How to Make Predictive Marketing Work for Your E-commerce Business

How to Make Predictive Marketing Work for Your E-commerce Business

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 longer true in today's world. Today, it is possible for two people to find different pricing on the same website, whether one's looking to book a hotel or a flight, based on their previous searches or search queries. It is possible for different people to receive different pricing for the same thing on different websites if the algorithms believe that there is increasing interest in the particular product/service.

When it comes to dynamic pricing, it implies that online retailers can sell their inventory at the greatest possible price while still making a profit when the demand for a particular item sees an increment. Had there not been predictive analytics, it would have taken months for one to discover any new trend. However, with its assistance, online businesses can automatically alter pricing within a set range, just like a wise manager would do in the olden days of the industry.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

In the end, it all comes down to how a business or a company makes a customer feel. One of the reasons people prefer online marketing these days is that they quickly get what they're looking for. How does this happen? Predictive marketing makes it easy for companies to target each customer directly. Predictive analytics models keep track of everything, including who spends how much time on a particular site and what is each one's spending capacity. A company can provide a customized customer experience through predictive marketing and ensure frequent footfall. 

Supply Chain Management

For online retailers, predictive analytics shows them what their customers are searching for in terms of products and categories. Therefore, predictive analytics can play a vital role in managing the products' demand and supply in online stores.

Supply chain management can be improved with the use of predictive analytics. For example, predictive analytics will help an e-commerce company understand what revenue may flow concerning all the products and their categories. Another embarrassing situation that predictive analytics can save you from is by preventing out-of-stock issues.

Logistics and Inventory Management

Logistics and Inventory Management

Both brick-and-mortar and online retailers can benefit from predictive analytics in e-commerce. For example, customers’ movement patterns around your store, the things they're interested in but can't afford, and the discounts that entice them can all be gleaned from video footage captured by the CCTV cameras at your establishment. Using this knowledge, it’s now easy to alter the marketing plan to attain more significant results.

The Amazon Go store is a striking illustration of this, as it does not employ any human workers. When a consumer places an item in their shopping basket, the system checks to see what is missing from the shelves. Analytics may be used to estimate the number of goods that need to be reordered and the surplus amount.

Informed Decisions

One of the best aspects of predictive analytics is that it can help you understand the ongoing trends and help you analyze what your customers expect from you. Such information can play a significant role in driving leads and, subsequently, sales. When you have such information at your disposal, you are bound to make informed and well-thought decisions. Furthermore, predictive marketing uses tailored pricing and implements marketing strategies that suit the needs of each customer. 

Instead of relying on consumers' answers, business intelligence tools will concentrate more on the behavior of consumers. It is possible to enhance sales and product placement by gaining insight into a customer's motive. If you think about it, this is precisely what Steve Jobs said when he claimed that customers don't know what they're looking for until someone can show it to them! 


The world is changing faster than ever before, and the competition in every sphere of life cannot be denied. Hence, it becomes all the more critical for e-commerce marketing strategies to use methods that aren't used by others and those that can gain the attention and trust of its customers. 

Predictive marketing ensures that every aspect of e-commerce marketing is taken care of, especially in the supply chain management zone. It can be bothersome if your products or merchandise is mismanaged and you have no idea about it. Fashinza is one such place that companies can use for sourcing their clothes. With Fashinza, you can be assured that all your stock will be managed with utmost precision and attention!


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