How to Make Your Shopify Store Found on Google, Top 3 SEO Tips You Should Know

How to Make Your Shopify Store Found on Google, Top 3 SEO Tips You Should Know

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Before the era of digitization, the notion was ‘if you established it, they would come.’ However, things have changed now with the internet as it takes more than establishing an appealing store to attract shoppers. Fashion brands must choose the Shopify eCommerce platform, but what to do after building the site and being open for business? How to reach the potential customer base? The answer is SEO. 

Your Shopify store should consist of multiple SEO-friendly features, but fashion brands can do much more than that increase their Google rankings. Although SEO ranking depends on keyword usage, it takes more than just using any keyword on the brand’s content to get a higher site ranking. Here, you can get an in-depth insight into the top three key SEO tips that fashion brands must know for ranking their Shopify store higher in Google. 

1. Shopify Site: Structure Optimization

The way fashion stores organize their content structure on the page is extremely crucial to SEO success. If the shoppers find what they’re looking for easily and quickly, they start spending more time on that fashion store and view more pages, which boosts the SEO ranking of that particular Shopify store.    

But what can these fashion stores do to make their site easier to navigate? The best solution is to simplify things with categories and subcategories. Google can easily crawl their site and rank the product page if the store ensures a simpler site structure. 

The fashion store must design its site structure in such a way that it takes only a few clicks for the shoppers to get what they want easily. Below are the two structures that Shopify enables for an easy content organization:

Homepage -> Category Pages -> Product Pages

Homepage -> Category Pages -> Sub-Category Page -> Product Pages

Fashion stores must remember that their sites must be developed for shoppers first. 

Apart from optimizing category and product pages, the stores must include a Contact page and About page on their site. It’s best not to skip these pages as they ensure better SEO ranking for their Shopify store by letting Google know that they’re trustworthy, credible, and reliable. 

Lastly, fashion brands need to add a search box on their page. Although it won’t help with SEO directly, it will help shoppers find what they need, which is a crucial part of the content structure optimization so that the stores make more revenue from the existing traffic. 

2. Enhancing the User Experience 

Enhancing the User Experience

Let’s check some SEO techniques to enhance the user experience on the Shopify store, which also helps them rank higher in SERPs. 

Boost the Fashion Store’s Speed

Store speed is mostly related to accessibility. If the fashion store has a quick and easy-to-navigate website, there’s no reason for shoppers to get frustrated. It means the shoppers will likely spend more time in the store. To make the store faster with SEO tips, they can:

  • Use small yet optimized images
  • Avoid the use of sliders
  • Use a fast, efficient, mobile-friendly theme
  • Remove any app they’re not using

Employ a Responsive Design 

One of the best SEO techniques is using a responsive design for your store. It will make the store look appealing on any device, including tablets, smartphones, and desktops. These themes are excellent ways of enhancing user experience and engaging visitors in the store for longer. 

As a marker of the store’s value, Google checks at the time on the page. This is why a site that’s easy to read and navigate results in enhanced rankings. Moreover, better usability with enhanced rankings leads to repeat visitors and drive more conversions. 

3. Researching the Right Set of SEO-Targeted Keywords 

Researching the Right Set of SEO-Targeted Keywords 

The fashion stores should know that the foundation of SEO success for their Shopify store is keyword research. They should know how to find the right keywords for getting traffic to the store. The best way is to start by making a list of five crucial topics related to the product niche and what the shoppers care about. Thinking from the customer’s perspective is important. Also, stores can explore the right set of keywords from:

  • Searching subreddits and forums
  • Buyer personas
  • Meta descriptions, meta titles, and image alt-text on competitor’s store
  • Social media hashtags related to the product

Final Thoughts 

So, with this comprehensive SEO guide for fashion stores, they can make their site rank top in Google’s SERPs. Apart from using amazing platforms like Shopify for rapid online business expansion, fashion brands should think about their product quality too. 

No matter what platform they choose, the ultimate goal is to generate more customers and more revenue. Both can be achieved with good quality and SEO marketing. The SEO part has been dealt with in this post, but for the quality - the fashion brands must source their fabric from top platforms like Fashinza. If done, the Shopify store will surely hit success in no time. 


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