How To Start Your Own Clothing Line? A Step-by-Step Guide For Pre-Launch and Post-Launch Measures

How To Start Your Own Clothing Line? A Step-by-Step Guide For Pre-Launch and Post-Launch Measures

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Before starting a clothing line, one needs to understand a lot of things like how to sell their products, run a business, and keep their customer base interested. With high competition, launching a fashion brand which can stand out is hard and might seem a little tricky. 

So, here is a step by step guide for pre-launch and post-launch measures to help you streamline your clothing brand.

Firstly, let’s talk about the pre-launch measures.  

1. One Must Identify Their Desired Customers

The first and foremost thing one needs to do when starting a clothing line is to identify to whom they want to sell. One can classify the target customers in terms of age (kid’s clothing), gender (women’s or men’s clothing), or price range (luxury designer clothes or mass consumption products). 

Alternatively, one can also focus on a niche like a particular category of clothing. This will help them get a unique identity among their potential customers. Once the niche category is established, one can start bringing up appealing products or categories which they would like to launch. Also, a niche limits your competition along with ensuring long term customer loyalty. 

2. Marketing: Never Too Early To Start 

Marketing is something that creates awareness among people about your venture. Good branding before launching the product can help you earn competitive advantage. Initiating to market your business at least 3 months prior to the launch of the venture can enhance awareness about the product. One should target as many audiences as possible and show them what they have got for them. One should not forget to highlight the brand’s USP and specialities in the marketing initiatives and must always remain authentic to them. Social media platforms are one of the best tools for this! The primary goal is to market the product and create awareness about it. 

3. Pre Plan The Funding Requirements 

Before starting on the production process, one must make sure to plan the budget. Add on all the expenses which would also include staff salaries, shipping charges, insurances, marketing and electricity. Lay down a budget for all the expenses and figure out the sources for the same. Ensure that you have planned for unforeseen expenses as a sudden expenditure might overshoot your budget. Marketing is also one of the most expensive tasks to perform.

4. Differentiate The Products and The Brand

The key to attention is offering something that is different and creative. Say, for instance, adding an eye-catching logo and tagline of your brand. One can also offer products not easily available to differentiate the brand. Creating a signature brand image in today’s era is significant as the global textile industry is highly competitive. 

5. Work Out On The Supply Chain Requirements  

Work Out On The Supply Chain Requirements

Now, the time to put the plan into action. Ascertaining the supplier can be a hectic task for newcomers as well as experienced businesses. Meeting the right manufacturer who understands the needs of one’s brand along with ensuring economies of scale is crucial. The best way to go about this is to take the services of a production platform that can help connect with suppliers and oversee the whole production cycle -order placement, design approval, quality check and delivery of goods. Having to do all this stuff can be time-consuming and compromise with the successful launch of a brand. 

Production platforms like Fashinza help clothing brands manufacture their collections and overlook the entire production process from design to delivery. It is the most efficient channel to source products as it makes all the processes hassle-free, fast and transparent for the brands. One can also directly communicate with the manufacturers through Fashinza. 

After following the pre-launch measures, one is almost halfway to establishing the clothing brand. Further, let’s now talk about the post-launch measures

1. Grow With an Amazing Website 

Gone are the days when consumers used to go to stores to shop. All thanks to technology! Everything is online these days and consumer preferences have shifted today. Maintaining a customer-friendly website or app with a good user interface can help you generate maximum traffic. Write genuine and detailed product descriptions along with ensuring a grievance redressal mechanism for any customer queries and easy returns and exchanges. One should do good research to make the website polished and appealing.   

2. Connect With an Influencer 

Utilising influencers can help market your products with much ease. Just ask them to upload pictures of them wearing your apparel. Most of the fashion businesses do this to make their brand look more authentic. 

3. Stay Interactive On Social Media

For fashion businesses, social media is a crucial platform. Keeping the customers in touch on social media can help create awareness and advertise the brand in a much better way. Say, customers while browsing, come across your catalogues and like some product, they might buy it immediately. 

4. Add Chatbots To Website 

We live in an era where technology is growing rapidly, artificial intelligence has come a long way in our lives. One must always consider adding chatbots to their websites. They function like 24/7 customer representatives and guide customers through the website making their overall experience better. If customers come across any query, they can visit chatbots and in case they are unable to answer, a human representative can take over. 

5. Use Quality Visuals

They are indeed important for all businesses but significant for clothing line businesses as customers get attracted through them. Whatever you post, be it an image or video, ensure it is of the highest quality and eye-catching. 

6. Invite For Contests 

Invite For Contests

Giveaways and contests are the best way to attract new customers and maintain the existing ones. It not only creates a buzz about the brand but also provides you with useful customer preferences to adjust the marketing approach. One can encourage customers by making them follow one’s social page and so on. 

Final Words 

The clothing business is one of the largest and most competitive businesses so it becomes vital to offer something different from the existing brands. One should always be authentic, helpful and original to their customers. When good quality clothes along with after-sale services are provided to customers, no one can stop that business from expanding.

Once all these factors are taken care of, launching one’s own clothing brand will seem a fairly effortless task. Growing a clothing brand requires creativity and budget. A creative business always makes one stand out and stand apart from the existing ones. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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