Know the impacts of long fashion on brands and customers

Know the impacts of long fashion on brands and customers

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Fashion brands go through a comprehensive process of drafting designs, manufacturing products, and shipping them to their destinations. This exhaustive process keeps going on every now and then when new products are introduced. 

Think what is the case if long-lasting fashion seasons can be a one-step solution to this process? 

Let’s see what are the impacts of longer fashion seasons on fashion brands

longer fashion seasons

Brands usually put a lot of effort into bringing out each seasonal product to make their customers happy. A few years ago there were very few products being launched every season, but with fast fashion, taking over the apparel industry the cycles of seasons have been changing rapidly. 

This can be a problematic advancement for the brands as it becomes really hard for brand maintenance and sanity. Longer seasons can give the brands a lot of time to research, create designs and to plan things accordingly.  This becomes easy for brands to get new fashion designs and to ensure its quality to a greater extent. If the choices are reduced every month the number of returns automatically comes down too.  

Since your brand is not turning up with new products any need to worry about planning the procurement process, shipping, and distributing logistics. While opting for a longer season you can even source better materials, and charge higher prices for its care and time being spent. If your manufacturing units are located in other countries or far away places planning for long seasons can be a good idea. 

While assessing the product's quality, a short time can have a chance of more human errors than longer periods. Longer fashion seasons let your QA department access the product and review it correctly. 

Impacts of longer fashion seasons on buyers

Most of the customers won't be replacing their wardrobes every month, rather they do it seasonally.  So it is a good option for consumers to spend a bit more money on items that they can wear for a longer period. 

Long fashion seasons give your brand an opportunity to last longer in the wardrobes of your customers.  This can reduce the risk of deadstock and lost profits. Through seasonal sales, you can create awareness among the customers to pick their clothes mindfully during the seasons. Longer fashion seasons can make your customers realize that the product is not going to be outdated easily since the products are that durable. 

Opting for long fashion seasons can allow you to breathe and focus more on developing the quality of the products which can be all-time beneficial. The sourcing houses can also take a bit of time to change product capabilities. 

If your brand is looking for better sources and designs then going for longer seasons can ensure the quality of the product. Longer fashion seasons benefit both the customer and the manufacturer giving them a chance to extend the life cycle of the product which can be beneficial to the environment as well. 


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