How To Style Clothes For A Classic Aesthetic Look

How To Style Clothes For A Classic Aesthetic Look

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Summary: These days it's all about the minimalist dressing. Creating a classic aesthetic look using simple styling techniques is an art. We love an alternative take on fashion, but the one that shows us how we can be stylish, simple, and elegant at the same time is what takes the gold.

While the term fashion is thrown around a lot in the world of clothing, what does it mean?

Fashion is the prevailing style or mode of dressing at a particular time or in a particular place. Fashion doesn't merely include clothes for the body, but also accessories. It also applies to the prevailing styles in people's behavior, speech, and manners.

It's not always easy to know how to style clothes for a classic aesthetic look. Because to be a proper fashionista takes careful consideration of your color scheme, proportion, and silhouette to achieve a style that is both timeless and classy.

So, this blog talks about the different aesthetic styles that can be created by playing with colors, prints, and designs. It covers everything one needs to know to create clothes for those wondering how to look elegant and classy.

The Couth and Composed

On occasion, many people prefer dressing up with an aesthetic look. This not only looks elegant for a formal event but also makes a style statement for classy events.

The classic aesthetic is mostly based on theories of minimalism and balance. It tries to pass off a vibe of harmony and sophistication to the onlooker. While there isn't any specific palette to achieve this, if one picks up a bright color, then full marks for going bold and experimental.

Other than that, the use of eclectic prints and detailings can also be incorporated into a classic aesthetic look. For example, if you're attempting to look elegant with a sequined dress or a graphic tee, the makeup and matching accessories have got to be subtle. The key is to pick one hero element in the look and keep everything else dainty.

So, are you, as a creator of style statement pieces, thinking of compiling your next line of timeless aesthetic ensembles? Are you wondering how to style clothes for your next season? We, at Fashinza, have curated a fashion guide with a few helpful pointers that can point you in the right direction.

Different Ways To Make A Style Statement

So, here's the answer to how to find your clothing style in a genteel manner. Read along to explore:

Must-add Mononchromes

As a creator, while compiling a couth ensemble, swear by the art of monochrome. Play with the different tints and shades of the color picked by infusing each into the different elements of the ensemble.


Fitted and Structured Silhouettes

The svelteness of a well-tailored and structured silhouette is unrivaled. A well-fitted silhouette enhances the curves and features of the wearer. To achieve a classic aesthetic look, one must take clear note of this rule.

structured silhouettes

Powerful overlays

Overlays add structure to an ensemble. A well-cut overlay crafted in sheer or suede fabric, when paired with a simple tee and trousers, adds to the ensemble's much-needed appeal.

Powerful overlays

Charms and Trinkets

Accessorizing is the key to elevating an ensemble and adding a touch of grace to it. Pick up pieces of jewelry with golden accents or palettes complementing the outfits. Go minimal for the class.

Charms and Trinkets

Choice of Color

A good knowledge of color is a must if you are styling any kind of ensemble. Keep a color chart handy to understand the harmony of complementing colors and other color theories. It is the key to creating appealing ensembles by pairing different colored separates.

Choice of Color


Adding structure to the ensemble is a must to achieve that classic aesthetic look. Pick up cinches as per the color of the separates, and add them to the ensemble. Make sure you have an in-depth idea of the body type you are styling for and make decisions accordingly on the width of the cinch.


The Shoes

The choice of shoes is an important factor to consider while designing an ensemble. It can indeed be a game changer and add that edge to the whole look. Make sure the right ones are picked to complete the look.


Game Of Symmetry

Swear by the thumb rule of styling — playing equal parts of baggy and defined. For instance, style a fitted corset top with a baggy pair of pants. The game of symmetry indeed adds an interesting edge to the outfit.

Game Of Symmetry

The Aesthetic Creation

We hope that this blog has helped you ideate how to dress elegant and classy. All you need to do is believe in your creative vision and work toward it. For any help or support, you can trust the team at Fashinza.

Our AI-driven platform helps you reach the best distributors and manufacturers. You need not even worry about logistics; we have got you covered there as well. Have a word with our experts to book a demo now.

So, are you ready to create some splendid, classic aesthetic ensembles for your next collection?

Key Takeaways

  • Make a list of all the colors, patterns, and prints you would like to work with to achieve the aesthetic look.
  • Organize your creative vision through a mood and color board.
  • Invest your time and efforts in a lot of look tests; it helps you to experiment and open new ways of styling an ensemble.

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