How To Secure Investors For Launching A Clothing Business?

How To Secure Investors For Launching A Clothing Business?

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Starting a business from scratch involves an awful lot of work. The last thing you need is to face financial problems of any kind. The best thing to deal with financial problems is to secure investors for launching your clothing business. The main question is: how to find investors

1. Networking

Networking is a great answer to the question, “how to find investors?” This is because networking facilitates the pitching of the new clothing business in an organized manner that is less formal.

In the process of building a profitable clothing business, it would be wise to go out and develop contacts and relationships. Try to network within the investing community and local startups. This would be a sure-shot way to meet new investors. You can meet such potential investors at social events but always have your business plan clear in your head to explain it to them adequately, albeit in a less formal manner.

This method may seem unseemly at first because you are essentially selling your business. However, if the investors like your proposal, you may absolutely benefit from a deal. 

2. Pitch Properly

How To Secure Investors Clothing Business Launch Business

If a potential investor keeps the conversation going, it’s a green flag. However, merely convincing investors with your business plan may not be enough. This is because the investors are interested in what they would get in return. So, an essential component of your pitch is the return on investment the sponsor may expect from your clothing business.

3. Incubation Programs

The incubation or the accelerator programs are a practical solution while trying to secure investors. Such programs aim to incubate and scale up a clothing business in the world of investors. 

The duration of incubation programs is a few weeks or months. Indulging in such programs would help make your clothing brand stand better when it comes to financial matters. 

These programs would help in raising funds for your clothing business. They would also mold your business model so that it is according to the market needs. Many incubation programs also have expert industry veterans that smooth out the rough edges.

4. Focus on StartUp Events 

Success in launching a clothing business depends on visibility. This means that your clothing business must be noticeable to the relevant investors. In this regard, start-up events are very useful. 

In these events, various types of investors are present, and it is your job to identify the important ones and pitch your idea to them. Such functions are a handsome opportunity to meet and interact with investors. If done properly, you can significantly scale up your networks. 

Besides investors, you can also find mentors. These mentors provide valuable advice for the success of your about-to-be-launched clothing business. Make sure not to reveal too much information about your clothing business, as this can prove counterproductive.

5. Crowdfunding

How To Secure Investors Clothing Business Launch Business

A crowdfunding platform is an opportunity for clothing startups to obtain funds. In the modern era, you can even obtain funds online via a crowdfunding website. For this purpose, look for a website that specializes in the specific type of funding that your clothing business requires.

There are many types of crowdfunding platforms available on the internet. On such platforms, you can quickly seek the services of investors. 


How to get investors for a clothing business is a difficult question indeed. A lot of time can be spent on researching for investors without bearing any fruitful results. Also, since you’re about to launch your clothing business, you’ll need apparel manufacturers, which Fashinza can help you with. It is a platform that will help you in finding a manufacturer that is according to your exact requirements. How do we do this? It all comes to the efforts of our efficient, goal-oriented team. Contact us today and rest assured as the entire process from design to delivery gets taken over by us!


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