How to Choose a Blog Name That'll Grow With Your Fashion Brand

How to Choose a Blog Name That'll Grow With Your Fashion Brand

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Making up one’s mind on what to name their blog can be pretty dicey as this could potentially grow into a fully-fledged fashion label. So it is very crucial to take time and have a deep thought to ensure the title of the fashion blog correlates to the fashion content and also affirm that the name is unique, catchy, and fashion-forward.

There are many ideas for a fashion blogger to get inspired from and name their blog to make it stand out from the rest. Here are three qualities to know when branding a fashion blog:

  1. Keep it concise and crisp: blog names that are too long tend to be distracting and no matter how well written the blog may be, a verbose title can prevent the customer from arriving or returning to your blog either because it is not eye-catching or too long to remember. Hence, always remember that when selecting the title for fashion blogs, keep the name cute and short.
  2. Think brandable: While fashion blogging, it is wise to keep in mind the potential in the blog to grow into a proficient brand name. Make it catchy, snappy, and vibing. This allows the blog to catch people’s eyes and become trendy.
  3. Use simple words: when a fashion blogger uses complex and technical words or a play on words like puns as the titles of the blog can make it hard for people to understand or remember the particular blog and also confuse the visitors about its content. So keep the title of the fashion blog simple and clear by using standard vocabulary that easily imprints on people’s minds.

Even while keeping these qualities in mind, it may be hard for fashion bloggers to make up their minds on the title of their blog. So here are four methods to try when creating an apt title for fashion blogs:

1. Knowing your niche

In the industry, there are many topics on which a particular Fashion Blogging can talk about. Being perceptive and aware about nooks of the fashion blogger’s aptitude and core competency can help create a befitting and tailor-made title to popularize the fashion blog, giving it a chance to grow into something more. The blog’s name is a crystal clear impression of the blog’s content, its ornamentation, and sets the mood and tone of the blog.

2. Research

research before blogging

When the blogger is just starting, it is advisable to learn from noted and renowned fashion bloggers to learn from their experiences to know what to avoid and what to indulge in to gain acclaim and vogue. Looking up to others also helps a person identify the wow factors that can make blogs stand out in the cut-throat fashion industry. A fashion blogger can also gain inspiration from keywords that complement the blogger’s content.

3. Think about what to say

Any successful blogs or brands often identify themselves with titles that reflect their content and often show support to a particular idea that is trending. This allows the viewers to connect themselves to the brand and also reflects on the reputation and goodwill of the blog or brand. So try creating brand or blog names that align with the type of message or reinforce the uniqueness and essence of the output.

4. Use blog name generators

It is a regular occurrence that even after brainstorming, the fashion blogger is not able to arrive at a conclusion and fix a title for the blog. This is when modern science and technology come to the rescue. Based on the information available on the internet regarding the keyword input by the fashion blogger, the AI then uses these words and its allied information to create a unique and creative title for the fashion blog. Even if the blogger is unsatisfied with the title created, the fashion blogger may use it to only be an inspiration to create their title that stems from this.

5. Keep the focus on the target audience

Keep the focus on the target audience

Every fashion blogger must keep in mind the tastes and preferences of their target audiences to prevent fallouts and keep their readers and customers engaged. Selecting a fashion blog title that can truly reflect the blog’s content is vital to attract the relevant consumers who are interested in the blog and also create a name that makes the blog look timelessly classical and an indispensable source.


Keeping up with fashion trends and the latest tastes and preferences of the consumers is an essential factor to keep in mind while working on a title and overall fashion blogging. Making short, curt, and concise titles often convey the brand to the viewers better than wordy ones. So by following the above-said methods of creating and qualities of fashion blog titles in mind, any blogger will easily be able to create wondrous blog titles that can potentially become names to reckon with in the future of fashion. Fashinza has you covered on all the latest trends, suppliers and manufacturers for your business with its up-to-date fashion blogging on the website.


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