How To Improve Your SEO: 20 Game Changing Tips For Fashion Brands?

How To Improve Your SEO: 20 Game Changing Tips For Fashion Brands?

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The world around us has changed since the introduction of the internet. People now heavily rely upon the use and application of the internet in their day-to-day lives. The explosion of the internet has opened new avenues for businesses as people can stay connected and initiate communication more effectively. Geographic location is no longer a hindrance as corporate agencies can buy and sell products from all corners of the globe.

Consequently, the demand for fashion products has also increased as the reach and ability of fashion brands to cater to the needs of the target audience has also enhanced with the advancement in technology. Digital Marketing is the new trend that will dominate the corporate world in the years to follow.

Search Engine Optimization is one such marketing strategy that has gained tremendous popularity in the online sphere. According to a recent study, it is estimated that more than 93% of online engagement starts through search engine platforms. Being featured on the first page of Google can boost your sales by 33%.

Therefore, adopting effective SEO strategies is of absolute importance for fashion brands if they wish to build a competitive advantage in the fashion industry. Let us now identify 20 game changing SEO tips for ecommerce sites that will help you to rank higher on Search Engine Platforms. Let’s dig in!

1. Improve Loading Speed - Time is money! It really is! The traffic you generate on your website counts for nothing if your online page takes several minutes to load. Improving loading speed should be a priority for every fashion brand.

Improve Loading Speed

2. High-Quality Content - The content listed on your website must be of the finest quality to attract customers. The information on your website must be relevant so that it retains audience engagement.

3. Image Optimization - Ecommerce websites must use adequate images that have adequate quality backed up with proper format and size to visually attract audiences. Larger images can affect your website speed adversely.

4. Proper Content-Format - The content listed on your website must have a proper format and structure. No one would want to read a huge block of content. Make your content presentable.

5. Use of Keywords - Make sure to add keywords in your website content so that the Search Engine Algorithms can detect the phrases and rank your website as per the audience search.

6. Blogs - Make sure to add a blog section on your website as it is a great lead generation marketing strategy.

7. Add Outbound Links - The information and data listed on your website must be backed with outbound links to prove the relevance of the content posted.

8. Video and Audio Content - Be sure to add video as well as audio content on your website to make it more diverse. Sharing slides can also be a productive marketing strategy.

9. Mobile Optimization - Most people use their mobile phones to conduct searches on search engine platforms. Therefore, your fashion website must be mobile optimized.

10. User-Friendly Page Layout - Every fashion brand must have an organized page layout so that every potential customer can navigate through the pages without any difficulty.

11. Add Company Contact Details - Reaching out to customers is an effective SEO strategy as it helps to bridge the communication gap between the service provider and customer.

12. Promote Customers to share on Social Media - Potential customers should be encouraged to share details about your products on social media to increase brand reach.

13. Engaging Titles - Every Blog and Webpage must have an attractive title so that it increases click rate in the long-run.

14. Compose an engaging Meta Description - An engaging meta description can help generate a lot of traffic. Make sure that your website meta description is appealing and engaging.

15. Design a Mobile Application - Do not restrict your business to a single domain. Be sure to invest in a mobile application to maximize the sales potential.

16. Add and FAQ section - The FAQ section helps to resolve various queries that a customer might experience when they visit your fashion website for the first time.

Add and FAQ section

17. The use of Infographics - The use of attractive infographics will awe your website visitors. Backing infographics with data, statistics, and graphs will significantly increase your online traffic.

18. Provide Offers and Discounts - Arranging contests and providing discounts on your ecommerce website will surely help attract more audience and will boost your SEO rank.

19. Rely on Backlinking - Use diverse links in your website content.

20. Sign-up on Google Business - Register your company on Google business so that your online visibility increases.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most tried and tested SEO tips for ecommerce sites that every fashion brand must consider. Be sure to implement these marketing strategies to improve your online SEO rank.


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