How to Avoid Overspending As a Fashion Buyer

How to Avoid Overspending As a Fashion Buyer

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Every fashion buyer can relate to the problem of overspending while shopping for their offline or online store. With new trends coming up every day, it's almost impossible to resist stylish clothing and accessories. One of the greatest pleasures for a fashion buyer is nothing but buying apparel for their future fashion ventures.

Especially for a fashion buyer, shopping for the latest apparel can elicit more joy as they work closely with fashion experts and designers. Fashion buyers are responsible for making purchasing decisions, and this job is undoubtedly not easy with so many options in the market. But sadly, all these things cost a fortune, tightening your budget at the end of the day.

At the end of the shopping and purchasing, the excitement gets overpowered by remorse. Fashion buyers try to purchase on a budget, but they often end up overspending. Many regret making expensive purchases. As a result, you have to cut out some essential expenses to balance the budget. But what if you could get some great money-saving tips during the fashion buying process? Tempting right? Fortunately, there are some practical and effective ways to avoid overspending, and here are some of them.

1. Fix a budget and only carry that much money

Yes! It may seem weird not to carry much money when going fashion shopping for your brand. However, it will surely save up a lot of money. It is human nature to want things that we find attractive. When you go shopping for apparel or accessories for your consumers and find something appealing, you feel a strong urge to buy it. But when you have a limited amount of money, you will sort your choices according to your need. 

2. Don’t be shy asking for discounts

Don’t be shy asking for discounts

Maybe not all the latest fashion items, but try to get as many discounts as possible. Before going shopping, do some research on which vendor or supplier offers the best-discounted rates. To save up some money, it will take some effort as well. Try to contact your colleagues about the best discount deals or search it up on the internet. 

Also, don’t shy away from asking the manufacturer or vendor for a discount. Generally, most vendors comply with their customer's requests and give discounts. There's no point overspending if you don't have to. Thus, do try to get a discount by asking for it. They will either give it or decline it. You have nothing to lose! Furthermore, always try to negotiate as it can get you a better deal.

3. Try out products yourself

Most fashion buyers commit the mistake of not trying products they are about to sell at their stores. This adds to your spending. For instance, you might have a list of things to buy for the store. But the chances that everything would look as great as you had envisioned are not very high. Therefore, it is necessary that you try the products, such as the fabric of the garment, the fit, the style, and whether it is per your clientele’s preference. This reduces your chances of buying things that may not end up in the inventory forever. Thus, the next time you go shopping, try out stuff and only purchase what seems sellable and fits your store’s persona. 

4. Consider reselling clothes and giving thrift stores a visit

If it is your thing and you really require apparel at a low price, go for second-hand clothing. Many customers are now getting used to the idea of sustainability and don’t mind buying reused or recycled clothes. 

For this, you could visit stores, like thrift stores, that sell used apparel at less than half of its price. Fashion buyers can also reuse, refurbish, or recycle these apparel. There are times when you can get almost new clothes in a low price range. Furthermore, some people give away their clothes for free after wearing them only once or twice. Thus, to save up some money and avoid overspending, give a chance to the thrift stores. As a rule, thrift vendors in wealthy areas offer expensive goods that are no longer needed by wealthy people with high incomes. These stores are like heaven for fashion buyers. Here you can get almost every fashionable item: clothes, shoes, bags, or accessories. Moreover, you can get nice, fashionable things at a meager price. What it takes is just a stroll in the thrift store, and who knows what you will find! Find places like these through the internet, social media, or friends and family. This trick can save a lot of money for fashion buyers!

5. Stock up prior to the season

Fashion is seasonal, and the prices vary with respect to demands. Therefore, winter clothing will be cheaper some weeks before the winter strikes. Likewise, light clothing for summer is also offered in winter at a reasonable price. Try using this as an opportunity to save some money. You may enter contracts with the vendor a little before the season begins to get the best deals.

Furthermore, there are many off-season sales as well in many vendor stores. The vendors typically want to clear their shelves to stock the new season’s merchandise. Thus, you may be able to get great trendy items for your models or consumers, but at low prices. 

6. Buy from new brands

Buy from new brands

Big brands hold a reputation and have many repeat customers. They don't offer many discounts on their products. On the other hand, new brands often give heavy discounts and best deals on their products to attract new customers. Take advantage of this and buy from these new labels. Thus, do some research and check out start-up companies. They offer discounts and set their price points lower than big competitors to get a grip in the market. Typically, you will find that the quality of the product is superior to more expensive brands. So don't lose this opportunity!

7. Know what your customers love 

Everyone has their unique taste in fashion. You should be confident about the items you buy. Therefore, it is ideal to decide what you want before going shopping. When you know the kind of products you need for your store, you will naturally avoid buying items that you like on the hanger but already have plenty of. A fashion buyer knows about the market trends well. Try to contemplate whether consumers will like the item or not. If you find it difficult to find the apparel you want, then you can always consult any of the fashion experts you know.

8. Try to avoid the 'pay later' schemes

It is a serious tip. The ‘pay later’ schemes can be useful for some, but they can be a headache for many. These schemes can get you into a lot of debt. Pay later schemes may seem very tempting when you desperately want apparel or accessories or whatever for your future fashion ventures. You will have a whole month to pay the money back. But, what if you are not able to pay up? Debt is never something a person or a brand would like. So, better not to get involved in the pay later schemes unnecessarily. It can save you a lot of money. No one but you can control the overspending. Therefore, it is best to have some patience and self-control while shopping for your business. 


For fashion-conscious people, shopping is like taking a walk in heaven. Fashion buyers who need to shop frequently, especially for their business. But, savings are as vital nowadays as breathing oxygen. Without it, you don't have any financial security. Therefore, there is a need to buy things but within a limit. It may seem right to spend too much money on shopping for a while, but on weekends it will cost you more, and you will regret it. 

Many fashion buyers find something appealing and buy it without even considering it twice. They might not even look at it after some time if it doesn't fit your model’s or consumer expectations. As a result, it leads to wastage of money and overspending. Therefore, to avoid it, think and consider your choice at least two times before making a decision. Consider your consumer behavior and preferences before making a decision.

Thus, it is essential to make a budget and a list before going shopping. Plan out things and do some research on the best deals. There are several ways to save a lot of money while shopping. Fashion buyers can follow these tips to get the items they require in their budget. The next time you go shopping for your business, don't forget to have a look at these tips. Do share these tips with other fashion buyers in your circle! On a concluding note, we at Fashinza help fashion brands and independent designers connect with the most reliable apparel manufacturers. Whatever your requirements, we’ll help you find a manufacturer that fits in perfectly with your needs and desires. Besides, we take complete ownership of the process from delivery to design to allow you to rest assured and focus on the other aspects of your business. Connect with us now!


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