How to Grow Your Clothing Business with Social Media: Social Media Strategies and Tips

How to Grow Your Clothing Business with Social Media: Social Media Strategies and Tips

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If you are a clothing business owner and are trying to find just what social media strategies, tricks, and tips are needed, keep on reading. This can be the one-stop solution to all the social media marketing strategies and tips you need to get an A-one social media game going.

Grow Your Clothing Business with Social Media
  1. Firstly, start with defining your goal. What are you trying to achieve by having a social media platform? Which demographic are you trying to reach? What content will you be sharing on the platforms? Which social media campaign will promote your content? Once these broad plans are defined, keep in mind that your content should be delivering the same message to your target audience.
  2. The next step is to learn about analytics. Analytics tell more about the content and audience than anything else. The sort of posts the consumers are liking, their clothing style, the new trends, etc., really helps get an insight into customer expectations. Even if you devote a lot of time to your social media content, your displacement will remain zero, if your engagement rate is low. This requires a need to keep your eye fixed on the posts' metrics. The number of clicks, shares, retweets, likes and comments are all essential engagement indicators. The AddThis Analytics dashboard is a website that can be used to assess how your content is being shared and engaged with.
  3. Another factor to ponder upon is what social media platforms your business should be on. While doing so, it should be known that every platform is best for different types of content. For instance, Instagram and Facebook are the best for a B2C firm. Linkedin is most apt for B2B. Curating diverse content for every platform will ensure high engagement on all the platforms. The audience’s response also varies depending on the platform. Observe the feedback you get on each platform and curate the content accordingly.
  4. When it comes to social media, creating and managing a calendar can facilitate your content curation process. An editorial calendar may prove very beneficial for social media marketing strategies. It helps you schedule what to post when and keeps you on course with the required aesthetic and consistency.
  5. As it is said, consistency is key. Do not let your social media be inactive for more than a week under any circumstances. However, ensure that you don’t spam as that would force your followers to mute or unfollow the page.
  6. Make sure to leverage Social Media Tools available to you. Some of these tools that will help the best for a clothing business are:
  • AddThis Sharing Buttons allows people to share your blog content on social networking, which in turn, increases traffic to your site. 
  • Hashtagify.me helps in staying updated about the trendy hashtags on any topic.
  1. If you are working for a clothing business, matching shoes, apparel, and accessories may come naturally to you. Create style recommendations to help your customers in looking their best. These won't only be useful and instructive for shoppers, but they can be effectively used for social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and advertisements. With such many potential applications, developing some well-organized style guides is undoubtedly well worth the work!
  2. Remarketing is one of the prime examples of a good social media marketing strategy.  Remarketing is a method of contacting people that have previously visited your website or downloaded your mobile app. It lets the customer remember your business’s name. It enables you to carefully place your advertisements before those audiences after they explore Google or its partner websites, therefore increasing brand recognition or reminding them to create a sale.
  3. Another way to increase the hype and engagement rate of your content is by releasing trailers or giving them hints to a big release of your new collection. Start a social media campaign. Make your own hashtag. Involve the audience by hosting contests and quizzes on social media, giving them a sneak peek of your latest collection, hopping on the trends, and designing something like that.
  4. Lastly, collaboration with fashion pages on Pinterest, influencers on Instagram, and creators on YouTube will help in increasing your reach. Adding these people to the PR list and sending them to market your business will let their followers check their page and follow your work.

These are undoubtedly some of the best strategies and tips that you can use to ace the social media marketing strategy and promote your business.


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