How to Ensure Garment Quality Control? A Sure Way To Increase Your Revenue

How to Ensure Garment Quality Control? A Sure Way To Increase Your Revenue

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Returning a purchased piece of clothing because it wasn’t a perfect fit? Or the quality of the material is not as expected?

A regular feature, right?

Often, a brand fails to communicate its standard measurements or makes false claims about the material used.   

All these issues are easily avoidable if brands endorse and enforce strict garment quality control. 

But is garment quality control only about measurement and quality of the material?

Well, the answer is no. Garment quality control ensures that everything from selecting raw material to the delivery process has a standard procedure.

And how does one ensure practicing best garment quality control?

The simple answer is effective communication with the supplier and manufacturer.

The article elaborates on garment quality control best practices. It covers all the points from selecting raw material to the delivery process. So, read till the end to know how you can incorporate garment quality control in your business.

But first, understand garment quality control.

What Is Garment Quality Control?

Garment quality control is a process through which the brand ensures that final product quality is maintained. For the fashion industry, the product quality is calculated based on the physical properties, presentation of the final produced apparel, surface designs, and color fastness of the garment.

 But why should you be worried about garment quality control? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Garment Quality Control

Benefits Of Garment Quality Control
  • Using effective garment quality control means you are staying ahead of the competition.
  • High-quality products produce a high return on investment.
  • You earn more happy customers and clients.
  • A fastened quality control system in place releases time to invest in other business expansion activities.
  • Excel in best practices and remain aware to assist further industry-related developments.

All in all, effective quality control means more revenue. So here are some techniques on how you can ensure garment quality control.

How To Ensure Garment Quality Control?

The best practices of garment quality control are setting tolerances, inspecting the production process, and ensuring safe delivery of the final product. All of these will ensure good quality production and delivery. Some of the garment quality control best practices are mentioned below.

-Set Tolerances For Garment Measurement

Setting tolerances is a crucial step to ensure good quality products. For most people, well-fitted apparel is the point of preference. Therefore you need to be specific about the measurements of garments.

Unlike other manufacturing processes, garment manufacturing is a labor-intensive process. Most of the garments are individually hand-sewn which creates more passage for errors. Hence it is imperative to communicate your garment specification and set tolerances for each point of measurement.

The checklist for measurement should specify the following points:

  • Point of measurement for each piece of clothing
  • The standard measurements for each size
  • Tolerance for each point of measurement

Communicating your requirements will avoid confusion between you and the supplier.

Fashinza helps you get connected with the supplier that is the best suited for your needs. You need to fill a form that mentions your requirements. Once your order is successfully placed, you get a sample product delivered. It is to help you understand the quality of the product. The production team verifies all instructions related to measurements and other factors are in place before dispatching samples to avoid discrepancy. You can further quality check reports on your account.

-Inspection during the production process

On-site inspection during the production process is conducted to ensure the final product meets your requirement. It will help you verify the durability and functionality of the apparel. 

Some of the points to check during inspection:

  • Cutting, printing, stitching of the garments
  • The functionality of the accessories (zip, laces, buttons, etc.)
  • Fitting test
  • Stretch test, seam strength test, dry and wet crocking test, etc. as per the requirements
  • Physical properties, finishing properties, the final look of the product, etc.
  • Label verification

Fashinza encourages the best quality control practices to make sure the supplier meets your expectations. The representatives of Fashinza will be present on-site to supervise the entire production process, and you will have access to live images and videos to affirm the same. You need not travel the distance. 

At this stage of the production process, cutting, printing, and stitching of the products will be taken care of. Then it is followed by a third-party quality check where the AQL set by you will be firmly met.

-Ensure safe packaging

Ensure safe packaging

There are high chances of garments getting damaged during shipping. It can be due to various reasons like mishandling, packaging getting moist or wet, and not properly wrapping the clothes. 

All of it is easily avoided by conducting on-site supervision while packaging the garments. 

Some points to consider while inspecting the final packaging:

  • Tags and marking of the finished product
  • Packing accuracy of quantity, assortment, and folding
  • Packaging, sealing, and binding

Fashinza makes sure all products are packed for a safe dispatch, and a final inspection is carried out by the inspection team. You will have access to all the reports before the goods get dispatched. The order will be delivered to you right on time by a reliable delivery partner who ensures safe delivery of the goods. 

The bottom line is you must communicate your needs well with the supplier or manufacturer to ensure effective garment quality control. You can read more about it in this article.
If you still have any doubts, you can reach out to us. The support team at Fashinza will be more than happy to help you.


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