How To Supervise Production In A Cloth Factory As A Brand Representative?

How To Supervise Production In A Cloth Factory As A Brand Representative?

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Large-scale fashion businesses have different departments and managers to oversee the operations, ensuring proper workflow and productivity. But small to medium-sized enterprises still do not have assigned personnel to supervise the production process. As a result, it is on the brand representatives to monitor the production process in the cloth factory, to ensure that deadlines and quality requirements are achieved. 

In this article, we highlight some responsibilities of a brand representative in the production process, when it comes to the cloth factory.

  • Maintain discipline on the production floor

Discipline is primary for production. Workers need motivation and good work culture to remain productive. First and foremost, being around them, you can let them know that you’re there in case they need something. The presence of a leader motivates the workers to be productive. Moreover, in your presence, the team won’t indulge in socializing and talking with one another and follow the set protocols.

  • Analyze product quality
Analyze product quality

As a brand representative, it is your job to attract customers to purchase your collection by ensuring its quality. You have to take a survey of samples from the produced fashion collection before hitting the market. Also, you can take feedback from your distributors and IT experts. Ensure that the quality of the product speaks up to your brand’s image and is per the standards set by the government and quality-check organizations. 

  • Branding set up

The line supervisor has the responsibility to align all production work. The brand representative can customize his production work as per the customer demand. In that way, you need to make a suitable lineup for branding and represent your dress collection. You can collaborate with the production team and help elaborate the production process to your distributor. This act not only clarifies all production processes to all but also wins the confidence of your distributor.

  • Clothes quality by machine

To handle the production process is a big responsibility. As a brand ambassador, you should take care of machine-productivity. You can discuss machine related problems with the production team. Design pattern matters most! So, you should take a look at design patterns demanded by the public. It is essential to keep the design pattern as per the order.  

  • Line balancing and work in progress control 

Work in progress is another level of the production process. It is essential to keep an eye on the workload-level throughout the line to maximize capacity usage. Extra work in progress can take much time to get a product.

  • Train the team 
Train the team

Branding depends on teamwork, and also it is an initial stage to bear the workload. The cloth factory production house is the place where everyone is working together to complete the consignment. As a brand representative, you can hire an experienced supervisor that can train unskilled workers.  

  • Completing targets

Consignment target sets for expected delivery time. It is crucial to collect production reports from the line supervisor. It is just because you need to complete your target too. Purchaser not only demands the product on time but also the best quality product. According to the production, you can make your strategy to sell them. You need to discuss your merchandise before and after the production process. So, the consignment must be completed on time to complete the order.

  • Designs 

After the production process, keep your eyes on designs and quality. These all things matter during the sale. Social media platforms are beneficial for selling, but best-quality can hit the sell. So, make sure that your merchandise will like your garment design and fabric. You can ask for feedback because this feedback can give you an estimate of market demand and sales.

  • Rewards 

Rewards motivate workers to do better jobs. This motivation gets closer to workers and higher management that is good for production. Another positive side reward is that you can get more productivity in their working pattern. In this way, you can make your worker happy and keep them engaged with your organization. 


The brand representative must update their records. Of course, the cloth factory plays a vital role in achieving the goal and making a brand name. Fashinza focuses on providing the best vendor that provides high-quality fabric, great designs, and styles. You can visit here to get the best quality product before the deadline.


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