How To Take Your Clothing Brand Global?

How To Take Your Clothing Brand Global?

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Going global is the latest trend that is gripping the market swiftly. Experts say that gone are the days when going global used to be a luxury. It has, now, become the need of the hour. Brands that want to survive the cut-throat competition need to expand their horizons.

It is time companies step out of their comfort zone and explore their real caliber on the international platform. If executed properly, globalization can take the profits and revenue of a fashion brand to greater heights.

When fashion brands go global, they get an opportunity to help more people find what they are seeking. Moreover, it also gives greater access to industry talent, and brands can further diversify their clothing line.

However, domestic fashion brands going global will need a lot of planning and perseverance. This blog post will explain how you can take your clothing brand global in a few simple steps.

Identify A Need In The Market

Fashion brands must first work on identifying a requirement in the market. Clothing needs that they can cater to and carve a niche for themselves in the competition.

Please note that this need can be anything. For instance, it can be hoodies, a clothing line for the curvy audience, or a t-shirt style. The crux is, marketers need to identify a niche that any major clothing brand is not currently offering.

Design A Business Plan

Design A Business Plan

Fashion brands can expect a demography change when they step into global markets. It calls for a fresh, clear, and robust strategic business plan that covers all possible aspects of the business. Apart from this, companies should also work on market segmentation and geographical boundaries.

In other words, they need to explain why their brand will be different and better than the existing ones. Companies can also hire international business planners to get it done. Or they can research more about global markets and how to make a business plan.

Identify The Target Audience

Identifying the target audience is crucial for a successful global brand launch. It will ensure all the marketing efforts perform excellently and lead to higher conversions. It will act as an anchor to all the business plans and objectives. Here are some tips for hitting the bull’s eye in the first go:

  • Develop an ideal customer profile that will include age, gender, location, and income level.
  • Conduct in-depth market research through surveys, interviews, and focus groups.
  • Once done, fashion brands must reassess their product plan and see if it will satisfy their audience or not.
  • Last but not least, companies must observe the marketing strategies and moves of the competitors. It will prevent them from investing money and energy in the wrong direction.

Apparel Designing

Apparel design needs to be the forte of every fashion brand and a golden chance to shine. The designers should consider the results of the market research and consumer needs while preparing their international clothing collections. Here are some tips for rolling out the most attractive clothing line on a global platform:

  • Brands should focus on being creative and innovative. 
  • At the same time, designers should be practical in their approach. Offering high-quality clothes at affordable rates will encourage customers to accept the brand.
  • 88% of the consumers say authenticity is essential for them while deciding their favorite brands. Therefore, designers must ensure to keep this thing in mind while rolling out new clothing collections.
  • Last but not least, researching the latest designs and trends will also help brands come up with a new clothing line. 

Connect With A Clothing Manufacturer

Unless fashion brands plan to cut, design, and sew all the apparel themselves, they will need an experienced manufacturing partner. Companies must ensure they associate with a manufacturer with good experience in handling global orders independently.

Brands also need to create a network of vendors to ensure a smooth supply of raw materials. Remember, the ultimate aim of every global fashion brand should be to capture the maximum market in a minimum time. And associating with a good clothing manufacturer is the best way to ensure 100% quality and customer satisfaction.

Pick A Brand Identify

Pick A Brand Identify

Some fashion brands continue to use their domestic identity in global markets. In comparison, some opt to create a new brand name. Experts believe companies that choose a new identity for their international clothing collection have a higher chance of capturing the market.

Therefore, marketers should develop a new brand name, logo, and attractive tagline to create interest among consumers. They should also create an attractive and user-friendly website and social media platforms to interact and attract prospective customers.  

Formulate Marketing Strategies

It is time fashion brands start working on their global marketing strategies. Because, without a robust marketing plan in hand, they may not be able to mark a place in a highly competitive industry. 

So, how should brands go about it?

  • Companies must ensure to stay consistent in their offerings.
  • They should leverage the power of social media to spread the word about their clothing collections.
  • Creating the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) amongst consumers is a great way to boost brand loyalty.
  • Rolling out valuable and exciting content (written, audio, and video) is another innovative way to keep the audience hooked to the brand.
  • Conducting contests and quizzes can also help the brand to stay in the limelight for a longer time.

Begin With A Soft Launch

Industry experts recommend fashion brands beginning with a soft launch. Selling in limited quantities and closely monitoring the market dynamics will be immensely helpful for new global brands. In other words, companies should first analyse how the market functions and open their real cards later on.

They should also closely watch their competitors’ marketing strategies and come back with a more robust plan. Meanwhile, best to use the revenue generated from initial sales to scale up business operations.   


Taking a clothing brand global is not tough, provided companies know how to go about it. Meticulous planning and intelligent marketing strategies are key to success.  Similarly, it is also essential to study the current market dynamics and tweak business plans to mark a solid presence in the competition. Fashion brands looking for reliable suppliers should turn to Fashinza for assistance. 

Fashiniza is a new generation supply chain and product development platform that aims to cater to the needs of upcoming fashion brands. It is a one-stop destination for all the business expansion plans and globalization needs. Connect with them today and fulfill your dream of taking your clothing brand global in 2021.


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