How To Use Pinterest To Engage With Your Audience As A Fashion Brand

How To Use Pinterest To Engage With Your Audience As A Fashion Brand

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Unlike most social media platforms out there, Pinterest is about interests, not communities. Your feed is solely based on your interests and new content surrounding these interests.

Being the 14th largest social media network, Pinterest has an active community of thousands of individual creators who have managed to gain a lot of traction around their personal brands.

At the same time, businesses are also actively participating on Pinterest, especially fashion brands.

How does Pinterest help your brand?

Let’s take a step back and understand how Pinterest really works. 

Pinterest is a giant visual search engine. The users visit the site to find inspiration, discover new ideas, and most importantly, buy what they find interesting.

If a user comes across a product he/she likes, the buying intent would want him/her to check out the product. With the accessibility of the platform and the provision of a product page by the creator, the user can directly land on the checkout page and make a purchase.

On Pinterest, people discover you or your brand because of the relevancy of your content matching with their interest. Imagine how many potential customers can come to your brand because of this exposure. 

Many brands make the mistake of not leveraging the power of Pinterest. With an active monthly user base of 444 million and 33 categories to choose from, building the presence of your brand on this platform makes a lot of sense. 

Why use Pinterest for your fashion brand?

Over the years, the platform has grown from mostly female users to male users as well, thus allowing brands to appeal to a larger demographic. Fashion, in particular, has gained a lot of interest among Pinterest users. In fact, among the top categories on Pinterest, fashion stands on #4

The fact that Pinterest allows users to jump from one pin/board to another and navigate across the content they love makes it easy for people to come across new brands. Most importantly, this not just applies to fashion brands but to all kinds of businesses as well. 

As Pinterest lets you link directly to your product pages and send users (with a buying intent) directly to these pages, you can potentially invite new customers to your brand and increase the chances of your sales. 

Why use Pinterest for your fashion brand?

However, using Pinterest to engage with your audience as a fashion brand requires you to optimize your content the same way. 

How to use Pinterest to engage with your audience as a fashion brand

Using Pinterest for your fashion brand is ‘almost’ the same as using it for other kinds of businesses. With some personalization, tweaking, and a comprehensive course of action, you can exactly achieve that high engagement on Pinterest and grow organically.

1. Finalize a particular niche

When we mention a ‘fashion brand’, we could practically be talking about many things - beauty, apparel, crafts, DIYs, etc. Creating content around the entire domain may seem appealing for larger communities, but you can never do everything and still be excellent.

Narrowing your content down to a niche helps you gather an audience around a particular topic and appeal to more people in the same domain. 

While it is a good sentiment to believe that everyone has the potential to benefit from your products, it is not always the most practical approach. Conduct research and develop insights to figure out which segment of users would be most interested in your services and design strategies that will appeal to them.

The more details you can have about your target audience, the better it is. This would make your content more relatable and more likely to be shared among people and communities.

Social media is a constantly changing space. The content you post gets stale soon. Staying relevant with your content requires you to hop on the current trends as much as you can.

It is always a good idea to look for trending topics online and incorporate them into your posts. Not only does it improve the reach of the post, but also gets people talking about your brand. 

Trending topics can be anything, from festivals to seasons to even current affairs that have caught the attention of the public. A little bit of wit or pun goes a long way as it not only broadcasts your ingenuity but also makes your brand seem more approachable and user-friendly.

3. Follow the Pinterest flow (and use hashtags)

Pinterest is a community of artists and designers. What’s attractive gets attention. While it is a rule of thumb to not create bland posts on any platform, it becomes a golden rule on Pinterest. 

Vertical images which are better viewed on mobile devices do much better as they are more accessible to a larger population. 

The best addition to that would be undoubtedly a captivating description. The description should justify the post while also resonating with the message of the company. The users know what they are looking at, sometimes they just want the specifics and the fine details. Providing those details by default could engage more users.

Follow the Pinterest flow (and use hashtags)

Image Source - Pinterest

The use of hashtags also helps. Pins with hashtags have relevant audiences reaching them on a regular basis. It is worth keeping in mind that the hashtags should be reasonable and relevant. Excess tags work as a hindrance with branded hashtags generally being frowned upon.

4. Build a dynamic image for your brand

Now that you have figured out what to post, it is time to use it to your advantage. Do the same by ensuring that your posts have a subtle or slight connection to your brand. This can be something small such as your logo in the corner or the name of your brand on someone’s T-shirt. This ensures that whoever sees your post also recognizes the brand that created it.

Regularly create posts that would grab the attention of users such as contests or giveaways of the most popular products.

Add to the description a suitable and clear Call-to-Action for your viewers. This would make them aware of your services and the type of work you are specialized in.

The use of specific hashtags would also eventually relate your brand to specific communities on the platform, giving you an advantage in the field.

A little interaction goes a long way. Replying to comments or messages makes your brand more realistic and approachable. Also ask them to comment on their views or favorites, as replying to those will have more people follow suit and improve your interaction.

5. Use modern tools to your advantage

Pinterest offers business accounts to promote specific posts to reach a large number of audiences. Use this option to push posts that have good responses to reach out to more and more people and ultimately your targeted viewership.

Along with that, keep track of your customers and try to collect as much data as possible. A good way to do so is by offering limited-time discount codes for new members or by registering for events.

Pinterest, being a platform for searching stuff, is a good place to employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO greatly boosts your post when displayed upon a search with strategic placements of keywords in your description.

Rich Pins are data-heavy posts that sync with your website to hold up-to-date information within them. They are quite helpful to raise awareness about new features on your website.

Lastly, use most of the features Pinterest has to offer with the different templates and display options available to a user. It helps create a diverse look for your board and makes your brand look more vivid and dynamic.


Pinterest offers brands a huge opportunity to find targets that resonate with the mission and objectives of a company’s services. 

Even though the number of users on the platform is lower than the rest, it ensures a certain quality of viewers that have certain demands and requirements. 

And since fashion brands could potentially harvest a significant number of customers from Pinterest, it’s safe to start building the presence of your fashion brand on the platform.

In case you want to get started with the same and start building your very own fashion brand, you can practically get started with Fashinza and start sourcing clothes on your own. 

Right from helping you design your very own clothes to providing you adequate resources for helping you scale your brand, you can trust Fashinza with the same and grow your very own brand.


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