How to Find the Perfect Fit With Vero Moda's Size Chart

How to Find the Perfect Fit With Vero Moda's Size Chart

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Summary: Designers often find themselves lost in measurement. But no fear! We are here to help with the Vero Moda size chart. This chart can make your online shopping experience easier and more convenient. It includes measurements for the bust, waist, hips, and length. It also lists the size range allowing designers to compare measurements and determine the best fit.

How To Measure

Bust - Designers can place the measuring tape directly beneath the bust, making sure it snugly measures around the widest region.

Below the bust - Measure the body below the bust next by wrapping the tape and holding it snuggly.

Waist - Measure the waist at its narrowest point, which is typically 5 cm above the belly button and below the rib cage.

Hips - Measure the hip area that is the fullest. 20 cm or so below the natural waistline.

Inseam - Designers can next gauge the inside of the leg from the crotch to the ankle bone to measure the inseam


What Is the Vero Moda Size Chart?

The Vero Moda size chart is a guide to help fashion designers find the perfect fit when shopping for their collections. It includes all of their standard sizes as well as the corresponding measurements in centimeters.

The chart also includes how the size corresponds to different international sizing systems, so it's perfect for customers around the world. And since Vero Moda is a prominent brand, designers can be sure that their sizing is current and up-to-date.

Size Chart

What Are the Different Sizes in the Vero Moda Size Chart?

There are different sizes in the Vero Moda size chart. Designers can find measurements in UK/US sizes in cms.

Check the conversion below for a better understanding.

Bust (cm)82-8486-8890-9296-98103-105
Waist (cm)62-6466-6870-7276-78103-105
Hips (cm)89-9093-9497-98103-104110-111
Below Bust (cm)6771758188

Get the Right Size

Now comes the fun part—it's time to pick out the perfect style. The Vero Moda size chart is designed to give a great starting point for finding the right fit. All a fashion designer needs to do is find the garment they're interested in and the size it’s available in, and then compare that to the Vero Moda size chart.

The Vero Moda size chart breaks down each garment into measurements for each size, so designers know exactly how a given piece of clothing will fit. Plus, it includes notes on special fits and styles—like “relaxed fit” or “oversized style”—so designers know exactly what they're getting into before they make a purchase.

Having all this information means that they can confidently buy something, knowing that it’s going to be just right when it arrives. What's more? With its clear descriptors, even if they're not sure which size to get, there are still plenty of options available so that they can find their perfect fit!

Right Size

Tips to Help Fashion Designers Choose a Size That Will Fit Perfectly

When choosing the right size, the designers' goal should be to get the best fit. Here are a few tips to help them find the perfect fit:

  • Know the measurements: Before starting, designers must always take their measurements so that they can compare them to the sizes listed on Vero Moda’s size chart. They must make sure to measure areas like the bust, waist, hips, and length.
  • Check out the guide: Vero Moda’s size chart comes with helpful guidelines that explain exactly what each measurement means, so designers don’t have to guess or worry about the size. It also has detailed information on chest size and inseam length for pants.
  • Look for both US and EU sizing: Some clothes might include both US and EU sizing information, so designers need to be sure to check both when looking at the options listed on Vero Moda’s size chart.

These tips should help fashion designers ensure that they get the right fit!

And there, Fashinza has done it—a complete guide on how to use the Vero Moda size chart to find the perfect fit. No more bad fits, no more awkward measurements—just comfy, stylish clothing that fits like a glove.

Now that designers know how to find the right fit, it's time to make your fashion dreams come true. Read our blogs to stay updated on all things fashion.

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Key Takeaways

  • Vero Moda's size chart is the perfect tool to find the right fit for fashion designers.
  • With the help of the size chart, they can easily find the right size and shop with confidence.

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