movement. 

Forever 21 is one of the biggest clothing brands in the world. It offers its customers satisfactory products whether it is apparel, accessories, or home decor items. But, how is the development process of these items in Forever21? Let's find out.

The Development Process At Forever21

The Development Process At Forever21

From catering to its customer's every need, to maintaining stores overflowing with different trendy items, Forever 21 has come a long way. 

Behind this smooth functioning, there is an efficient development process of Forever 21. Here it is.

  • The production model: The strengths of Forever 21 mainly lie in their production model. Mostly, mid-market brand owners need four to six months to prepare an item from dress designing to bringing it to the store racks. But, Forever 21 has reduced this process to two weeks. Now the question arises, how? Well, Forever 21 use large fashion houses' designs and produces them quickly in their clothing range. You get it right! The brand copies the designs of big fashion houses. As soon as the season's latest designs and styles are out on the runway, the brand duplicates them and places them in their stores, sometimes even before the original ones do. This also adds up to the fact why Forever 21 is an affordable brand. The price for a new dress designing by designers is saved in their production process. The material is also not expensive compared to the big brand designer clothing. They duplicate the latest designs and sell them. Customers too are more than happy to get a product, even though a duplicate, similar to designer clothing. The brand's strategy is too clever. Right?
  • Use of the latest technologies and trends: The company launched its online shopping site during the early 21st century. The decision was a wise one as today a large part of the company's sales come from its website. Websites can reach a wider audience. Thus, helping the brand to sell its products to more and more customers. With the increasing use of mobiles, the brand decided to launch a mobile application as well. This application can help customers to buy their products and also to rate the apparel according to their taste and views. The reviews help the apparel-making team to understand the needs and demands of their consumers better. In the world of fast-changing fashion styles and trends, this can result in a better understanding of the in-demand apparel which can be produced, while the not preferred ones can be stopped in production. Thus, saving both time, money, and effort from this marketing step.

These two steps have played a vital role in the development process of Forever 21. However, as the company uses almost identical designs, they often have to face lawsuits from other fashion designers, fashion brands, and production factories for mirroring the physical patterns of their dress designs. The constant piracy lawsuits reflect a negative light on the brand. But it has not yet affected the brand's revenue, mainly because the company gives its customers expensive designs at cheaper rates.

Are Forever 21 products better than other competing brands?

The impressive production model of the renowned brand makes it possible for the company to overtake many big competing fashion brands that offer clothes at a similar price. Forever 21 can easily move past these companies because of their splendid ability to rapidly switch their products with the latest in the market. This quality gives the brand an edge over many other similar fashion retail companies. The brand is continuously trying to build its customer base by building new products and brands. The brand also occupies some of the most sought real estate in major cities of the world. This makes their products and services more accessible to their customers all around the globe. With new designs and locations, the company also keeps an eye on its competitors like H&M and Zara. The brand plans to expand its name in around 13 top-tier locations by opening stores there. Their new spaces will have accessories, home decor items, and cosmetics for their loyal customers.


Forever 21 is a well-known brand. The brand developed from one small storefront to one of the largest fast-fashion retailing companies around the globe. The brand's unique production model and price range make it different from the other fast fashion companies in the fashion industry. Thus, for the past years, the company is witnessing an exponential rate in its growth. The ability of this brand to replicate the most in-fashion designs and apparel contributes to its growing popularity. Though, the brand needs to focus on authenticity and originality when it comes to dressing designing. It might be difficult, but maintaining originality in their process of dress designing will prevent additional piracy lawsuits and negative publicity.

Forever 21 is always in news for its stylish, fashionable, and affordable clothing. These brands are role models for many beginners in the fashion retailing world. Start your fashion store with good-quality fabrics for a good start. Getting good-quality clothing material is a tiresome task. Here is a perfect destination to buy premium quality fabrics at affordable prices. Head to Fashinza! The only place worth your money.


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