How to Find New Customers and Retain Them as a Clothing Manufacturer

How to Find New Customers and Retain Them as a Clothing Manufacturer

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Every clothing manufacturer encounters the common difficulty of finding new customers. Also, it can be difficult to keep hold of present customers. While most apparel companies struggle to find new customers, their current customers may have different requirements, order less, or demand a lower quote.

Competition and extremely high prices only exacerbate the manufacturer's situation. 

That said, here are some strategies for apparel manufacturers to address the buyer crisis.

A. How to Find New Buyers? 

  1. Deciding the unique selling proposition (USP) of your clothing brand Apparel manufacturers need to identify their unique selling proposition even before they approach a customer. In simpler terms, the brand's USP is a unique feature that helps differentiate them from competitors.

A clear USP helps manufacturers in establishing themselves as market leaders in addition to helping them build a strong brand image.

the USP is one of the most crucial steps in the development of any apparel business.

But how do you define your USP? Well, a good place to start would be to answer these queries:

  • What makes one's clothing brand, CSR plan, and service standards unique?
  • How would you describe the brand's sales approach?

You must also identify the market segment you're targeting.

The ongoing process of acquiring new customers takes time and money. Therefore, one must clearly establish their USP to attract the right customers.

  1. Create your company profile and website

Often, manufacturers are unaware of the importance of having an online profile. No matter if you run a high-tech manufacturing facility or a clothing business, you need a website. In addition to turning away potential clients, not having one could result in a loss of business.

If people can't reach you online, they won't likely trust you. Fortunately, there are several choices available for clothing manufacturers to create their online presence.

They may establish an online profile thanks to website builders like Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace. These tools make it simple to quickly design a beautiful website. Having said that, a successful website needs a few crucial components to attract customers.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Good copy: Focus on creating persuasive copy that can easily communicate your USP, since a website is only as good as the content it offers. Your copy must address the buyer's concerns and offer a solution.

Hiring a copywriter makes your job easier because it allows you to use content more efficiently and convey your message. 

  • Product images: When you include visual references, customers can more easily associate your offer with the final product. A clothing company can gain the trust of potential customers by using product images.
  • Contact information: Not every apparel manufacturer wants to sell through an online store. Therefore, a website can do wonders for your clothing brand. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date, and you have clear CTAs and compelling copy.
  • Use social media: Social media allows manufacturers to connect with potential customers worldwide, which is something that apparel manufacturers still underutilize. Using Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your business with content is beneficial. You can also sign up for online groups related to your industry. This way, you can not only learn from competitors but also connect with potential customers. 
    1. Sign up with trade associations

This is another popular way to expand the apparel company's customer base. Most customers and manufacturers are members of various trade associations. You can find potential buyers in your city or region by joining these associations.

As a clothing manufacturer, you can register with these trade associations. Upon registering, manufacturers will receive regular updates regarding related events.

Manufacturers can also contact people in their network to find the buyer's contact details.

Another way to find new customers for one's clothing company is to register with the "Ministry of Commerce and Industry."

Such government departments exist in most countries.

It becomes easier to find new buyers in your country if you're a member of such an organization.

  1. Participate in trade fairs

Trade fairs are a great way to attract new customers to your clothing brand. People from different states or nations attend trade shows and look for manufacturers to collaborate with.

Manufacturers participating in trade shows can gain necessary exposure.

What's more, potential customers can also approach you to buy the product if they like your work.

trade fairs

B. How to Retain Existing Customers?

  1. Identify your most loyal customers

It can be difficult to identify your most loyal customers. Due to the prevalence of various middlemen, businesses in the garment sector frequently suffer from this issue. Since the invention of technology, things have altered, though. Manufacturers can simply track product sales and customer sentiment now that technology makes it possible. Customers that use your items frequently can be found through this technique as well.

Manufacturers can then develop tailored client retention strategies to maintain these interested/active customers.

  1. Evaluate the quality of your services

You cannot retain customers if you do not provide the promised service. Manufacturers need to ensure that they offer only top-notch services to their customers. Compromising in this regard can lead to churn, which is bad for your clothing brand. One must also measure their service performance to identify any bottlenecks. This improves customer perception and allows business owners to offer a better buying experience. While it is impossible to win over every customer, measuring service performance can still help in growing your business.

  1. Create a customer support system

In the post-sales phase, customer service is a crucial element.

As a manufacturer, you do not want to lose business simply because you cannot answer your customers' questions. A customer service team or representative can communicate with new and existing buyers and comprehend their needs. Then, they can interact with the concerned team and contribute to the company's success. 

Manufacturers that provide excellent customer service receive more customer inquiries and have an advantage over their competitors.

  1. Complaint resolution

One of the main reasons for customer churn is unresolved complaints. Companies often neglect their existing customers because they are busy acquiring new ones. No one likes to feel left out. It is your duty as a manufacturer to make your customers feel valued. Make sure complaints are resolved quickly. Make sure your customers get quick resolutions to their problems. If you do this, your customers are more likely to remain loyal to you. 

  1. Offer additional or special services

Providing unique services to your customers can give you a competitive advantage, among other things. Customers are more likely to use your services if you're offering them a consistent buying experience.

In this way, you give them an experience that will influence their future decisions. 

Companies in the apparel industry can offer their customers value-added services in addition to high-quality products. 


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